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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: The Art of the Deal

art.jpgThe first season was all about the break. The second season, everyone was on the run. The third season, we were back to basics -- another break out. Now, if the season finale has taught us anything, season four (assuming there is one) will be about revenge. But before we get into that...

Tonight's season finale started off with a car chase. All season finales should start that way -- even sitcoms.

However, in true "Prison Break" fashion, the chase was over in a matter of seconds -- as soon as Whistler got out of his car, we knew this bird was caged. For that, I wish Linc would have given him an extra kick to the chest cavity for the rest of us too...

Scofield was calling a lot of the shots. He set up a meeting with Gretchen to confirm that everyone involved is still alive and hasn’t improved their acting skills. Both sides promised each other a world of pain, and then everyone returned to their respective parties.

Of course, Gretchen planned to have them all taken out as soon as Whistler was by her side, but as LJ informed her before the exchange: his uncle is way too smart for that. Scofield called for another meeting, this time inside a museum. The exchange went down, and Sophia finally discovered what a lying dog Whistler really is. See, there were no coordinates. Not sure why the bird book is such a big deal though.

On the way out, Sophia was the one to take a bullet, but didn't die. Scofield almost returned the favor to Gretchen, but the Mystery Machine got away -- meddling kids!

LJ stayed behind to help Sophia and flex his newfound biceps. Despite being tied up for most of the season, LJ did manage to save the origami rose that Sara had since season one. Nice touch.

T-Bag still has a whole lot of evil left in him. He saved his former bossman from being picked apart by Sona's vultures, only to get a hold of his money. Using a "we can buy our way out of here" ploy, he managed to get Lechero's money and then off him with a pillow. How exactly was that being "quick?"

In a random return, T-Bag's partner in crime was the hot nun/prostitute from earlier this season. Once again, T-Bag has charmed his way into another woman's heart.

McGrady was still alive, and managed to make it through last week's police roadblock thanks to a pile of poo and a secret compartment in his truck. That was sort of pointless... like we needed to drag out his story for another week.

Mahone spent most of tonight's episode enjoying a refreshing beverage in a local bar -- actually many. It doesn't matter. They were all on Whistler and Gretchen -- surprise! All three are banditos in crime now. Sounds like a nice setup for next season -- again, assuming there is one.

Speaking of setups: Sucre was very bloody and borderline brain dead, due to the beating he got from the cops. How dare they mess up that beautiful face -- and then throw dirt on it. He was asked to dig his own grave. Hasn't he been doing that since season one?

After almost burying him to the top of his pretty face, they pulled him out just in time to take a call from Scofield. He should have given him his new mailing address: 123 Sona Street.

Will the brothers stay separated? Will Linc get pinched for the bus accident and become Sucre's new roommate? Does LJ have a new mommy? Who is Jason Lief? What is T-Bag's plan for all of that money -- and the nun? Is Bellick ever going to get a break? All this -- and hopefully one more season of "Prison Break." C'mon, Fox. Don't leave me hanging! -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on February 18, 2008 9:29 PM
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