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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Wash

The Recap

Amaury Nolasco
An old beater truck ambles through some trees, stopping in front of a farm house. Sucre and Maricruz disembark from the tailgate. Sucre runs over to a pen of "Llamas". His aunt then comes out to greet them. The reunion is sweet, and Auntie offers them shelter.

Finally, Sucre has some time with his Maricruz. As they bask in the afterglow of pre-baby loving they feel it kick. Sucre declares that he'll have a soccer ball in his hands once he's born. But Maricruz wants him to have books. They agree to give him books about soccer. They then revel in their sense of security out in the middle of nowhere.


Standing in an alley, Kellerman is meeting with a local scuzzball. The scuzzball produces a rifle from the trunk of his car. Kellerman hefts the weapon while scuzzball runs down the specifications. Kellerman decides that he'll purchase the gun. He passes scuzzball a wad of cash, and asks for the case as well. Scuzzball reveals that the gun has been modified to frustrate law enforcement. Kellerman pulls his pistol, and takes down the scuzzball.

Sitting in a car, Kellerman listens to the radio. The news is reporting on the upcoming speech from President Reynolds. He fondles a bullet. Next we see a middle-aged woman admonishing a younger man about using both sides of a pad of paper. She's big into recycling it would appear. She even says "we use all of the buffalo, okay?" In the doorway, Kellerman corrects her, saying that the Native American as conservationist is a myth created by "white liberal guilt". The woman is Kellerman's sister Christine. They discuss their parents. Dad was dead to Kellerman long before he shuffled off his mortal coil. And mom is "insane" according to Kellerman. Turns out that Kellerman left home some time ago, leave 10 year old Christine to fend for herself. He then tells her that he's been changed, in a bad way. And that he's going to do something, has to do something, that will be seen as horrible by most people. He says good-bye.

A crowd has gathered around the hotel where Reynolds will be speaking. We see police and Secret Service all over the place. On top of a building an agent is standing guard. He hears Kellerman approach and draws his weapon. Kellerman flashes his badge and tells the agent about some threat that needs his attention. When the agent starts to leave, Kellerman pops him in the chest.

After getting the agent's radio, Kellerman can now hear everything going on with the security detail. He loads his rifle. The President is two minutes out.


Robert Knepper
In Birmingham, T-Bag is looking over a wall covered in diplomas and certificates. He's going by the name "Mr. Webster". He is in a psychiatrist's office. He tells the doctor that he's got a few things he needs to get off his chest.

T-Bag is crying across from the shrink. He's been pouring out his heart. Even going so far as to tell the doc that he hadn't planned on even talking to him. The shrink is confused, he asks why T-Bag came in if he wasn't planning on talking. T-Bag explains that he saw an ad for the man's practice at a bus stop. Turns out they look very much alike. T-Bag stands and grasps the modern art statue near-by. He hauls back and strikes the poor psychiatrist; blood sprays across a coffee cup.

T-Bag, dressed as Dr. Stammel asks for a ticket to Bangkok. But there is no flight until the next morning. However, if he's willing to fly through Chicago, and another international stop he can get moving today. He wants to take the first available. A porter grabs his bag to check it. T-Bag pulls it away, and some of the cash spills out. He argues with the porter over why he can't take the heavy bag on-board. After being informed that it is an FAA violation, T-Bag relents. He watches $5 Million slowly creep down the baggage conveyor. The porter promises that the bag will be safe.

Michael, Linc, and Sara

Wentworth Miller
Dominic Purcell
Sarah Wayne Callies
We open on the wavy lines of audio output. But we viewers are not made privy to the contents of "The Tape". Concerned looks are shared by Linc, Michael, and Sara.

The Trio conclude that if they give The Tape over to the press it will be discredited and suppressed just like their previous attempt to undermine the conspiracy. They decide that they need someone on the inside they can trust. And their only route to such a person is Jane Phillips; the woman who was working with Aldo Burrows and is now watching over LJ.

In Washington a phone rings. LJ picks up, with Linc on the other end. They talk a little, sharing another Linc-LJ Moment. LJ tells him that he just wants everything to be normal again, but under a new identity he's doing okay. You can actually see Linc's heart break. He then asks to speak to Jane.

After a brief conversation, Jane has given Linc a name. Former Deputy Attorney General Cooper Green; he's a good friend of Aldo and will help if they can find him. Scofield asks about LJ. Linc only says that "he's all right". They place a call to Green's office. The receptionist attempts to track him down at the mention of Scofield's name. Green answers his phone. A meeting is arranged at a local park. Scofield and Linc will be running this operation, while Sara stays behind.

Sara finds her father's grave site. A man approaches. It is Bruce, the man who betrayed Sara while she was on the run. She lets loose on the man, but with much less furor than she used on Kellerman.

Cooper Green stands near a statue of an elephant in the park. He's wearing the blue suit and red tie Scofield asked for. A payphone rings. Linc is on the other line, he's watching from a window near-by. He directs Green to put his jacket in the trash, and then get across the park in four minutes. As expected, a pair of goons is in trail. Linc calls Scofield to inform him of the tail. Scofield's phone is running low on battery. The next pay phone rings, a vagrant answers, but Green pushes him out of the way. Linc directs him into the park's fountain. The goons watch as their charge soaks himself. They deduce that The Brothers want any microphones defeated. A dripping Former Deputy Attorney General slogs his way along the sidewalk. A kid comes up and offers him a mobile phone. He's not interested, but the kid tells him that he's not selling it. He was given $20 to deliver it to the first wet guy he saw. It rings, Green answers. Linc orders him into the museum across the way. Green protests, but Linc is adamant. One of the goons' phone rings. Mr. Kim (still bruised) asks about their progress. He slams the phone down, and picks up a cell.

Green is still on the phone with Linc. Linc sends him through the museum, and through an underground tunnel to another building. Eventually he's led to Scofield. Bruce and Sara walk up to Cooper Green's receptionist. They ask to see Mr. Green. A man emerges from an office, he knows Bruce. Sara asks Green if he's met with Scofield and Burrows, but he says that he did not. "Green" finds Scofield behind a box. Sara frantically makes a call to Linc, telling him that the man Scofield met with is not Cooper Green. Linc sprints across the park. "Green" wants to move quickly, to get The Tape in the right hands. Scofield asks who they will take it to, "Green" says a federal judge; Scott Warren. This judge was appointed by the previous administration. "Green" tries to move quickly again. But Scofield says he's setting up the meeting. "Green" protests further, including a story about being asthmatic. Linc arrives at the room, but finds it empty. Scofield asks "Green" about which medicine he takes for his asthma. It's another test. "Green" answers Cortizaide. They walk again, but Scofield slams "Green" into a wall just as Linc emerges from the building (It would see that "Cortizaide" is a non-existent medication).

Scofield deduces that it was the receptionist who tipped off the Company. There is a knock at the door. Scofield checks the peephole to find Sara and the real Cooper Green outside. He opens the door, and is introduced.

Green has listened to The Tape. He's just as impressed by the contents as everyone else. He takes down some information from the USB key in order to start a chain of custody for the evidence. But he sees that the date stamp is wrong. It's not something that could be used in a court of law.

However, and he's not saying anyone should do such a thing, it could be used outside of the law to blackmail someone. Maybe someone like President Reynolds. The Brothers formulate a plan to get Reynolds to give them a full pardon, signed by her own hand.

Mahone, C-Note, and Bellick

William Fichtner
Wade Williams
"Patoshik dead," says Mahone as he puts another X on the board. He also announces to the staff that C-Note is in custody and is helping with the investigation. Wheeler asks another dumb question and is rewarded with the red marker. Only Burrows, Scofield, Bagwell, and Sucre are still at-large. Lang advises that Sucre was spotted in the airport in Ixtapa. But before they can take that thread any further, Bellick appears at the door. Mahone takes him into his office. Bellick is here for the reward for apprehending Haywire. Mahone, as we would expect, is not pleased. Bellick threatens to make noise if Mahone doesn't produce the reward. Mahone pins Bellick's legs. He then explains that he'll get the money, but there's paperwork involved. And if he ever shows up at the office again he'll "never see another sunrise". After releasing him, Mahone shows Bellick the report from Ixtapa and asks if he's ever been to Mexico.

We see the message board for European Goldfinch, and a message from C-Note to Scofield. Mahone and C-Note are in a holding room at a jail. Mahone is disappointed that Scofield has yet to respond to any of C-Note's three messages. C-Note and Mahone go around over how best to contact Scofield. Mahone threatens Mrs. Note and Half Note.

Once more to Fox River. Manche, Sucre's cousin who didn't make it over the wall, is led into an interview room. Inside is Bellick. Manche advises Bellick that he's no longer afraid of anyone. He's made arrangements with all the top inmates, in exchange for protection. Bellick crowds him, and then starts showing him photos of a TV, pools tables, and other diversions. Bellick offers him residence at the Kankakee Minimum Security Unit.

Mahone's phone rings, Mr. Kim is calling. He tells Mahone to get to Ebert Park; he's got people closing in on The Brothers. Mahone questions why The Brothers are back in Chicago. But Kim insists that he should not ask why, but instead should just go get them. But before he can take care of that, Kim orders C-Note's demise. Mahone enters the holding room. C-Note advises that there has still been no word from Scofield. Mahone, going all emotional again, basically praises C-Note's choices over the last few weeks. At least with regard to his family. He then tells C-Note that they're getting close to Scofield, and C-Note figures out that he won't be needed anymore. Mahone promises C-Note that he'll keep up the end of their deal, but C-Note has to do something. He'll get a package in his cell. And he should "use it". Mahone does not elaborate about the contents of the package. Mahone tells him that he should use it, or he'll wish he had.

"Green", the goons, and Mahone are at Ebert Park. Mahone asks if it was Scofield's idea to meet at the park. He walks away and calls Kim. Mahone runs down the scenario for Mr. Kim, but Kim tries to throw him off. Mahone though sees that Linc is probably innocent. Kim tells him that "no one is truly innocent". Mahone hangs up.

An inmate pushes a book cart through the cell block. He drops off a book at each cell. But when he reaches C-Note's cell, he instead passes over a small cardboard box. C-Note opens it to find a noose inside.

Bellick is wedged into the coach cabin of a flight to Mexico. He asks the flight attendant for a meal, but she can only offer him pretzels. She begrudgingly takes his order and promises to be back in a few minutes. As she make her way forward through the first class cabin Dr. Stammel asks for a refill on his champagne. She smiles and makes her way to fill the order.

Back in the holding room, C-Note is talking to Mrs. Note. He's crying. He tells her a story about when Half Note was younger and he put it off until after the game. And he yelled at her when she wouldn't be quiet. Mrs. Note doesn't understand why he's still upset about such an old event. He pleads to Mrs. Note to tell Half Note everyday that he loves her. She's concerned. A guard comes in and tells her that she has to go.

Mahone runs his fingers through the fountain water. He looks at a map of the park. He asks "Green" about the various locations he was sent to. Mahone puts it together and figures out that The Brothers were watching. And from where.

Mahone enters the lobby and asks the desk clerk about The Brothers and Sara. She recognizes Sara and directs him to room 1006.

C-Note stands on his bed, the rope tied to the ceiling above. He puts the loop around his neck, says "I love you", and leans forward.

The Review
Usually I try to write this as if I hadn't seen the "Next Week" preview. But this time it's for real. I have no idea what is going to happen next week.

The Sucre and T-Bag stories this week were nothing. Though it's not hard to figure out that T-Bag will arrive in Bangkok penniless. That is, if he arrives at all. Will Bellick see him as he gets off the plane in Mexico? If he does, how does that affect his pursuit of Sucre. Actually, now that I think about it, that would be a pretty cool twist. DB Cooper's stolen money, once buried for 30 years in Tooele, Utah, ends up in an unclaimed baggage office in Bangkok, Thailand.

I figured that getting to Reynolds was on Kellerman's To Do list, but I didn't figure it to be at #1. That spot, I thought, would have belonged to Sara and The Brothers for leaving him out of their escape last week. But I guess that he figures this is the one grand gesture he can do in order to redeem himself. He helped put Reynolds into the Oval Office by any number of nefarious means. So taking her out like this is only fitting.

Too bad about C-Note. This is probably about the only way his story could end without making Mahone completely unlikeable (more on that below). C-Note is dead (presumably), and his family is safe-and-sound. Both of their missions are accomplished.

Mahone, I think, has officially flipped. He couldn't bear to have to kill C-Note. He is now sure that Linc is innocent of the charges against him. Put that together with his hatred for Bill Kim and I think that Mahone is racing up those stairs to help our heroes any way he can. Then again, I've been saying that for about half the season now.

Let me get this straight. The Brothers are going to try and get through the Secret Service in order to blackmail President Reynolds, to her face. Is that right? Where exactly is that plan on Scofield's tattoo? This ought to be good.

Next Week: While the rest of you are enjoying episode 19, "Sweet Caroline", I will (probably) be throwing away hard earned money at the casino aboard Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas as she plies the waters between Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Thus, our good friend Rachel will be keeping tabs on the Fox River Four next week.

Posted by Jeff on February 27, 2007 7:07 AM
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i really wanted sara n micheal 2 be 2gether in this film!

-- Posted by: zak at October 10, 2007 6:47 AM

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