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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Eagles and Angels

eagles.jpgThis week's Scylla cardholder was Lisa. She is the wife of Erol, whose license plate was found in a blurry photo on Michael's camera phone. Of course, they couldn't get close enough to her to copy the card. Otherwise, the episode would have been three minutes long.

T-Bag? He's fair game. T-Bag aka Cole Pfeiffer has a bad-ass mustache, one functioning hand, a corner office, and the ability to spell his own last name. He also met up with his old prison buddies, for a brief moment. When he locked eyes with Linc; that was priceless. How he could outrun Linc, Michael, Mahone and Sucre -- in a suit? Well, that was sort of impossible. Of course, the brothers quickly caught up with T-Bag, only to find he was without Whistler's prized bird book. He threw it in (and retrieved it from) the bushes.

Back to the main plot: Lisa is actually a bigwig with "Eagles and Angles" (hence, the title), an organization that benefits fallen police officers and their families. Hello hot cops! The master criminals stole a crop of cop uniforms so that Mahone, Michael and Linc could attend the policeman's ball long enough to rub up against Lisa and swipe her edition of Scylla.

During the hoopla, Linc was made, and followed outside. Before he got a bullet, Bellick saved the day (or at least Linc), and stabbed the guy. It looks like he isn't all that useless after all.

Speaking of useless: Sarah spent most of this episode hanging back, needing time, and hovering over a glass of Scotch. Despite her lack of activity, she still managed to get her credit card stolen -- actually Bruce's credit card. Remember him? Yeah, the dead guy. Of course she had that. Otherwise, Wyatt wouldn't have been able to track her, and by default, the rest of the crew. That seems like it's going to come to blows next week. I sense a Mahone wrath coming -- and can't wait.

Otherwise, Wyatt had a busy week. Aside from getting the one phone call that led him to Sara, he popped a cap into Jasper, Self's stool pidgeon.

Other thoughts:

  • Michael and Sara are all about boat talk. Can you tell me that as an architect, Michael couldn't afford to take a boat ride now and then?

  • Was the GATE receptionist flirting with T-Bag? Nothing turns me on like a cheap, stolen, fake hand.

  • Gretchen looks like a refuge from a "Saw" movie. What was the purpose of popping in on her this week?

  • Do you think Mr. Xing's "friends" have ever met Whistler? Can T-Bag pull off so many cons? Apparently, he's a better salesman than one would think.

Also, what's the deal with Michael's nosebleeds? Maybe they are a side effect from the quickie tattoo removal? Doubtful, but we'll see. Have a good week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on September 16, 2008 12:54 AM
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I'm curious about the nosebleeds too. Does he have cancer? Some X-Files probe stuck in him while he was in Sona?

Stacy Haiduk (Lisa) looked like the poster child for botox. Bleh.

I'm hoping Gretchen will escape and help Linc & Co. Wyatt will survive any Mahone beating - he's gotta stay for the rest of the season to wreak havoc on our boys!

I noticed how they are slowly introducing Michael's now pristine and tattoo-less body with the hint of bare skin in the unbuttoned cuffs at the end of the ep. If only laser tattoo removal were so efficient...

Like that drunk at the bar normally pays with a credit card? Bad bartender for not checking the name and/or asking for ID!

-- Posted by: Connie at September 16, 2008 2:06 PM

I am guessing that Gretchen will team up with the boys, but eh -- I think it would be OK for her to just die. I am not positive, but is she part of the spin-off?

-- Posted by: Rachel at September 16, 2008 2:11 PM

There's gonna be a spinoff?!!

What - like Escape to Witch Mountain? It's not gonna be Prison Break but Prison Entry?

I don't see Jodi Lyn as leading lady material. Personally, I think she should be on a show with Tiffani Thiessen as her evil twin sister... 9021-Oh! anyone?

-- Posted by: Connie at September 16, 2008 6:03 PM

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