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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Sweet Caroline

Jeff is on vacation, so I am jumping in this week. He will return to his regularly scheduled write-ups next week.

If you thought that last week's episode was uneventful, this one will make your head explode...

He's alive -- alive! Of course, C-Note did not die. He didn't even come close. I mean, c'mon -- they couldn't afford some makeup or something that would make him look almost dead?

So C-Note couldn't die right, and he also can't leave very good phone messages. When he called to apologize to Mahone about the not-being-dead thing, he instead left an incriminating message with the agent that has been watching Mahone like a hawk. Nice going C-Note!

Now they want C-Note to turn on Mahone. The agent promised he will get his life back. I wouldn't hold my breath, C-Note!


Amaury Nolasco
Sucre has officially become the black hole of "Prison Break," taking over for C-Note.

He headed out to get cherries for a pregnant, munchie-crazed Maricruz, and when he got back, Bellick was waiting to haul him back to the States and collect the reward. One minute Bellick is in prison getting a beat-down, and the next, he's Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Thankfully, Sucre had just seen T-Bag on TV, running from the airport. He offers to help Bellick find him and the money, in exchange for his freedom.


Robert Knepper
How awesome is it that T-Bag and Bellick ended up on the same flight? Even funnier is that T-Bag beats up yet another guy -- a guy that can load heavy luggage no less -- with his one gimpy arm.

Hey, we've all wanted to do the same at one time or another. Unfortunately, it doesn't get gimpy his bag o' money and he runs out of the airport never to be seen again in this episode.


I am not sure if I am liking the new psycho Kellerman. Just when I was starting to like the guy, I see his whole plotline ending poorly. Whether he was burned by love or is disgruntled about his firing (and the subsequent erasure off the planet thing), Kellerman has decided to kill the president.

He dropped in on his sister, who he had not seen in eons to tell her that he is a good guy and she should remember him that way. I guess he is prepping her for all of the reporters that will be looking for insight after he is caught and/or killed.

After witnessing the longest Presidential parade in the history of parades, he can't focus in on a good shot and then got upstaged by Michael, who had slipped her a note -- and it wasn't a love note from Kellerman. It was the "we have the tape" note.

Michael, Linc, and Sara

Wentworth Miller
Dominic Purcell
Sarah Wayne Callies
After ditching Cooper Green (the real one and the fake one), Michael declared his love for everyone (Sara and Linc being everyone), which hinted that something bad was about to happen. That and that Mahone was scaling the stairs in the hotel at the same moment.

Of course, by the time Mahone reached the hotel room, Sara is the only one left. She should never be left alone! When Mahone came back into the room, I literally jumped. Ha! Well... he can be downright creepy sometimes.

Sara is not such a good actress, so Mahone didn't believe her "we broke up" story. Apparently, Mahone isn't a good actor either; Sara spotted his drug habit and tried to connect with him.

After some chitchat, Sara got a hold of Mahone's gun and headed off to meet Michael. What she didn't realize is that Mahone planned the whole thing; the gun had no bullets, and they tailed her.

Linc goes to his friend for a favor, which turned out to be three plane tickets and a cabin -- and a six-pack for good measure. Yeah -- he won't stick out carrying those. He'd better start chugging!

Michael, in the meantime, managed to make his way to the front of the handshaking line and got to press the flesh with Madame President herself. I am guessing this is harder than getting Police tickets, but hey -- it's TV. We did learn that hanging on to the President's hand and/or passing notes to the President will get a bag put over your head and a meeting with Mr. Kim. The note, of course, let the President know that the tape was out there.

Why is Mr. Kim so scary? He weighs nothing, he does nothing, and he's never killed anyone directly, has he? He's just a weasel, and I really wish Kellerman had ran over him repeatedly in "Bad Blood."

Oh yeah -- he went to a military academy, where I am guessing aside from his training, he spent many nights getting swirlies in the latrines. Just as Kim is about to shoot Michael (yeah, like we believed that was going to happen), the President walks in to have a chat.

For a minute there, it looked like Kim was going to disobey her and kill Michael anyway. Who does he think he is, Kellerman?

After the chat, the President calls Linc and gets to hear -- THE TAPE! Enough was given away to know that Linc was set up, and ew ew ew... not only was Steadman the President's brother, but he was also her LOVER.

She wouldn't sleep with Kellerman (who I think is hot for some reason), but she'd sleep with her brother? He's no Brad Pitt. Did I say ew?

Mr. Kim
Just when this guy couldn't seem like a bigger jerk, he decided to rat on the President before she gives Linc and Michael their pardon. Who was that guy that he was talking to? The head of the Company? The Man of LaMancha? Let me know if you know...

Anyway, Kim sounded like he was willing to jump on board with Kellerman's Presidential killing spree, but then Mr. Clean handed him a file marked SONA.

Apparently the Company knows the President's sickening secret as well, so instead of dealing with all of the drama, she doesn't pardon anyone; she declares that she has cancer and resigns. Wow wee. So now the tape is useless. These guys just can't get a break...

Well, if there was a pardon tonight, there probably wouldn't be an episode next week. And what would Jeff have to come back to? -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on March 6, 2007 12:16 AM
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This was a great episode!!! However you seem to not like the show..What's up with that??

-- Posted by: tilly at March 7, 2007 12:56 PM

Really?? Maybe it's my cynical writing style. I don't think it has the best acting, but I am COMPLETELY addicted to "Prison Break."

-- Posted by: Rachel at March 7, 2007 7:13 PM

Holy crap that was a great ep. And I was shocked and disgusted about the whole sleeping with bro thing. I was like "Did I just hear what I think I heard??? EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

-- Posted by: Cindy at March 8, 2007 7:09 PM

Great write up. Looks like no "Prison Break" next week as "House" will be on in the 8 PM (ET) slot.

Anyway. Loved the episode. The incest angle was way creepy. And it now makes the exchange between Kellerman and Steadman over Kellerman's crush that much more uncomfortable.

If Sucre doesn't know he's going to be double-crossed by Bellick, then he's dumber than anyone could ever guess. I have a feeling that between Bellick, Sucre, and T-Bag; one isn't going to walk away from the encounter.

I guess it's a good thing Linc's buddy got them the tickets out of town. For one, it saves us an episode's worth of the three of them running around Chicago figuring out how to escape.

I don't think any of us 'hardcore' "Prison Break" fans will be happy unless Mr. Kim is in a bag by the end of the season.

See you all in two weeks. Only three episodes left this season.

Lane Garrison Update
He was charged with Vehicular Manslaughter. Bail was set at $100,000. Max sentence is 6y 8m. But Garrison's attorney is reportedly working on a deal with the DA's office.

-- Posted by: Jeff at March 10, 2007 6:59 AM

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