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Project Runway Fodder

Brooke Shields judges on Project Runway

pr505.jpgThe excitement this week on Project Runway comes early on. Heidi tells the designers that they will be designing an outfit for a powerful corporate woman that they will meet later. Right away, their minds go to Hillary Clinton and they are scared to death. Now, come on, would Hillary really wear anything that a Project Runway designer would create? It is just not her style. The designers meet Tim in the workroom and he introduces the guest judge and client Brooke Shields. No, she is not looking for beachwear for Blue Lagoon 3. She is looking for an outfit for her character of Wendy on Lipstick Jungle.

It has to be a look that can go from office to evening easily. They are all given 30 minutes to sketch and then they will each present their ideas to Brooke. She will then choose 6 of the designs and the ones not chosen will partner with the "winners" to help them create their design. The desginers Brooke chose were Keith, Korto, Jerell, Kelli, Terri and Blayne. Tim choses their names randomly from a velvet bag --- what ELSE is in there? And they choose their partners thusly: Keith/Kenley, Terri/Suede, Korto/Joe, Kelli/Daniel, Jerell/Stella, Blayne/Leanne. Keith and Kenley have lots of spats about fabric, ultimately, Keith is able to asert his choices (with the help of Tim). Terri and Suede have difficulty with the cutting of the fabric, Suede cautions her that they may not have enough, but she doesn't listen and is unhappy with the results. Korto and Joe appear to get along well until Tim comes to check on them. Tim makes a comment about the shirt she has made which Joe echoes, yet he never bothered to say anything about it before. Korto then tells him -- I have immunity so if we loose, you are going to be the one going home, so speak up! Kelli and Daniel but heads everywhere. I think is stems from Daniel being upset that his design was not chosen and he's a bit upset. The skirt he makes is really hideous and Kelli makes him re-do it. Jerell and Stella do well together, she knows Letha and he uses it in the outfit. Blayne and Leanne are not given much camera time, so they must have worked well together.

Runway Impressions:

1. KortoJoe -- Short dress with a cute pumpkin colored jacket. The jacket is lovely, but the dress is sewn very poorly. Lots of gaps and wrinkles. It could have been very chic, if it would have been sewn better.

2. KelliDaniel -- Mid-length black skirt with a thin strapped bustier-type shirt with a jacket that had these (for lack of a better word) fins on the sides. Not interesting to me at all.

3.JerellStella -- Yeah! Jerell is back! I loved this outfit. Very fun print skirt with an interesting hem line and a very nice camel colored leather mid section with a fabulous belt and a short sleeved beige top. Really lovely. My fave so far. Nice to have you back Jerell!

4. KeithKenley -- Also a very nice dress with a high waist and brown skirt with lots of fringe-like things that give it some great movement. The top is a watercolored pattern that compliments it very nicely. Good job Keith!

5. TerriSuede -- Black Pants with flowy colorful blouse. Meh. That's my reaction -- Meh!

6. BlayneLeanne -- YIKES! This was supposed to be an office look that would translate to evening, it looks like she is ready to go to the beach with these clamdigger like skin tight pants and a blue almost bathing suit like top with what looks like it could be her boyfriends shirt thrown over it. Totally missed the mark.

Judges Favories: Jerell/Stella and Keith/Kenley

Judges Least Favorites: Kelli/Daniel and Blayne/Leanne

My favorite: Jerell

My Auf: Blayne

Winner: Keith

Auf'd: Kelli

It is always interesting to see how vaired the opinions of the judges are. Hmm. I can't wait for next week! Chris from last season is back in full costumed regalia! Their contest will be to design a look for a drag queen. Can't WAIT to see this episode. One clip has Tim describing something as "a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurrasic Park". See ya next week!

Posted by Wendy on August 14, 2008 9:58 PM
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