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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Fin Del Camino

The Recap
Sara and Kellerman

Sarah Wayne Callies
As we're told by a radio news reader, the third day of Sara's trial is under-way. The defense is about to start presenting its case. Starting with the tape made by Scofield and Linc just a few episodes ago. The prosecution, as expected, objects. After legal arguments are tossed back and forth, the judge allows the tape to be played. Michael's face appears on a TV screen.

In a hotel room we see an Army Ranger uniform laid out on the bed. The name tag reads "Kellerman". Our conflicted Secret Service agent is sitting in a chair polishing a ring. He's obviously been at this awhile; making sure that everything is presentable. He's laid out his formal medals on the desk. Once he's satisfied that the ring is clean enough, he turns his attention to his service automatic.

Now dressed in his uniform, Kellerman sits down at the desk. He's composed a letter and is trying to address an envelope. The first one is not right for some reason and he angrily crumples it up and throws it away. The second one is fine, with just the name Kristine Kellerman on it. He places it on the open medal boxes. He checks himself in the mirror. Then he hefts the automatic; loading a single round into the chamber. He stands at attention, the gun goes to his temple, and the trigger is pulled. Kristine is talking to some of her eco-nauts when an aide rushes into the room. "It's your brother," the aide says. Kristine picks up the phone.

We see Kellerman's hand on the gun, it is touching the carpet. The hotel room door opens and Kristine enters. She see him slumped in the chair. He's not dead. He then tells her that this is only the second time a gun has ever jammed on him. The first was during training for the first Gulf war. And that his commander told him that a jammed weapon in the field was akin to suicide. Kristine takes the gun from him and sets it aside. They then talk about what is going on. And that he now has a second chance at life; a new start.

Sara's lawyer presents her with a plea deal. It's for twelve years. Sara thinks the jury will be sympathetic based on Scofield's recorded statement. But the lawyer reminds her that he's a convicted felon. He also reminds her that the prosecution is looking to put someone, anyone, away in connection with the Fox River escape.

Sara enters the courtroom. The bailiff removes her cuffs and she sits with her lawyer. He explains to her about allocution and what is expected of her in a few minutes. But before they can start, the other lawyer rushes to the table. A witness has come forward that can corroborate everything she has said. She asks who. Through the door strides Kellerman. Sara is obviously stunned.

Scofield, Linc, Sucre, Bellick, T-Bag, and Mahone

Wentworth Miller

Dominic Purcell

Amaury Nolasco

Wade Williams

Robert Knepper

William Fichtner
Picking up exactly where we left off last week, Linc is calling for Michael from the Christina Rose. He then runs (like a girl) down the doc. He jogs back to the boat and finds Michael's Blackberry, and the message from "Sucre" about T-Bag. He scowls at the wind. In Panama City, T-Bag is playing the old "toss cards in a hat" game. He checks the window and paces across his hotel room. On the table is a scrap of paper with an address. After a second he decides to take a look from the veranda. Emerging into the daylight he surveys the scene. Unbeknownst to him, Scofield is lurking below. When Scofield sees T-Bag he flashes back to all the horrible things that T-Bag did (or was responsible for) back in Fox River and while on the run. Things like T-Bag's first boyfriend hanging himself. Or T-Bag holding the desperate housewife at screwdriver-point. He watches T-Bag from below. But before long he sees T-Bag eying a pair of guys sitting at a near-by table. Scofield sees them too, and isn't happy about them. They're out of place and he's suspicious. Scofield surveys the scene himself and spots some local boys playing futbol and a trash can. T-Bag eventually adjourns back into his hotel room. Speeding in a taxi across a beach road we see Mahone. He is on the phone to his ex-wife. He talks to her about him leaving the Bureau and going back to a normal life. And that today is the day he'll be taking that step. What he wants to know is if they could have a future together, him and his estranged family, if he ditches the FBI. His wife replies, "I'm not saying no." After hanging up, and with a smile on his face, Mahone dials up the two guys outside of T-Bag's hotel. They are in position, for whatever it is Mahone wants them to do. Skinny Fed starts to talk to Husky Fed, but a loud noise, like gunfire erupts around them. They both reach for their ankle holsters. But it's just some kids dropping a string of firecrackers into a, wait for it, trash can. Scofield looks on in amusement at having "made" the Feds. A kid walks up to Scofield, who pays him for his services. Scofield then walks away to brood or something. Before too long he runs into Sucre. And then Bellick. Brad gives Michael some crap over being in town to nab the cash. But Scofield insists he's just trying to make sure that T-Bag is taken into custody. Sucre asks Michael how he knew T-Bag was around, and then they go around and around about the posting on the Finch website. Before too long they've deduced that they've been set up. After some posturing and threats from Bellick the three of them decide that they need to work together in order to get what they want.

"I'm going to kill him," utters Sucre while picking at a roll of duct tape. Scofield tries to talk him out it; that he's got a good thing going if he just lets things go. But Sucre is committed to ending Bellick after he gives up Maricruz's position. Scofield tells him that he'll leave if Sucre continues. The Feds are still watching the hotel. T-Bag is still tossing cards into his Panama hat. But Bellick decides to wake them from their reverie by pulling the fire alarm. Hotel guests rush out of the building. T-Bag and the Feds are puzzled. T-Bag grabs the address, his hat, a gun, and the bag of cash. He makes for the exit. Bellick joins up with Scofield and Sucre just around the corner. T-Bag emerges and walks in the other direction. The Feds rise and follow. The T-Bag train makes it way down a crowded Panamanian street. Just when you thought the train was as long as it could get, good old Mahone takes up the rear. His hand moves toward his weapon. But before he can make a move, Linc appears out of nowhere and tackles Mahone. They roll into a room, the gun slides across the floor. Mahone and Linc circle each other.

They fight and fight (and fight and fight and fight, it's the Lincie and Mahoney Show). Linc finds Mahone's bullet wound and presses hard. Mahone releases his head-lock on Linc. Linc spins away and grabs the gun. He stares down at Mahone, and orders him to give up his handcuffs. T-Bag nervously arrives at his destination. The Feds decide to wait outside. T-Bag ascends the stairs inside. Bellick walks past the Feds, and then stops and turns. He pretends to be a lost American tourist. The Feds aren't happy to be bothered and rudely suggest that Bellick find somewhere else to be. They turn away only to be held at gun-point by Sucre and Scofield. Bellick takes the Feds' ankle pieces. He then takes the gun back from Sucre, and re-inserts the magazine. Scofield orders everyone to walk down the alley.

Sucre pulls the Feds' passports from their pockets and hands them over to Scofield. But Scofield doesn't think they're actually Feds. That if they were they'd be going after T-Bag and the money. The Company Goons (why not?) are impassive. Bellick orders Sucre to secure the Company Goons. He obliges and wraps their wrists with duct tape around a convenient fence pole. Scofield asks them what they are doing there and what they want. Husky Company Goon gives Scofield a look of "yeah right". Scofield is spooked. The Trio leaves the Company Goons in the alley to follow T-Bag into the building. They make their way up the stairs and through a maze of newly drywalled hallways. Bellick calls out for T-Bag. They come to a door, and hear T-Bag saying he doesn't want any trouble. Inside the room T-Bag puts his gun in the air. He offers to make a deal. Bellick calls for his gun; which T-Bag slides over. Bellick asks for the cash next. Sirens are heard in the distance. Bellick again asks for the money. It's in the next room. Bellick orders T-Bag to get it, but he wants Bellick to go instead. T-Bag doesn't budge. Bellick then orders Sucre to get the money. Behind the door is a murdered woman. Sucre calls for the others to see. T-Bag takes the opportunity to escape through the fire escape. The room is a trap. They can't get through the fire door, and the entry door handle comes off in Sucre's hand. The police have arrived.

The police storm the building. Between Scofield and Bellick, they force the fire door open. Bellick sees T-Bag down on the street. He orders him to freeze. But T-Bag fires first, hitting Bellick in the thigh. He slumps down in agony. T-Bag darts away. Scofield and Sucre head down after him. T-Bag looks back, and is hit by a car for his trouble. Scofield points his gun and Sucre grabs the money bag. The police apprehend Bellick. Scofield, T-Bag, and Sucre slink away. Once safely away from the authorities they stop for a few minutes. T-Bag proposes that the three of them split the cash and go their separate ways. Scofield asks Sucre to go get them a car. Scofield then interrogates T-Bag about the set up. T-Bag reveals that he has some information that Scofield would want to know. But of course T-Bag wants to be set free in exchange for the information. Scofield declines the offer. Sucre secures transportation.

Scofield puts T-Bag in the car with the money. He has Scure sit in the back with T-Bag. The plan is to drop T-Bag off at the embassy for deportation. Then they will find Bellick. T-Bag continues to plead that Scofield needs to know what he knows.

Holed up in a warehouse, Mahone is sitting down and Linc is holding a phone. It appears that a message was sent to Scofield, but he hasn't answered yet. Mahone is hopeful, for some reason, that Scofield makes it back to the boat. Linc teases him, telling him that he looks strung out and at the end of his rope. He then tells Mahone that he and his brother "don't quit for no one". Mahone retorts that it's guys like Linc that keep him in the business he's in. Or, as he corrects himself, "kept" him in business. Linc predicts bad things ahead for Mahone. That he can read his eyes and know the FBI agent has been beaten. Scofield, Sucre, and T-Bag motor toward the US Embassy. Sucre is nervous. T-Bag spots some tools on the floor, he surreptitiously acquires a screw driver. Scofield tells Sucre that the plan is to bind T-Bag, drop him off near the embassy, and then call in to report T-Bag's location. Sucre is still stressed out about Maricruz, he begins to get hot under the collar. Scofield asks him to remain calm. T-Bag uses the opportunity to plunge the screw driver into Sucre's shoulder. He then tries to impale Scofield, but misses. Scofield losses control of the car and they crash and roll down a hill.

Scofield emerges from the wreck. A driver stops on the road above. Scofield asks him to call for an ambulance. He drags Sucre out of the car and tends to his wound. T-Bag slinks out, takes the bag, and disappears into the woods. Sucre implores Scofield to go after him. Scofield calls the by-stander to help Sucre, and then runs into the woods. T-Bag emerges into a clearing, and finds a vacant house. Inside he secures a knife. Scofield is not far behind. Scofield enters the house. T-Bag points the knife. They engage in some verbal sparring about the fate each has in store for the other. T-Bag's plan for Michael is particularly gruesome. Scofield finds a bottle, and breaks it to make a weapon. They fight, no one lands a blow with their cutting weapon. Eventually Scofield tackles T-Bag and his knife goes sliding across the floor. Scofield sits on T-Bag and pushes the knife near his face. T-Bag laughs, knowing that Scofield isn't a killer. Scofield reels back, and stabs the knife into T-Bag. He screams.

The Panamanian police slog through the woods looking for T-Bag and Scofield. They hear distant screams. Eventually coming upon the house. Inside they find T-Bag, on the floor, the knife through his good wrist. His prosthetic hand unable to remove it. Scofield walks confidently up the dock toward the Christina Rose. He hefts the five million dollars into the boat and calls for Linc. But of course there is no answer. He produces a satellite phone and places a call to directory assistance. He wants to find Sucre and is going to try calling all the local hospitals. But before he can begin, call waiting beeps in; it's Linc. He hangs up with the operator. Linc immediately apologizes to Michael. Mahone takes the phone from Linc. Scofield threatens Mahone, but he's not worried about being killed by Scofield. We're then shown a flashback to when Linc ordered Mahone to give up his cuffs. Mahone feints and kicks out Linc's knee. He then grabs the gun and cuffs Linc to a near-by pipe. Mahone doesn't want anything as grandiose as an arrest or anything. He just wants the money and the boat; in exchange for Linc's life. Mahone gives Scofield five minutes to make his decision, and hangs up.

The Review
Ho-lee-crap. First off, what a different way to show the stories this week eh? We're used to seeing the different players on their own or in much smaller groupings. But this time we get essentially just two story lines, while involving everyone who still matters. Brilliant.

Of course Scofield will give up the boat and the money for Linc. If he doesn't there's no point to this entire series. But also of course, he'll have a plan to get it all back. And he'll have to help Sucre get to Bellick and then to Maricruz. And eventually get Sara back into his life. With hopefully a crowning "whack" of Mr. Bill Kim to wrap up the season with a little bow.

And how about our friend Paul Kellerman? Way to turn it all the way around dude. He doesn't even appear to hold any ill will against Sara. The one who left him out in the cold with Mr. Kim in hot pursuit.

Which leaves us with the possibility that the Christina Rose will sail away with the brothers Burrows, Sara, Kellerman, Scure, and Maricruz when the credits roll next week. It should be a great episode.

On another note, not only was this the penultimate episode of season two of "Prison Break"; it is also the penultimate review/recap that I will be doing. A change in my work schedule has made it such that continuing much beyond next week with a regular Fodder posting would be difficult at best. However, Mac has asked that I remain around to fill-in and contribute in other ways whenever possible; to which I have agreed. If you'd like to take over Prison Break Fodder for season three, please get in touch with Mac and let him know.

Until next week...

Posted by Jeff on March 26, 2007 11:58 PM
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Blah! I am so sad Jeff... I hope at least you will keep commenting on the episodes. I enjoy your recaps!!

Sadness aside... holy crap is right! This was a great episode. I love how everyone came back into each others' lives.

Kellerman killing himself? I would have been so bummed. I think it was a little cheesy that his gun didn't fire, but whatever. I think it's great that he is helping Sara. I am guessing she will forgive him now. I can't wait to see what comes out of that whole deal.

Michael pinning T-Bag's one good hand? Wow. That was friggin awesome.

I am worried about Sucre not finding Maricruz. It just seems like he doesn't have a whole lot of time...

Judging by next week's preview, one of the brothers gets shot by Mr. Kim. Although I am hoping that someone will come out from behind and shoot Kim first. That would be a nice end to the season. Of course, I am guessing it will be a cliffhanger.

And is this it for T-Bag? It looks like he has disappointed the Company, which could mean bye-bye for him. Or he could go back to jail. But how could they have a season 3 with just Linc and Michael on the run?

I think we are going to be left with a lot of unanswered questions next week....

-- Posted by: Rachel at March 28, 2007 8:37 PM

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