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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: The Price

Price.jpg"When this is over, if you step one foot on American soil, I'm going to take this gun and I'm going to put a bullet right there... and that goes for you too, Gummo."

That line needed to be repeated. What didn't need an encore was that entire season recap. Seriously, at some point, I was expecting them to show Abruzzi. One thing we didn't see -- how the hell we got to the current opening. What was Linc doing? He and some guy crash a car, shoot someone, and snatch a briefcase. Who exactly was that guy, anyway?

Apparently, this scene inspired Linc's big plan to get the next stage of Scylla. He's such a tough guy!

Speaking of tough guys: The whole meeting between Michael and Gretchen was a bit much, no? It was like they had both been training by watching Dirty Harry movies. Gretchen has the missing bird book pages, which means she's now on team Michael. It's a nice way to keep everyone on screen.

This week's focus is The General. There's more to the plan than just a good old car crash. Sara will add some morphine to the equation, to keep The General nice, comfortable, and potentially in a good mood, for once.

No one likes Roland. Well, no one liked him from day one. Now they like him even less now that he lost the Scylla copying device in Vegas. So he is banished to his cot. They know he's a douche, and so do we now. He sent a text to Wyatt to trade the brothers for a few bucks. Actually, many text messages. How will that get him out of his prison sentence?

Maybe he is hoping Sara will bail him out. He apologized to her right before the big mission. He said he was "sorry for Vegas," but what he really meant was, "I am sorry for selling out your boyfriend. Want to go out sometime?"

Of course, he doesn't have time. He needs to text his buddy. Roland gives up the location of the brothers, and in the melee, Sucre is shot -- thankfully, not in the face.

Michael called Roland out, but then let him off the hook. Then Roland had the nerve to ask for an apology, and jumped ship. He then met up with Wyatt, who wasn't interested in being BFFs after all. Instead, he shot Roland three times, and then got hit with a crowbar and numerous fists of Mahone's fury.

I had heard rumors that someone was going to die. However, it's not Roland! Sure, even though he wasn't "ready to die, man," he died. However, it doesn't look like he's the main character that we expected to go -- not according to upcoming previews, anyway.

In one of our ongoing side plots, Sara let Michael know that she knows about the nosebleeds. Instead of dealing with her worry, he turns tables and lets Sara know that Gretchen is joining the team. Way to change the subject big boy! We don't know a lot about what went down when Sara was in her care, except for two things: 1) She didn't get her head cut off; and 2) She was whipped a lot. People pay pretty for that kind of treatment, honey!

Maybe she wants to collect or something because Gretchen wants to meet up at some motel. Are they going to get side-by-side spa treatments or something? Instead, Gretchen offered to take a beating of her own, but Sara surprisingly sliced into her neck and demanded up the name of some dead guard that I am 99 percent sure we've never seen before. Wow.

Meanwhile, back at GATE, T-Bag still has an office, as well as his fake hand. Unfortunately, Feng wants to break that hand off and use it to kill T-Bag. Instead, Gretchen talks him down with some name-dropping from her Company days. She promises delivery of Scylla. This thing is hotter than Madonna tickets.

We also find out that it's not just The Company's little black book. It has a deeper meaning -- one we aren't privy to just yet. With the World Series coming up, I'm guessing we won't find out its meaning for at least two weeks. See you then. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on October 21, 2008 12:19 AM
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Gooosh!!! Mind bending episode...truly love this show! The season premiere was excellent! bang urself by watchin all eps here Download Prison Break Free

-- Posted by: joyi at October 21, 2008 2:42 AM

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