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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: The Legend

The-Legend.jpgEveryone is bumming about Bellick... almost to the point of being violent. Isn't this the same guy that paired Tweener with a one "Mr. Balls Johnson?" Yeah; that's him. Even T-Bag has his own Bellick moment. At least Sucre saw some decency in Panama. Anyway, now everyone wants to make sure Bellick's mom gets his body. After all, no one wants to suffer the same John Doe fate. Done deal. Now back to our regularly scheduled Scylla search.

Still, Michael needed the missing bird book pages from Gretchen. She handed them over to Michael and Self in a garage, as well as info that The Company was planning to move Scylla to another location -- and it didn't even involve whips or hot pokers or anything.

Apparently, it might involve David Baker. The General was interested, and he was the solution to one of Michael's many Scylla-related puzzles. This guy must whip through the "New York Times" crossword in two minutes. Maybe it's three. The guy does pass out from time to time.

Remember the nosebleeds? Now they have elevated to blackouts. We have probably seen Michael pass out as many times as he's had a bleeder. Thankfully, Dr. Sara was on-call. Of course, she also told the hospital that she's Mrs. Scofield -- actually, Mrs. Freeling or Freely. One of those is the alias. However, you can't hide Michael's beautiful mug. The doctor knew what was up and also knew his diagnosis: he has a hypothalamus tumor, which needs immediate surgery. Otherwise, our fearless leader could die. Judging by next week's preview, that ain't going to happen -- unless he gets it done at the same place that did his tattoo removal.

Back to David Baker. He is the man that can make Scylla move. He designed the whole thing. As The Company barged in, Mrs. Baker and Mahone high-tailed it out the back. In passing, she gave Mahone a few missing clues.

Back at GATE, T-Bag miraculously still has a job. Instead of looking at company reports, he is more interested in info on Gretchen. There were no surprises, meaning there isn't much info on file. Trishann, however, is the real mystery. Did anyone else see her being an agent? That was a much bigger surprise than Sucre and the bomb. However, that plotline did soak up a few extra minutes.

Did anyone buy or understand T-Bag's GATE pep talk? I was waiting for someone to call B.S., but it looked like everyone's eyes were pretty much glazed over at that point. Yep, that's a board meeting. See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on November 12, 2008 12:07 AM
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