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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Blow Out

Blow-Out.jpgSo apparently "Prison Break" isn't all about Scylla cards this season. It's also about teamwork. OK -- that sounds stupid, but it was nice to see an episode not focus on just capturing the cards for once.

There was some card swiping, but that all went down in the first five minutes of the episode. Cardholder number four loved the ponies, so the crew pulled off an "Ocean's 11"-style caper at the racetrack. Bellick started up a distraction. Michael and Mahone planted the copying device. Linc rigged the starting gate to cause another diversion. And Sucre? He just looked good.

The copying part was extremely easy. Getting the device back? Not so much. Mahone crept in to capture the device, but couldn't get out. Also, Sara couldn't distract a cop for five minutes. Is it possible that she's not as hot as Michael thinks she is? So instead, Mahone did the only thing he knew how: punched out a cop and got arrested.

Mahone was arrested under the name Frank Zwan. Self dropped in to rescue the device, but not Mahone or Frank. He was left to rot in jail. That is, unless he dropped dime on Michael. Apparently, the cops thought the whole thing was a robbery. However, Mahone may be a murderer and occasional drug addict, but he's no snitch.

While Frank/Mahone was sweating in jail, the rest of the Superfriends started working on the next cardholder. However, it didn't matter. Mahone's goodbye call to Michael was just enough of a guilt trip. No one gets left behind, man!

In the meantime, Wyatt paid Self a visit. Did anyone think it was odd that Wyatt just didn't pop a cap into him? He's not really known for stern warnings. In their one-minute conversation, Wyatt noticed Self's parking ticket and tracked down Mahone. That's the "Prison Break" circle of life, friends.

Wyatt meets up with Mahone, but so do the rest of the Superfriends. After yet another caper, Frank Zwan is back with the gang. When Wyatt made that gun motion at Mahone, was anyone else hoping he was going to give the finger back?

T-Bag had very little screen time this episode. However, it wasn't so much quantity as it was quality. His cover was semi-blown when one of the GATE-ites figured out that his sales reports were all B.S. What gave it away? The crayon? So like that, T-Bag took off, bird book and all -- just went it looked like he was about to crack something... something in the stock room behind his faux office.

I was kind of surprised that T-Bag just didn't go to his boss' office and cut out his throat with a GATE-embossed letter opener. How many episodes has it been since T-Bag has killed someone, anyway?

There could be time: It looks like he's about to team up with Gretchen. Just when I was starting to feel bad for her. Not only has she spent a good portion of her life being beaten to a pulp, but she is also a mommy! After last week's breakout, she stopped by for a shower, a turkey club, and the gun she hid inside a ceramic owl that she had sent to her sister a while back. That must have been packed quite nicely. Upon leaving, she gives daughter Emily a kiss and off she goes.

She's quite the badass, but I am ready for the Wyatt/Mahone showdown. Who is the bigger badass there? Also, what's Roland thinking? Will he dial up Wyatt about defecting or wind up stuffed as a centerpiece at a Company Christmas party? See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on September 30, 2008 12:35 AM
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Respected sir,
I am a die hard fan of Scofield if i evr get chance 2 act wid him ill nt miss it .Ur story is jus perfect n d cast is also perfect but sir i felt bad when Agent Paul Kellerman died he was turning into a good man but atlast he died.Sir i remember him sayin 2 Lincoln Burrows dat "its a black hole it is going 2 consume me u n ur brother" is dat true!pls pls pls dont kill Scofield,T-bag,Burrows,Sucre. Pls pls .N r u making a muve ? Sir u have done a gr8 work ur just gr8 if u ever have any role left pls take me i may not b d best but im not like the rest .thank u sir Pls pls pls pls make a muve wid d same cast plsssssssssssssssss k Sir byE tc n once again tanx for such a gr8 muve.

-- Posted by: SKANDAN at October 1, 2008 1:59 PM

Sir if u have any role for Indian actor pls take me

-- Posted by: SKANDAN at October 1, 2008 2:03 PM

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