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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Bang & Burn

bang.jpgAny show that kicks off with "Don't Fear the Reaper" is all right in my book. This is the fall finale, kids. We're breaking out all of the stops -- even if we're not breaking out any prisoners...

This episode finds Michael and Linc aren't the only ones on a deadline. Gretchen is apparently up poop-creek as well. The plan now is "bang and burn" -- hey just like the episode title!

Gretchen is trying to put the escape plan into overdrive, since the Company is breathing down her neck. Her organization seems to be huge (as witnessed by the beginning of the episode's war room scene) -- why can't they just go in and shoot the two or three guards and break Whistler out himself? With their power, they should be able to land Santa's sleigh in the middle of Sona.

Sounds like a plan -- plan B to be exact, which also involves taking out everyone in its path: Linc, Sophia, Sucre and Michael. That's half of the opening credits!

No worries, my friends. No one in this crop can pull off an escape plan. There's a reason why they need Michael. At one point, Whistler was going to give Michael the shiv, only to be interrupted by Lechero. It's weird how Whistler went from a guy hiding inside a wall to a big-wig bad-ass all in just a few episodes.

On another note: I have that same automatic door lock that was shown in the episode. Who knew there was a Home Depot near Sona?

On the outside, Linc and Sucre rented a shack in the middle of nowhere. Not sure why; even more puzzling was where the duo got a boombox.

After signing the ink on their new digs, the two headed into town, where they met up with Sophia and got ambushed in an alley. Linc is definitely fed up -- and must have been spending time at the shooting range. He popped a bad guy right in the head, even as he held Sophia hostage.

Sophia might have been better off if Linc got her instead. She found out that something is seriously up with Whistler -- or should we call him Gary Miller. The people at the airport do; it's on his passport. We didn't get to see his social security card or other effects. Gretchen walked in and broke up Sophia's snooping.

Also on the outiside, maybe in another part of town, Mahone is still in the hotel, still having withdrawls. He begs Lang for drugs, basically so he can be presentable enough to testify. Apparently, this was a good idea. He was practically gnawing off his hand during his testimony. He made a nice, touching speech, but Mahone is getting sent back to Sona anyway.

He can have Michael's bunk. At the end of the episode, guards dragged him out. Too many escapes and only one guy with tattoos of an escape route all over his back. Yes -- the tattoos made a brief appearance; just long enough for Michael to change into another long-sleeved shirt.

No LJ in this episode. Barely any Bellick or T-Bag. How will all of the characters interact now that Michael is being relocated? Looks like we'll have to wait until January 14 for answers. See you then. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on November 12, 2007 10:18 PM
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