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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Panama

The Recap

(O.W.L.)Wheeler and Sullens (last seen in "Dead Fall") discuss Mahone, establishing that it's been a week since anyone has seen him (see the Mahone section below). They enter an interrogation room, where C-Note awaits. Wheeler introduces Sullens to C-Note. Sullens obviously wants to nab Mahone. But C-Note isn't playing nice. Sullens offers a reduction in sentence from 18 years to 18 months. C-Note is not happy with that offer; believing that Mahone will have him killed if he's still in jail. He insists that the only way he'll survive is to be on the streets looking out for his family. Sullens agrees, offering up witness protection even.

C-Note is still in his cell. Two guards approach and tell him he has a visitor. C-Note wants to know who it is, but the guards don't know (or won't tell him). C-Note begs for them not to take him. But they drag him through the jail anyway. He is pushed through a door, and he sees Mrs. Note, Half Note, and Sullens on the other side. The Note family shares a moment. Mrs. Note asks if it's all true; that they'll be free to start fresh. C-Note confirms the story. Sullens and C-Note talk. The agent hands over the new identity papers. He reinforces the point about making sure that C-Note appears for testimony. C-Note asks about Mahone, and if he'll have to watch his back. Sullens says that he's taking care of Mahone.

The Note family walks through the doors of the jail. But before they go through the last one, C-Note turns back. Mrs. Note asks what's wrong. It's just the sound of the barred door closing that jolted him. They walk off into the world.

Sucre and Bellick

Amaury Nolasco

Wade Williams
Bellick complains to Sucre about only getting the luggage tag from the bag. Sucre says that he tried, but came up short. Bellick threatens to take him back to the States, but Sucre has another idea. After getting Bellick to come close, he grabs his gun. But it turns out that Bellick has stashed Maricruz away in a place known only to him. And she has enough supplies to last about three weeks. After some tense words, B&S agree to work toward getting T-Bag and the money.

(O.W.L.)B&S are asking around about T-Bag. They are now at the Mexican Tourism Bureau, but the clerk has no information. Bellick tries to threaten the man by saying he's with INS. Sucre tells him it won't work of course. Sucre then explains to the clerk that they are on a desperate quest to save Maricruz, and if he finds anything to please call.

Sucre is going over with Bellick all the places they have checked, and so far have come up empty. Bellick's phone rings. It's the clerk from the tourist place. He's calling to tell them that T-Bag has boarded a plane for Panama City.


Robert Knepper
An airline employee examines a baggage claim check. It matches a large bag destined for Bangkok. A man thanks the employee and lugs the bag away. Across the airport, the man stops near T-Bag. He asks our one-handed friend what's inside; "75 pounds of none of your business" is his reply. T-Bag hands over a Jackson to the man, who walks away. He looks up to see Bellick and Sucre not 100 feet away; he scampers in the opposite direction. The unlikely team of Bellick and Sucre give chase, but T-Bag is quickly into a cab which speeds away. Sucre tries to stop the car, or at least get the bag, but is unsuccessful.

(O.W.L.)Shacked up in a Mexico City hotel, T-Bag has employed the services of a professional lady. He's had her dress up like Mrs. Hollander and fetch him drinks, but his pre-paid hour is up. The woman is ready to leave, but T-Bag wants her to stay. He offers more money, but only after they are done. She insists on the money being paid upfront. She tries to leave, but T-Bag stops her. She threatens to scream if he doesn't let her go. But T-Bag, being T-Bag after all, chokes her to death instead.

A maid is cleaning up T-Bag's room. But he's not there. On her way out the maid spots the Mrs. Hollander wig. She steps into the bathroom to find the hooker dead in the tub. She screams. T-Bag emerges from an elevator and makes he way toward the door. But someone has alerted hotel security, who runs outside to gather some policemen. T-Bag nearly makes it to the door, but one of the cops recognizes him and gives chase.

Complete with Panama Hat, T-Bag strides through the hooker district. He shares a look with an armed gentlemen. He then asks the ladies if any speak English. The first does, but has a heavy accent. After checking around some more, he finally finds the right one, asking her to say "good morning teddy bear." He turns back to the pimp, who nods. T-Bag and his new lady friend walk off together.

Mahone and Bill Kim

William Fichtner
One Week Later (after Scofield and Burrows have sailed), and we're in Mahone's basement. He's been taking his work home it would seem. All over the room we see case files, calendars showing who, when, and where for the Fox River Eight, and other paraphernalia from the Chicago field office. Mahone is sitting on the floor, taking it all in. Also prominently shown are pictures of Scofield's tattoos. The calendar of events ends abruptly on June 6. "Where did you go Michael?" he asks no one.

Mahone is examining the tattoo pictures when Lang arrives. He shows her a picture of the "English, Fitz, and Percy" ink. But this picture is not of Scofield's body. It's a line drawing, with an extra triangle on the side. He pulls out another drawing, with another character highlighted (pi). He then explains that these drawings are from Scofield's recovered hard drive. Mahone further explains that each step of the plan was numbered, but with the Greek Alphabet instead of numerals. They look for the omega drawing; a picture of Christ inside a rose with the number 617 running down the stem. Lang and Mahone think the 617 refers to June 17; which is two days from their "now".

Back in the field office; Mahone, Lang, and some other nameless agents work on the tat. They go over many of the Christ-Rose connections. One of the agents is ordered to keep track of what they come up with on a white board. Mahone asks Lang where Wheeler has gone off to. She doesn't know. They continue to discuss the symbol. Mahone watches the ideas as they are written down on the board, and something clicks. He asks for Scofield's file. Inside he finds a form, listing a father of Aldo Burrows (whereabouts unknown) and a mother Christina Rose Scofield (deceased). Mahone orders Mom's grave site investigated, to make sure she's actually buried there. Mahone lets Lang know that Scofield had a ton of information on his drive about Panama. He orders her to check to see if there are any Scofields or Burrowses in Central America.

Lang is back, nothing coming up with regards to C.R. Scofield and Panama. But there are plenty of Christina Roses (or variations). Mahone asks her to cross reference those hits with the 617 number, and to have someone from the embassy pick up any matches. Lang doesn't think that will fly in a foreign country. But Mahone reminds her that the Patriot Act would allow him to "arrest your grandmother for missing a stitch in her macrame".

Mahone's phone rings. As usual when he's working, it's Bill Kim. Traffic, hockey, and asking the same question over and over are Mr. Kim's turn-offs. And he's grown tired of asking about Burrows and Scofield. Mahone reports that The Brothers are in Panama. Kim advises that C-Note is alive and being released. Mr. Kim is calling from a boat dock. The call ends and Mahone glances over at Wheeler's empty desk. He orders Lang to find Agent Wheeler.

Mr. Kim is flanked by a pair of henchmen. One moves to frisk him. The other is holding a small boat. Out in the water is OBM in another boat. Moments later Mr. Kim is in the same boat. He asks (along with us viewers) why they are meeting in this place. OBM says (yes, he speaks) that they needed to be able to speak freely. And this little piece of water is an intelligence gathering device blind-spot for a few hours. Kim tries to kiss ass over Reynolds actions, and the outcome with The Brothers that resulted. OBM is unhappy they are still alive. Kim explains that Mahone has tracked them to Panama. OBM wants to know where exactly in Panama they are located. Kim tells him that they aren't sure yet. OBM asks Kim "How much do you know about Sona?" (the name on that file from last time). Only what he's been cleared to know, replies Kim. OBM ominously says that maybe they need to change their strategy in order to get to The Brothers.

Wheeler is on the phone with Sullens. He's not happy about having to go back to work. He thinks that Mahone will "read" him and figure out what is going on. Sullens assures him everything will be fine, if he can just act normal for a while. Wheeler exits his car, only to be confronted by Mahone in the parking garage. They exchange words about trust and loyalty. Mahone figures out that Wheeler may have wanted to be "caught". In order to be noticed by Mahone. Wheeler goes over Mahone's mis-steps with Shales and the Fox River Eight. Mahone tells Wheeler not to be scared into doing the wrong thing. He then tells Wheeler that there is only one way to clean up his current mess, and walks away.

Mahone is face-to-face with a picture of Scofield from his basement. He then starts ripping the papers from the walls, stuffing them in trash bags. His fax machine beeps, but he doesn't hear it. He surveys the empty walls, and turns to leave. But Mr. Kim is coming down the stairs. Mahone threatens Kim; telling him that he'd kill him if it would give him an ounce of peace. Mahone then explains that he's been going because he thought there was an end in sight for his troubles. But now, not so much. Kim offers that there still might be away out. Mahone responds that it's "the same offer you made when you dragged me into this you little bastard". He laments the coming criminal trial that will lodged against him. But Kim says that he can help Mahone get away, even if he can't erase the evidence. He explains that T-Bag has been spotted, and they want him apprehended alive. Kim sends him to Panama.

Mahone's phone is ringing again. He's still in his basement, head down. Lang is on the line, she wants to know why there are a bunch of suits going through his office. He tells her he'll explain later. She then asks if he saw the fax she sent. He takes it from the printer, finding records for a boat.

Sitting in an airport, Mahone is also using an Internet phone. He's also logged on to the EGF website. He's been posing as Sucre the whole time. Luring Scofield into his trap.

Michael, Lincoln, and Sara

Wentworth Miller

Dominic Purcell

Sarah Wayne Callies
A horn sounds as we see a freighter alongside at one of Chicago's many commercial ports. The Brothers walk toward the gangway, Linc mentions that the ship will be departing in just ten minutes. Scofield laments that they are on the run again; so soon after thinking their lives would regain some normalcy. Linc is upbeat, he is satisfied that Reynolds stepping down was due in large part to them and their efforts. He tries to lift Michael's spirits by telling him that he only promised to break Linc out of Fox River. On a road leading to the port, Sara receives a call from Michael. He wants her to get to the ship; apologizing again for getting her involved in the escape. She agrees and makes toward the port. Trailing, Lang places a call to Mahone with Sara's position.

On the ship Michael is worried that Sara hasn't arrived yet. In the stolen car Sara spots her FBI tail. She drives around a bit, finally stopping near a donut shop. Michael calls again, asking where she is. She looks around at the situation and lies to him. Telling him that she's already on-board, and will come up to the deck to meet them. Steeling herself, Sara emerges from the car with her hands up. Lang approaches and places her into custody. Mahone arrives, asking where Scofield is. Sara says she doesn't know. The ship has left port, but Sara is not on-board. On the shore Michael sees police cars moving, thinking it is for Sara. Sara tells Mahone that she was just out for donuts. He goes nuts, ordering her locked up. The ship steams out of port, Micheal is devastated.

(O.W.L.)The Brothers walk away from the freighter, and toward the freedom of Panama. But first, they have to do one more thing. And we are shown the Christ In A Rose tattoo on Michael's arm.

Bouncing across the countryside in a bus, The Brothers are silent. Then Linc chimes in that the last time he was on a bus like this one, it was to go to Fox River. But Michael is depressed. Linc tries to cheer him up, but it's no use. Michael's down about Sara.

The Brothers wait in a shop for the elderly woman behind the register to be free. Scofield approaches Mrs. Vasquez. But he is late according to her. She asks about Linc, he's a business associate Scofield explains. She hands over some papers related to "Christina Rose" and The Brothers begin to leave. But Michael needs to do one more thing. He sends Linc out, and he goes back to ask Mrs. Vasquez for a phone. He dials the rotary phone, asking the operator for a line to the US. But before he can complete the call, Linc hangs up for him. Finding Sara will only get them caught he argues. Michael sulks away.

The Brothers walk through the Panamanian jungle. Linc tells Michael to remember that Sara was not forced into this situation. They exchange words over the people who have been killed as a result of their escape. And that T-Bag is on the loose because of them. Linc says that maybe Michael should have let them kill him instead of concocting this plan. They scuffle and roll down a small hill. Linc and Michael make up over a discussion about why Veronica's death is different from Sara's ruined life. That Veronica didn't have a choice in her fate.

Michael and Lincoln walk down a beach, wondering when their lives last made sense. But they are stopped short by a something in the distance. "There she is," says Michael.

They walk out on a floating dock toward a two-masted sailboat, the "Christina Rose". "Where to?" asks Linc. "Anywhere we want," replies Michael.

Still at dock, Michael unlocks the boat's cabin. 617 is the combination. Luckily for him he's stashed an Internet capable phone on-board, AND there's service way out wherever they are. There is no news on Sara's arrest yet. But he did find a couple of messages from C-Note and one from Sucre on European Gold Finch. They are happy to know that Sucre is still at large. Michael reads the message. Sucre tells that he is on T-Bag's trail. And it leads to Panama City. Michael wants to go after T-Bag, in order to get him off the streets. Linc wants to just call the cops. But Panama doesn't extradite, so it wouldn't do any good. Michael's still intent on going. Linc thinks that he's talked him out of it though. Michael replies to Sucre's post that he's in for the job.

Below decks Linc unpacks some tequila and other booze. He emerges topside to talk to Michael. But he's not there. Linc yells his name and looks around for him. He's nowhere to be seen.

The Review
Where to start? Mahone, I think, is very close to Kellerman territory now. He's an agent still, but he's so very close to going rogue. Maybe he'll meet Scofield and try to kill him. Or he'll "join up" and sail off drinking margaritas. Or maybe he'll just blow himself away after spilling the beans to Michael. Who knows at this point? That guy is on the edge.

Sara gave herself up to save Michael. How sweet. One wonders now just how Scofield is going to get her out of this one from thousands of miles away. Especially when he doesn't even know her status just yet.

Then there's B&S. Won't they be surprised to find Scofield closing in on T-Bag next week? And with Mahone joining the hunt it should make for quite an interesting episode.

Posted by Jeff on March 19, 2007 11:51 PM
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Umm... Did Scofield really need to tattoo Christ in a Rose to remember his mother's name? Couldn't he just have tattooed "617"?

-- Posted by: Connie at March 20, 2007 6:25 PM

PB just got renewed for a 3rd season! Does this mean a love interest for Linc? :D

-- Posted by: Connie at March 21, 2007 2:30 PM

I think he tattooed it just to remember the connection between the boat and the number. "617" by itself could easily be forgotten.

-- Posted by: Matt at March 22, 2007 2:18 AM

Great review again Jeff. Thanks for posting that, Connie.

Another season? I am very excited about that, but they are losing a lot of cast this season! Like I will be very pissed if C-Note shows up again... let the man go take care of his family already!

Also, if Mr. Kim lives through this season, I will have to hunt him down myself. The previews show Kellerman holding a gun to his own head... NOOOOOO!

Ok... this episode. T-Bag is just so creepy. I can't believe he can still kill people with his one arm.

So excited to see the last episodes of the season. I have no clue what is going to happen!!

-- Posted by: Rachel at March 22, 2007 11:20 PM

I am so excited about tonights epp.
I read more than half of the cast will be back.. & that maybe one bro. won't make it.. It will be hard to write another season that will keep us glued to the tv..

-- Posted by: tilly at March 26, 2007 5:48 PM

i love dis epi i luved da fight i mean it was about time they fought each other it was bound to happen anywayz

-- Posted by: naenae at April 6, 2007 8:56 AM

i wuv dis epi i luved da fite it was awsome hey did anybody like the role reversal i neva new that linc could be positive its a shame to see mike so down i loved the fite if you can call it that i call it 'when the goin gets tough the brothers roll down a hill'

-- Posted by: naenae at April 6, 2007 9:00 AM

i wuv dis epi i luved da fite it was awsome hey did anybody like the role reversal i neva new that linc could be positive its a shame to see mike so down i loved the fite if you can call it that i call it 'when the goin gets tough the brothers roll down a hill'

-- Posted by: naenae at April 6, 2007 9:00 AM

hey guys u know wat, i've watch all the complete episodes in season 2.I'll luv to know wat will happen to scofield in mexican jail, wat is going to happen to Dr.Sara and his brother. Althought T-Bag is my best sTar but i'll stll want to knw wat would gonna happens to him?

-- Posted by: Abubz` at April 22, 2007 5:42 PM

jst lyk what every body is wondering..."Whats going to happen to Micheal" is he planning something or is Linc planning to get him out!

-- Posted by: Umar Farouk at May 22, 2007 10:24 PM

i have watched the complete season of 1 and 2..all i can is, its the best tv series i've watched. i loved the story and every episodes is so anticipating.everybody, shouldn't missed every scenes..i know michael will have his way out...of course!

-- Posted by: lei at June 6, 2007 4:58 PM

i just love wentworth... when is the third season coming up? i can't wait

-- Posted by: anne at July 7, 2007 8:23 AM

The most interesting part I can still rememmber from the life time through such circumstances in the prison before escaping.What are incredible they are!

-- Posted by: Enoch Soba at May 22, 2009 3:45 AM

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