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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Hell or High Water

water.jpgIf you are reading this and still watching "Prison Break," don't dare tell me that you are going to stop now. You are all stinkin' liars!

Lechero was shot within the first two seconds of tonight's show, and if that wasn't enough of a surprise... having him, Bellick and T-Bag all get pinched had to have been. OK, we expected someone to not make it out, but to have it all be part of Scofield's master plan? That's some conniving business right there.

I understand T-Bag and Lechero, but Bellick just can't seem to get a break, can he? And why not Mahone? You'd think Schofield would want to see a bullet in the man that gave his father the same courtesy. Linc did. More on that in a bit.

Maybe Scofield knew that Bellick would squeal like a pig, which he did after a quick chokehold. With a few bullets to Sona's basement lock, the four remaining members (Scofield, Whistler, Mahone and McGrady) jumped through the hole and out of Sona -- slowly, but surely.

The great escape was pretty impressive. After a quick jaunt through the jungle, the boys headed out to sea. Remember when Linc was digging on the beach? It wasn't for clams; he had buried air tanks so that the crew could hide in the ocean. How long could those little tanks hold? And how did they know when to peek their heads out of the water? How did they stay together?

It's TV, so we don't expect these questions to be answered. However, they did get pretty far out there. All they needed was a lift from Sucre. Oh yeah -- him. Too bad he was chained to a file cabinet. So much for his part of the plan.

McGrady's dad rescued the Sona crew and then the father and son parted ways with the others - only to hit a roadblock. Welcome to cliffhanger number one.

Linc is no longer the free man he was for about five minutes. Not only does he have the whole aiding and abetting thing going, but apparently stealing and crashing a bus in Panama is an offense. Get out your checklist, we have cliffhanger number two.

Linc probably isn't too concerned with his new crimes, since he has murder on his mind. Now that he has saved Mahone's butt, he is ready to put a bullet into it -- well, his face anyway. However, Whistler's escape sort of sidetracked the brothers. That's two more cliffhangers right there.

And Sucre.... poor Sucre. Just as he was about to be set free, he was made by T-Bag, just as the cops were about to hook him up to a car battery. He was beaten and almost fried, but he still managed to score Whistler's book, which that dummy dropped during the prison break. Another two cliffhangers? I've lost count.

Will Sucre be Sona's newest resident? It looks like the action will not be restricted to the outside of Sona's fences. Next week is the season finale. There's plenty of time for one more chickenfoot! See you then. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on February 11, 2008 9:08 PM
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