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Project Runway Fodder

Project Runway: Season 5 Premiere

pr501.jpgWell, Tim Gunn is right when he says this is probably the most diverse group ever, and I think he is right. You can learn a little about the new contestants in this blog from yesterday. As is normal, everyone comes in and introduces themselves, chooses roomates and blah blah blah. They are then all told to get up to the roof where they meet Tim and Heidi. After a champagne toast, they are officially running.

Tim surprises them all with a 4 a.m. wakeup call. Now, that is harsh. He is greeted by a lot of sleepy crabby people, one of them in a towel! He tells them to get dressed and meet him downstairs. They are all running like mad to get ready and wondering where their first challange will take them. Zoo? Amusement Park? NO! It is the grocery store! They are all in front of Gristedes, which just happens to be the scene of their very first ever Project Runway Challange. Coming down the street is their speical guest/ judge, Austin Scarlett the winner of this challenge from season 1. He is dressed in a blue double vested jacket, light pants, matching fedora (OK, it's not a fedora, but a hat anyway) and scarf. He hands the contestants their money and they have 30 minutes to shop.

Lots of the contestants are going for fabric-like items, table cloths, napkins, shower curtains, and such. A few people are picking out strange items -- blue and red plastic cups, flyswatters (no really), vacuum bags and mops. Only one opts for produce, Korto.

They arrive at Parsons and find their stations with their models' picutres and stats. They start cutting, measuring and dyeing. Kelli picekd out vacuum cleaner bags and was dyeling them with bleach, dye an all sorts of other things. Terri is braiding mops together. Daniel is cutting up tons of cups and molding them to a form. Blayne is making some kind of swimsuit looking thing and he has a thing for the word girlicious. (at least fierce is an actual WORD) Stella who decided to work with trash bags should have spent the extra $3 to get the good bags, because the ones she chose are incredibly flimsy and noisy. Jennifer is working with napkins and lipstick. Suede is working with a tablecloth and doggie bags -- looks a lot like someone was being naughty on a picnic table and tried to shroud themselves with the tablecolth. Korto is making a lovely yellow dress from a tablecloth and will use veggies as garnish -- ha! Jerry is making a coat from a shower curtain and tablecloth. Keith is making a party dress out of table cloths. Joe is making a dress from pasta and oven mitts. Wesey is making a dress from tablecloths and flyswatters. Leanne is working with candies and table cloths. Emily made a short dress from tablecloths and a bouncy ball. Jerell made a dress from a lawn chair, table cloth and koosh balls. Kenley made a dress out of dodge balls and lawn chairs.

Tim hits the nail on the head when he tells them that they are all a bunch of slackers for using so many table cloths rather than trying to be innovative. Granted, there are a few that are taking that step, but not enough. Then it was funy to listen to them all worry about their use of tablecloths. Well, duh! Maybe they will learn their lesson from this challenge.

Coming down the runway, the worst things in my opinion were Jerry's coat that looked more like a lab assistant in an extremely low budget sci-fi/horror flick -- honestly! It was scary. Stella's garbage bag dress was ugly and plain. Leanne's candy outfit was too pink and not innovative. Blayne's outfit looked like a swimsuit gone terribly terribly wrong (better described my Heidi andAustin as an old diaper and playboy bunny suit). Three of them were in the judges bottom three. Leanne was the only one that was not.

The best in my opinion Korta with a beautiful yellow dress with edible garnish that looked fantastic on the model. Daniel's blue plastic cup dress. I can't believe he was able to make it work so well. Kelli's vacuum cleaner/coffee filter outfit. The judges also thought that these were their top three. For me this is pretty unusual, seeing as how my favorites generally don't win. (anyone remember Uli?)

The winner of immunity for the next challenge is Kelli! Nice job. You go girl. You can see more info on the episode here. But more importantly, what did YOU think? Who did you love? Who did you hate? Who did you think should have won? Who should have lost?

See you next week!

Posted by Wendy on July 17, 2008 1:46 PM
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