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Project Runway Fodder

Natalie Portman Guest Judges on "Project Runway"

Natalie-Portman.jpgSo, designers are always ready for new challanges. This one was very entertatining to watch too. The designers all got to choose new models. For those of you new to PR, it is kind of a contest for the models too. If they happen to be working with the winning designer, they will get a spread in Elle magazine. Although, I suppose that it really isn't so much a contest for them as it is dumb luck that they get picked by the winning designer. Some of the designers stayed with the models that they had and others went for a different look. They were all excited to find out that their clients for this week would be -- their newly chosen models! They were to design evening wear suited to their clients' taste. How EASY that would be for them!

There are, of course, a few catches. First, this is PR's first green challenge. No, not the color, but the fabric. They must choose environmentally concientious fabrics, hemps, cotton and such. The designers were all gung ho about that -- it's always good to be fashion forward. The big shocker was a little more upsetting. This week, the designers were not going to pick out their fabric or materials. The models were being sent to Mood to choose fabrics, colors, closures and the like. Dun dun dun! Another first for PR, models choosing fabrics. It was pretty funny watching the models go through the fabric store in 30 minuntes with their $75. There was a lot of "I don't know anything about fabric!" Truly it is a wonder that they could be models and not have any idea even what colors would look good together, or that jersey t-shirt style cotton was not appropriate for an evening look. Yikes! That is not even the worst of it. Admittedly, I have no idea how much fabric is needed for clothing, but I sure know that 2 yards is not nearly enough. I think that would have been my main concern as a designer -- telling the models how much fabric they needed. Wow. As you can imagine there were a lot of short dresses on the runway.

And it also need to be said -- if Suede keeps speaking in third person, I am going to start calling him Bob Dole! There I have gotten that off my chest. And I know that sponsorship makes or breaks a show, but do we constantly need to hear the names of the sponsors over and over and over? The prize this week is not immunity. The winning design will be produced and sold by one of the sponsors. I shy away from mentioning them because I think they get enough press, but suffice it to say they supply the accessories.

Now for the creations! Here they are in the order they came down the runway.

1. Keith -- Champagne colored short cocktail dress ith poofy bottom that is tied behind the neck. It was OK, no wow from me.

2. Terri -- navy fabric with black patterned bodice and navy ruffle around the neckline. Short and cute, but definitely did not scream eveningwear to me.

3. Wesley -- the first of the shiny brown fabric dresses. Very short dress, boring, extremely poorly sewn and did not fit the model at all.

4. Jerell -- blue fabrics with a halter-like top and fringe on the bottom. It was nicely patterned with a thick choker/collar. This was the first one I actually liked.

5. Jennifer -- knee length dress with lots of flow. The fabric was gray and orange which looked terrible to me. I think I would have liked this design if the colors would have been different.

6. Daniel -- short black cocktail dress with 1/2 cap sleeves. Cute, but not spectacular.

7. Joe -- again with the shiny brown fabric. Knee length dress with cute circle cut out of the bodice with sparkly spaghetti straps. Was the best use of the brown fabric.

8. Suede -- short cocktail dress made with numerous fabric strips that he had sewn together in a pattern with tulle under the skirt for poof. This one was cuter on the runway than I thought it would be watching him make it.

9. Kenley-- champagne colored dress with a collar reminiscent of english choir boys. No really that was all I could think about when I saw it. For me, boring.

10. Kelli -- Short form fitting dress with ruffled colar in blue and champaign colors. It was OK, not great, but OK.

11. Leanne -- the last of the shiny brown fabric (thank God). This was a horrific short dress with all sorts of loops (even in the model's hair) and pockets on the bottom. YUCK I say YUCK!

12. Stella -- Champagne fabric short dress with angled neckline and one long sleeve with lacing and no sleeve on the other side. It was much better than her garbage bag of last week.

13. Blayne -- coral and black colored short dres with big loop over one shoulder. No sir, I didn't like it.

14. Emily -- strapless white bodice with woven bands around it. Flowing short black skirt that was longer in the back, Adorable! My favorite so far.

15. Korto -- gold dress with lots of flaps purposely sewn into the look. The problem is that she had sewn these fin-like things on the bottom of the dress right off the hips. It looked really weird. I think without the "fins" it would have looked much better.

My fave -- Emily

My auf -- Leanne

The judges favorites? Kenley, Stella and Suede.

The judges worst? Wesley, Korto and Leanne.

Winner -- Suede

Auf'd -- Wesley

Next week they all leave the hotel in ugly rain parkas to destinations unknown. Tune in to find out!

Posted by Wendy on July 24, 2008 7:06 PM
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