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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Under & Out

under.jpgIt's nice to see "Prison Break" getting back to its roots. After a long last season, some of the excitement is back. It's surprising too; we all have to be wondering how many prisons these people can actually bust out of. Who cares -- this is the episode we've all been waiting for.

The breakout has begun, and the guys need to put the pedal to the metal. While they were working underground, the rain was doing a number on the dirt above. All of this means the crew needs to get their act together.

This is a tad difficult, since the only real plan involves them digging a hole and running. A few of the guys are worried about life outside of Sona. T-Bag was clinging to Lechero with his gimpy hand, and Bellick wanted Mahone to adopt him.

Whistler is one weird cookie. First he's a fisherman, then he's Gary Miller, and now he's back to working out coordinates in his bird book. He'd better figure out them pretty quickly too; while she waits, Susan/Gretchen was using girlfriend Sophia as an ashtray. Was this a ploy? There is no way that Whistler is actually the guy that he says he is -- is there?

Later, he has a Sona-sponsored meeting with Scofield, Linc, Sophia and Susan/Gretchen. During this transaction, Whistler gave up half of his sought-after coordinates, and Susan/Gretchen passed a timer in. When the time is up, Sophia and LJ are dead. How can so many dirty deals go on right outside of Sona's gates? Geez -- since anything goes, you'd think they could have passed in some brownies and whiskey while they were at it.

Scofield spent a lot of the episode contemplating and making phone calls. He set everything up for that night with Linc, whose big plan was to high-jack a school bus and ram it into the power lines. Hey -- it worked, and was slightly more thought out than the big escape.

Sucre spent a lot of tonight’s episode hanging outside of Sona -- that is until he was picked up. If this guy doesn't have the worst luck; it turns out that the identity he stole has a warrant. What was up with the big smile at the end though?

Oh -- and although Sucre's smile gave me shivers, all of the Bible knowledge in the world just makes T-Bag a bigger candidate for creepiest guy on TV.

Thanks to the writers' strike, we have two episodes left. Who will be the escape's sacrificial lamb? Is that why McGrady was added at the last second? With dirt and water barely touched up above, only 30 seconds to run, and a whole lot of characters with questions, it looks like those episodes have a lot of 'splaining to do. See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on February 5, 2008 12:50 AM
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Man, when did Prison Break get so dumb? ... Oh yeah, that's right. Season 2. :P

This was one of the better episodes of Season 3 but even at the show's most exciting, I'm still not all that involved in it.

No WAY would Michael let T-Bag out so easily, since the entire reason he's back in Sona anyway is because he went back to try and stop him in the first place. That just doesn't make sense. I'm still interested to see how things turn out but, at this point, I honestly wouldn't care if the show ended now.

-- Posted by: Matt at February 8, 2008 1:19 AM

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