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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Sona

The Recap

Amaury Nolasco
Sucre has been patched up. But he's out of bed. A nurse or doctor comes in and wants to know what he's doing. He's leaving. The medical professional tells him that he's short a third of his blood, and he might die. He manages to leave anyway. He dials up the US Embassy to find out where Bellick might have gone.

Sucre is stumbling through the streets of Panama City toward the jail. He sees Bellick being loaded into a police truck. He almost makes it. Bellick screams at him that he can find Maricruz if he gets him out. Sucre flashes back to visions of his love. He falls to his knees in the street. And finally on his back. His last word is "Maricruz".


Kellerman has taken the stand at Sara's trial. He lays out the details of the conspiracy (off camera) for the jury. He expects that by revealing the truth about everything will get him killed. He gives up Reynolds and everyone else involved.

The judge has reviewed all of the documents that Kellerman provided (from somewhere) and he asks the prosecution if they plan to continue with the trial against Sara. The lead prosecutor states that they are dropping all the charges. But she will instead turn her attention to Kellerman. The judge orders him taken into custody.

Kellerman is led to a transport van. The officer is telling him what he can and cannot do, but Kellerman stops him with "I know the drill". The van moves into traffic. The guard and driver discuss the route, but the engine light comes on before they get too far. He decides to pull over to check it out. Kellerman cracks a thin smile. The driver gets out to check the engine. Kellerman then tells the guard that it was once an honor to face a Nazi firing squad during the French Resistance. And the highest honor was to smile when they shot you. The back doors fly open, and two masked men point shotguns into the van. "Took you long enough," are Kellerman's last words as the men empty their guns.

T-Bag and Bellick

Robert Knepper

Wade Williams
Bellick is in jail. He's screaming for his phone call. Of course no one is listening. He sits down and takes a look around. But before he can too comfortable, T-Bag is delivered to the holding cell. Bellick is excited, figuring he's on the way to freedom. But no such luck. Bellick asks about the money, and finds out that Scofield has it and is on the way to freedom. T-Bag is confident though, he figures that the people he helped with the set-up will get him out.

Bellick asks T-Bag how much of the money he's spent. T-Bag answers that it's between 100 and 200,000. Bellick walks over and tells T-Bag that of all of the Fox River Eight, he'd hoped T-Bag would be the one to go down in a blaze of gunfire. T-Bag invites him to take his best shot and finish the job. "That Siamese cat smiles just makes me want to open you up that much more," growls Bellick. "It's Cheshire," corrects T-Bag. A guard calls for Bellick. He thinks he is going free. Once through the cell door though the guard places Bellick in cuffs. As he's being led away the guard tells Bellick "Buena Suerte", but Bellick doesn't know what that means. T-Bag looks on with a grin and whispers, "good luck".

T-Bag's benefactor eventually shows up at the jail. But too bad for T-Bag. "They" didn't intend for him to be caught during the set-up. So there's nothing they can do for him. The man leaves T-Bag in the holding cell.

Michael, Linc, Sara, and Mahone

Wentworth Miller

Dominic Purcell

Sarah Wayne Callies

William Fichtner
Michael is frustrated. What to do? Take off and leave Linc to be murdered or rescue his brother, again. He flashes back to his time in Fox River with Linc, and all the times he told him he was there to get him out. A teenager comes up the dock offering gum, soda, beer, and more. He's also got magic mushrooms and presumably an assortment of other "recreational substances". Micheal shoos him away and dials up Mahone. Scofield reluctantly, but rightly, gives up the boat and the money. But it will take 24 hours to get the boat around to where Mahone is holed up. Meanwhile, Linc tries to play head games with Mahone; to no avail. Mahone leaves a message for Kim to call him.

Michael has his plotting face on as he paces aboard the sailboat. He sees the teen-aged drug dealer and gets a twinkle in his eye. He approaches the kid and asks if he's still in the mushroom business. The exchange names, his is Chaco.

Mahone's phone rings, it's Kim. After giving Kim a smart-ass answer to "where are we?" he lets Kim know The Brothers are in the bag. Kim gets moving toward Panama. Meanwhile, Michael is getting the boat ready to sail. At sea he dials up Sara and leaves her a message. He tells her that, if she somehow makes it out of her trial, where to meet him.

Bruce rouses Sara after the stunning turn of events. He wants to hurry her out of the court house before the media gets too crazy. Outside the court room the cameras are already rolling. One reporter mentions that not only has Sara been exonerated, but so has Linc. She picks up her phone and hears the message from Michael. She tries calling him back; to tell him not to run. But he's not near his handy sat-phone, so he misses the call. She decides to head South to keep him safe. Nearby, Kim is in OBM's limo. He tells OBM that things are coming together. OBM asks, via his notepad, "Sona?". Kim informs him that he's going down to take care of things himself. OBM replies "Just one is needed." To which Kim replies that they both know which one that is. Kim promises to call once he gets down there.

Mahone is on the phone with his ex, Pam. In the background Linc is clucking his tongue. Mahone asks that she and Cam come to visit him in Columbia. She's worried about things being like "before". But Mahone assures her that things will be different. She's confused, but finally agrees to come down during the summer break. Mahone is quite excited.

Chaco walks down the dock in a marina. He approaches a boat filled with thugs and girls in bikinis. He speaks to the head thug, DeJesus. He tells him that he has a guy with a lot of money that wants to talk to him. DeJesus is not happy about this turn of events. Chaco introduces Scofield. DeJesus thinks that Scofield is a cop and slaps Chaco to the deck (To paraphrase "The Big Lebowski", "Nobody f*cks with DeJesus"). A gun is put to Scofield's head. However, before things can get out of hand, he tells DeJesus to look him up. Luckily one of the thugs has his laptop and the marina has wireless Internet access. He finds Michael's "most wanted" information. Scofield pulls out a wad of cash and a deal is made.

Linc and Mahone do "The Fugitive" over Linc's innocence. Mahone says that he only cares about getting his life back. Linc, though, has found that the pipe he is cuffed to has a weak point. He also tells Mahone that he would be better off having his family forget him, and to not let the cancer of his life invade theirs. Linc also goes on about there being no way out for any of them. But Mahone thinks that he'll be able to get away.

Scofield sails off into the sunset. The next morning he ties up near the warehouse. Before joining Mahone and Linc he stashes the cash. Mahone watches from the window, but sees only the sailboat. He sighs as he thinks of his pending freedom. Linc seethes in the corner. Scofield enters the warehouse. Mahone compliments the look of the boat, but Michael makes him promise to change the name; in honor of his mother. Scofield demands that Linc be released. Mahone declines, telling them that "they" want the two of them alive. Scofield tires to use the money as a bargaining chip, but it fails. Kim calls from outside. Before he enters, Mahone calls into the police, to report that a well dressed Asian man has been shot by two Americans. Mahone gets ready to leave when Kim enters the room.

Kim is still not happy. Turns out that he wanted The Brothers somewhere else. Mahone doesn't care, and hands them off to Kim, it seems. Until he turns his gun on Kim. Before he can do the deed, Kim's goons enter stage left. Linc slips his bonds and the shooting starts. Linc takes down a goon with his elbow and grabs his gun. Mahone guns down another. Scofield and Linc make for the door and head toward the sack o' cash. Mahone takes down the last goon and finds the same exit. Kim is not far behind, limping. The Brothers head away from the boat with the cash while Mahone quickly casts off and heads for the sea.

At the Panama Canal, Mahone is asking directions to Columbia. The harbor master is more than helpful. As they approach the sailboat Mahone sees police crawling all over the craft. They ask who owns the boat, Mahone claims ownership. Before he can protest the search another cop produces two bricks of cocaine. They take him into custody.

Michael and Linc slink through the forest discussing Michael's plan. Linc then laments the loss of the boat. Michael is not worried. Chaco arrives and directs them down to a dock and a cabin cruiser. Linc thanks Michael once again. Chaco comments that "she is very pretty", but he's not referring to the boat. Sara emerges from below decks. Sara and Michael embrace. She tells them that Linc is free, and explains Kellerman's confession. Also, Bruce (presumably) is working on Michael's charges. Linc decides he needs a drink. Sara goes below to fetch some beverages. Linc follows and puts the gun down on a table. Michael frees him from his cuffs. Before they can revel in their freedom Mr. Kim arrives on the scene. He pulls them out onto the dock. Linc tosses the money bag at his feet. But Kim is not interested in $5 million in pocket change. He kicks the bag into the water. Scofield wants to know why Kim is still pursuing them; with Reynolds having stepped down and Linc being exonerated what do they need with them anymore. But Kim tells them that The Company is not yet done with them. Kim lauds their brotherly love. He makes to shoot Linc, but Sara comes topside and puts one in Kim's chest. He falls into the water. Sirens are heard. The three make for the woods; Linc alone and Sara and Michael together. Linc hides out in a boat yard. Michael and Sara find an abandoned house, but they are cornered. They get down low to avoid any incoming gun fire. They decide to give up; to explain what happened and hope for the best. Scofield takes the gun. When they emerge from the house Scofield puts the gun to her head and demands the cops stand down. He then surrenders and admits to everything, because Sara once risked everything for him he's doing it for her now. She tries to get the cops to listen to her, that she did the killing. But they take Scofield away in cuffs.

Mahone is given his call. And it would seem the Panamanian police are very generous as it's an international call. He rings up Pam to tell her to forget the flight to Columbia. In fact, to forget him entirely. He hangs up, and is clearly defeated. She pulls over, obviously distraught.

Linc makes his way through the city. He finds a government attorney who tells him that Sara just made her statement and has left. He spots her in the distance and calls her name, but she doesn't hear him. He sees a suspicious character follow her. He eventually loses her in the crowd.

A police transport van pulls up in the rain at the gate to a prison. The officers pull Scofield out and remove his shackles. Another transport van pulls in behind. Scofield turns toward it and sees the other officer doing the same for Mahone. They glare at each other. "This is as far as we go," growls the officer to Scofield. Two heavily armed guards pull open the heavy doors. As they are closed we see that this is the "Penitenciaría Federal de Sona", or in English - Sona Federal Penitentiary.

Cut to a location we are told is the "Basil Island Research Facility" on Long Island, New York. Inside we see the OBM changing from his suit coat to a lab coat. Someone approaches and address him as General. The man looks around and asks if it is safe to talk in this area. OBM nods. The man tells OBM, with regard to Scofield, "we got him." They then then enter a secured area.

Scofield walks down the hall of the prison. Inmates are not in cells. He sees some smoking drugs. Screams and shouts are heard. There are no guards to be seen.

The man and OBM walk down the hall. The man is surprised that they actually got Scofield back in custody. And that he expects another escape attempt. OBM turns, about to put a surgical mask over his face and says, "That's exactly what we want him to do." They both put on their masks.

Scofield continues down the hall. The other inmates are looking him over; sizing him up presumably. He comes across a group of "ladies" and passes them by. Inside a cell he sees someone passed out (or dead) from drugs. On the floor a man is shaking, he's been beaten. It's Bellick. A man stands over him defiantly. The shouting is louder now, and in unison. It is coming from outside. Scofield turns to see the source of the noise through a door. We see him from behind in silhouette, it is bright and still raining outside. Scofield steps forward, the scene brightens and..... That's it for season two of "Prison Break".

The Review
Wow! Double wow! I had heard rumors that season three would involve another break-out from a Panamanian prison, but I didn't think they'd go that route. But those rumors also had just about everyone being in said prison, which was put up the red flag for me.

So, who's in Sona? Scofield, Mahone, and Bellick for sure. Maybe T-Bag if one makes that leap. But the first question is; what exactly is inside Sona that OBM wants Scofield to obtain? Is it a physical thing? Or maybe there's some kind of biological "thing" there (a disease or something) that he hopes Scofield will catch before he escapes.

Dead: Abruzzi, Tweener, and Sucre. And of special importance to all of you who frequent this site: Mr. Bill Kim. It is only fitting that he is "sucker shot" and is lying at the bottom of a dirty Panamanian inlet.
Running: Sara and Linc
Unknown: C-Note, but with any luck we've seen the last of him and his storyline.

The second question is; what was The Company's plan? Was is as convoluted as this; frame Linc, knowing that Scofield worked on Fox River put Linc there, also knowing that Scofield has that Low Latent Inhibition thing and would do something figure he'd break Linc out, then the man-hunt that would drive them south of the border, and finally into a situation where Scofield is the one who gets locked up at Sona. One problem is how did they KNOW that Scofield and crew would head to Panama rather than Mexico or Columbia or anywhere else with loose extradition agreements? And did they plan for him to be involved in killing Bill Kim? Or did they figure they could just manufacture a crime to pin on Scofield? Finally, was this Plan A from the get go? Or was Plan A to frame up Linc for the nefarious "Big Oil" plot alluded to in Season 1? And getting Scofield into Sona was a fortuitous happenstance that The Company used to their advantage.

Because if Plan A was to get Scofield into Sona, then that would go a long way to explaining how easy it was to execute the escape. And then to stay just ahead of the authorities while on the run. That's a lot to take in right now. Season 3 should be a doozy to say the least. How in the heck is Scofield and crew going to break out of a prison like that? Where the only guards appear to be on the outside. I'm already excited for the return next Fall.

It has been a pleasure to recap and review "Prison Break" this season. I have enjoyed it every step of the way. Thanks to all of you who were regular readers, and to everyone who lurked, and also everyone else. Special thanks to Rachel for filling in for me. And also to Mac for giving me this opportunity. As I said last week this just won't fit with my life and work schedule next time around. But I might just pop up now and again to fill in. Or as Mac has offered, to contribute to the Fodder network in other ways from time to time. I hope Mac doesn't mind me pimping my personal blog just this once, but you can visit me at to see how things are going. I warn you, it's not updated with any frequency. And I've had to lock down commenting due to spam, but you can email me via Fodder if you'd like an account.

Anyway, again it was a pleasure and I'll see you all around. And Go Gators!

PS: If you'd like to take over Prison Break Fodder for season three, please get in touch with Mac and let him know.

Posted by Jeff on April 3, 2007 1:47 AM
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Go Gators is right!

Ok, how did Sara know where this boat was gonna be? Even if Michael left the details - I don't know about that.

And can they find another name for the kid who helped Scofield? Chaco? Come on. It might as well be Juan Valdez.

Are we sure Sucre is dead? I wasn't sure about that. I hope the Grey's Anatomy spin-off flies so we get to see more of Paul Adelstein. Kellerman, I already miss ye.

What's in Sona? A case of the clap, if you ask me!

Gonna miss you next season!

-- Posted by: Connie at April 3, 2007 3:51 PM

was that really bellick on the floor in prison
and who was following sarah, is she part of the company

-- Posted by: ad at April 3, 2007 7:08 PM

was that really bellick on the floor in prison
and who was following sarah, is she part of the company

-- Posted by: ad at April 3, 2007 7:08 PM

Ha ha... I am still laughing from Connie's comments.

OK... sad about Kellerman. There was nowhere left for him to go, but that still didn't make it any easier for me.

What was easy: Seeing Mr. Kim take a bullet. I am sure if the police knew this guy, they'd be throwing a parade for Michael and/or Sara.

Don't think Sucre is dead at all. He's as dead as C-Note was. That would be too quick. Besides, he's the only reason we would need to see Bellick again, and I'm sure he will be back -- and not on the prison floor (yes... that was definitely him).

I still sort of feel bad for Bellick. You'd think the guy would turn over a new leaf with everything that's happened to him, but wow. The world keeps biting him in the ass.

Hope to see you comment in the future. Thanks for the great recaps!

-- Posted by: Rachel at April 3, 2007 10:46 PM

Ah, I wasn't sure if that was Bellick also.

If Sucre isn't dead, do you think Maricruz is?

-- Posted by: Connie at April 4, 2007 3:19 PM

Of course not...they will make happy ending like C-Note had...
i think that Michael will take information about Maricruz from Bellick at his very last breath...yes, he'll die

-- Posted by: i at April 5, 2007 11:36 AM

I think Sucre is dead. But as with all things "Prison Break", if we don't see someone expire, they could still be kicking.

Like season two, season three should pick up immediately from here. Thus, Maricruz will still have about 1.5 to 2 weeks worth of supplies. Just enough time, as "i" says, for Michael to wring the info out of Bellick and get it to Sucre (should he still be breathing).

Michael called Sara after he got back with Chaco. So he knew what his new plan was before he called her. He probably told her to meet him at the new boat.

Thanks for the kind words Rachel. Bellick seems to be just the "dumb guy". He can't see beyond tomorrow and his actions and decisions show it. I would not be at all surprised if the "fall finale" next season has something to do with Bellick expiring. The guy could barely keep alive in Fox River. How in the hell is he going to survive in a prison that is 100x worse? Unless he hitches his wagon to Scofield.

Because if OBM and crew want Scofield to do something (or get something) for them in Sona they will go out of their way to make sure he's not hurt. Thus, anyone around Scofield is likely to receive area effect from that.

I'll be lurking around next year.

-- Posted by: Jeff at April 5, 2007 12:18 PM

Sucre must be dead didn't any of you realize the crucifix position he was in just like that one of Jesus when he died and we all know how religious Sucre is...

-- Posted by: Oscar at April 8, 2007 5:01 AM

Sucre must be dead didn't any of you realize the crucifix position he was in just like that one of Jesus when he died and we all know how religious Sucre is...

-- Posted by: Oscar at April 8, 2007 5:01 AM

Kellermans Dead
Sucre Alive
Bellick name isn't Bellick its now what ever the prison guard was calling him.
Michael is a mouse in a maze, a science experiment of sorts, a weapon of war perhaps.

What can one man trained, in essence, do if put in an impossible situation such as saving your brother from the chair.

Michael showed that he was capable but now put in an environment that he has not studied and prepared for will he or can he survive and how and if he can is there a new breed of soldier the government can create.

But thats just a guess.

I don't think Monte Cruze is imprisoned and Bellick or B as we will call him stole the necklace for his good old MA! Just used it against Sucre when he said he could get the $5 Million because before that Bellick didn't look to fussed about that money more the reward just used the necklace to get Sucre.

-- Posted by: Anonymous at April 9, 2007 6:26 AM

Just one little thing everyone is overlooking: I didn't saw Kellerman die.

I saw him talking about smiling in the face of death and then two guys shooting inside a van where he was standing with two guards. I didn't seem him taking a bullet.

With Prison Break, I don't trust someone is dead if I don't see a bullet in their head!

Those masked men might have rescued Kellerman. The Company might have other plans for him, worse then death. Or he might been saved by someone else, he's proven he is anti-Company so if the Company has enemys, they'd like to have Kellerman by their side. The blondie that took LJ might been behind such escape.

I'd sure like to see the man back on season 3. Kellerman and Mahone are great.

I also believe Sucre isn't dead, he might just have collapsed. Maricruz may be dead (to infuriate him) or alive (to give him hope).

If Mahone is away, does the agreement the IA made with C-note holds? Can C-note be brought to prison again? Will the Company hunt him down?

I think he can go, Michael doesn't need him, nobody needs him. He was good but I'm looking forward for new characters.

About SONA: wow! What a place. I can't wait for Season3. And remember one thing: Mahone and Scoffield will be working together on the break out... What a team!!! Oh and Bellick, priceless to see the man in Fox River, priceless to see him rehearsing "Brad Bellick, I'm with the Bureau" and priceless to see him like that in SONA.

If Sucre somehow manages to be alive and contact Michael, or if he dies and Michael feels morally obligated to save MariCruz, Bellick will play the same dance Michael played with Abruzzi (about Fibanacci).

About T-Bag, I hope he is in (or will be moved to) SONA. Michael stabbed his good hand (in the wrist actually), will he be able to use his only hand? Will they give the man a pirate's hook? lol...

-- Posted by: Diogo at April 12, 2007 9:56 AM

That was one hell of a finale. I don't know what is going to happen to anybody, but what I am thinkin is "the company" wanted Michael to be sent to Sona and find a way out because one of the company's important agents got arrested and is inside. Therefore, if Michael can break out, then he cant break a "company" agent out that was unable to get out and the US was unable to make a trade with Sona or Panama to get him out. What you guys think?

-- Posted by: Hasten at April 26, 2007 3:26 PM

Hi guys, my name is Toro and i am fan of prison break. But i am just wondering who killed the second prostitute in season 2 episode 22. Was it T-bag or the two men?

-- Posted by: toro at April 27, 2007 4:13 PM

ok lol sucre is aliv with his wife or wat ever lol, kllerman is in prison he turned himself in whn sara was getting 9 years, do u even watch it lol, yes it was bellick, and that doesnt evenb look like a prison. He walks out of the door and it ends? thats a bit lame

-- Posted by: karl at May 7, 2007 2:00 PM

that all fits perfect:

michael is a gen-or-so-else manipulated breed from the company (always have the military aspect in mind of those guys) michael is like the perfect leader in every kind of everything. so the whole set-up with his brother was just a part of making his real skills active. skills brought to him by the company. probably by his own father and obviously by the OBM.


Michael is send to SONA because thats the first real fieldtest of his "skills".

Fox River was like a warm-up. He had all kind of information he needed to plan the escape. So what about Season 3 - Michael gets into SONA because hes being tested by the Company like you put someone into a blackhole with no kind of information what to do - the only mind you would have is to GET OUT OF THERE - no matter what.

just my 2 cents

-- Posted by: king0rism at July 3, 2007 3:19 PM

My thoughts:

Kellerman is probably alive...the guys who came for him didn't seem as "professional" as the Company is normally...hell, someone could have run another truck into the van to kill everyone...they would only do it that way if they wanted to keep someone alive.

Scofield and his brother, and perhaps a few other characters are genetic cloning experiments. There was a guy near 'Bellick' in SONA that looked just like Lincoln only much larger. I think the plot has to do with changing around human DNA in clones and these guys are all labrats. Being tested to make the perfect soldier...or whatever use they have in mind. Perhaps even trying to make clones that will do exactly as they're programmed (in their DNA) to do.

Sucre....he's exhausted, in no way do I believe he's killed off the show.

-- Posted by: dave at July 5, 2007 12:07 AM

I don't know about all this "Super Michael" stuff... I think he is going to find out who the toughest guy is in this prison and "do" smething for him so that Michael is under his protetion. I know it's cliche, but it' what Michael does best, get people to trust him.

-- Posted by: c at August 18, 2007 12:32 AM

it is possible that all of this stuff is true. Sucre isn't dead, for that to happen they would kill off Maricruz first because once she is dead Sucre will have nothing to live for so he woudl probably kill himself but he isnt dead just yet. As for Sara, i think she gets kidnapped because i have read a source that Sara dissapears for a few episodes. Linc lost her in the crowd so he won't go after her, his main concern is Michael and finding out about Sona. If u watch the last episode the OBM says thats exactly what we want him to do in response to the mans question about michael escaping from sona. They want him to break out of sona so they will be ready when he does and he has no idea so unless Linc can find out about this and get the information to Michael in time, Michael will be caught. Michael won't die until the very end of season 3 if he does because if they kill him off before that they will have ruined the show. Im thinking that Linc will somehow find out about the company's plan and tell Michael so he knows what to expect when he escapes Sona. Mike, Linc, Sara and Mahone im betting will have a face off with the leaders of the company in the end of the season but thats just a guess we will have to wait and find out really.

-- Posted by: Richard at September 6, 2007 3:50 PM

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