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Project Runway Fodder

Project Runway Seeks Inspiration in New York

503.jpgThis week Heidi tells the contestants that they are in for a night on the town. Now, if I had heard that, I would be concerned. For those of you that watch Top Chef, a night on the town means you are going somewhere to cook. Could the designers be going somewhere to sew? Sweat shop maybe? Whoever sews the most jeans in 3 hours wins? Lucliky for the contestants, they really did get a night out on the town. Well, sorta. It was raining so they were all given these hideous rain ponchos and wellington boots to wear. Tim then herded them all on a double decker tour bus for their night out.

The designers will be given cameras and let out at four different locations for an hour to "get inspired by New York". They are to make a dress for a night out on the town using New York at night for their inspiration. The first group gets dropped off at Columbus Circle. They are Suede, Daniel, Leanne and Jennifer. The group dropped off at Times Square is Blayne, Keith, Stella and Kenley. The New York Public Library is the destination for Korto, Kelli and Joe. Last, but not least, Greenwich Village will serve as inspiration for Terri, Emily and Jerell.

They all take tons of pictures and get back to their apartments around 1:15 a.m. The next morning, they must choose one picture as their inspiration. Once the choice is made, they travel to Mood to buy fabric. Yeah! They get to purchase their own fabrics this time. Woo Hoo.

Keith runs into a bit of bad luck when at the last minute his model drops out of the competition for personal reasons. Bummer. Suede needs to learn about pronouns. Blayne (that's an appliance, not a name) can be pretty scary. Alright, let's get back to the important stuff -- the designs!

The guest judge for this episode is Sanrda Bernhardt. Now, I am not sure what qualifies her as a fashion judge, but we do learn later that she has an up-coming show to promote. I guess conventional advertising doesn't work as well as getting on television. Now for the Runway Rundown.

1. Keith -- inspired by a picture of a wet piece of trash on the floor, produces a dress that to me looks like a piece of trash. No, really. The dress was ugly, but it definitely embodied trash.

2. Blayne -- inspired by a nice picture with great color makes a black dress with 3/4 sleeves that has a splash of color on mostly one side. At least the colors flowed well together.

3. Joe -- inspired by a chinese-esque lantern made a very cute black dress with a bodice that had a pattern very reminiscent of the picture. I really liked this one.

4. Emily -- Oh, Emily! Last week you did so well. Her inspiration was a long exposure shot of neon lights. Cool picture, not a cool dress. Black with these tropical colored ruffles. All her model needed was a big hat made of fruit. Yikes!

5. Leanne -- inspired by a grate of some kind that she said had a tree in it. She had a short black dress and she once again used those half-circle things all over the dress, but this time to her advantage. The skirt looked really quite lovely and she made a kind of tank top to go with it. Nice look.

6. Jennifer -- Inspired by a picture of a clock. Hmmmm....alrighty then. She made a blue and cream dress that screamed school marm to me, no way this was fit for a night on the town.

7. Jerell -- very nicely done olive colored long dress with ruffles done right! I thought it was quite lovely. Definitely my favorite so far.

8. Kelli -- had a very striking and original dress. It is very hard for me to describe because it is so untraditional. It is a short black/brown dress with a pattern sewn over the top, but the pattern was not congruous with the top. It was very striking, but hard to describe.

9. Daniel -- created a black and gold dress that was rather ho-hum. Boring and not remarkable at all. The good news is that it wasn't bad.

10. Kenley -- Well, uh this was a short dress with long sleeves in a garish pattern that to me was reminiscent of patio furniture -- no really! It also had a gauzy-tulle like poof on one side. Brrrrr. Yikes.

11. Suede -- Short length dress with a low v-neck and lots of work on the bodice in a lovely brown color. Nice, but not fabulous.

12. Stella -- Pant with halter top combo that was very well fitted. It was kind of biker chick chic. This is my new favorite so far. I thought it really captured the night life even though it was not a cocktail-like dress.

13. Korto -- Black Jumpsuit with halter top. It was Ok, but very plain, it could have used some color or a pattern.

14. Terri -- inspired by graffiti, she made a colorful backless dress with pants. Really flowy and lovely! The model looked fierce (there I said it). This one gets my vote!

My Favorite -- Terri

My Auf -- Emily

Judges Favorites -- Kenley(WHAT?), Terri and Leanne

Judges Hated -- Keith, Emily, Jennifer

Winner -- Kenley (again WHAT?)

Auf'd -- Emily

*sigh* I can't wait to see what turns up for next week! See you then!

Posted by Wendy on July 31, 2008 9:09 AM
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