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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Chicago

The Recap

C-Note and Half Note are eating lunch at a diner. Half Note is not eating. C-Note tries some enticements. It turns out she's not feeling well. After vomiting, he starts to take her out to the camper. But before he can pay, a junkie rushes in with a gun, "Nobody move!".

Junkie fills a plastic bag with his take. He threatens C-Note over his money. C-Note assures him that what he put in the bag was all he had. Junkie turns to the waitress, and asks her for her money. A patron tries to take Junkie down, and fails. C-Note talks to Junkie. He then has the staff lock the door, moves everyone away from the window, and promises Junkie he'll help him get what he wants. Just so long as he doesn't hurt anyone else.

Junkie holds is gun over everyone while C-Note collects the booty. After finishing, he hands the bag over to Junkie and asks him to leave. Junkie wants everyone to go into the storage room until the cops arrive. C-Note protests, explaining that he's a wanted man. And that he's worried about Half Note being left alone if he's apprehended. Junkie relents, allowing C-Note and Half Note to go free. Junkie orders everyone else into the back, except the waitress. C-Note hears this and hides hides Half Note behind a wall. He goes back to Junkie and asks him to let the waitress go; explaining that if he gets caught for the burglary it's no big deal. But kidnapping is going to put him away for a long time. Junkie lunges, they fight, eventually C-Note breaks Junkie's arm over a table. Sirens are heard in the distance. The police enter the diner to find Junkie in pain. They ask who beat the robber, a patron takes responsibility. Through the back door the waitress has let C-Note and Half Note escape. He thanks her.


Robert Knepper
T-Bag stirs from his sleep; Mrs. Hollander is beside him. He offers to "unlock the kids and make breakfast," but she insists on doing it herself. He declines the offer, at the point of a knife. A knife he uses to cut her free from the rope tied around her hands. She rubs her wrists, but T-Bag offers some lotion. She then tells him that it won't work; her job, the kids' school, and a pending visit from the Welcome Wagon. Mrs. Hollander then tries a play; she says to Teddy Bear, "If she recognizes you... I don't what you to get in trouble." He sees through the lie. Across the room he puts down the knife and picks up a gun.

The Welcome Wagon has arrived; a woman named Patty has joined the family at the dinner table. T-Bag emerges from the kitchen with a plate of dessert. Patty is enamored with T-Bag, and his cooking. He's been laying on the charm as only he can. While T-Bag serves the dessert, Zack signals to Mrs. Hollander that they can make a break for it. But she signals back for him to stay put. Just then Patty asks where they met; T-Bag responds "church". He goes on to tell her a story about their meeting via a church exchange program. Zack then asks Patty if she'd like to see the new bike that Teddy bought for him, he makes to get up from the table. But T-Bag stops him, telling him that it is rude; he shows him the gun.

On her way out, Patty notices the holes in the door frame; she asks about them. T-Bag lies about doing some remodeling. Before leaving, Patty tells Mrs. Hollander that she'll bring the other neighborhood women by on Friday for their book club. T-Bag closes the door. He looks at the family and announces that they'll have to move. He orders them to pack up. T-Bag has a smile on his face at the wheel of the family Volvo.

Mahone, Bellick, and Haywire

William Fichtner
Wade Williams
Haywire is busy working on his raft. He's mumbling to himself. Back at the FBI office in Chicago, Mahone orders pictures of The Brothers to be posted at all gas stations along key routes around their last known location. Wheeler approaches, he tells Mahone that a man fitting Haywire's description was spotted near a brutal killing in Wisconsin. Mahone orders that agents from the Madison field office should be dispatched. Wheeler and Mahone square off over the new "oversight" from headquarters, again. Mahone's phone rings; of course it's Mr. Kim. Kim would like Haywire eliminated. Mahone disagrees, but Kim is convinced that Haywire might know something that Scofield knows.

Mahone finds Bellick in worse shape than before. Bellick is seething; his deal to get into AD-SEG didn't work out. Mahone explains that the warden wasn't amenable to the deal. Mahone then heaps some praise upon Bellick; cataloging his abilities to track down The Brothers and T-Bag. He then explains that he has powerful people behind him; people that can push through writs and motions that would set Bellick free. The deal though is that Bellick would work for Mahone, under the table. Bellick quickly agrees to the deal.

Bellick triumphantly strides through the gates at Fox River. He finds a new truck waiting for him. Inside is a badge, some files, a gun, and a stack of cash.

Bellick sits in his truck practicing his "entrance". He settles on "Brad Bellick. I'm with the Bureau." He enters the home of Teen Girl. She's sitting on the couch, watching TV. She gives the old "I already talked to the cops," routine. He reads off her statement. Then counters it with what he knows about Haywire. He then tries to impress her with his non-existent FBI resume. She then tells him that she's not all that disappointed that her dad has shuffled off his mortal coil. And that she'd like it if people would just leave Haywire alone. He presses, threatening her with arrest. Mahone's phone rings; Bellick reports Haywire's position. Mahone orders Bellick to keep an eye on him. He issues an order to Wheeler to forward information about The Brothers to him immediately.

Bellick, against orders, tries to take Haywire into custody. He runs and Bellick gives chase.

Haywire finds a grain elevator and climbs to the top. Bellick stops at the bottom, his quarry is cornered. He calls Mahone to report. Mahone wants him to keep Haywire under control.

Mahone pulls up to the grain elevator. A crowd has gathered. Mahone is less than happy about Bellick's handling of the situation so far. Mahone flashes his badge at the local cop who arrives. He then starts up the ladder. But before heading further up, he takes a couple of his happy pills. At the top he talks to Haywire. Haywire doesn't want to go back, he wants to go to Holland. He shows Mahone the painting. Mahone sees a way out for both of them. After some further discussions, Haywire steps over the edge of the platform, and jumps.

Michael, Linc, Sara, and Kellerman

Wentworth Miller
Dominic Purcell
Sarah Wayne Callies
A train pulls to a stop in Evansville, Indiana. Sara, still watching for trouble, steps down. Scofield looks on from the shadows. Kellerman is around the corner, his phone rings. Reynolds is on the line again. She asks him where he is, and tells him she will be in Chicago for a speech that night. Meanwhile, Sara and Michael embrace. The Prez again offers Kellerman a clean slate if he'll bring The Brothers to her. He hangs up, and approaches the rest. Sara shows Michael the key that her father gave to her. Scofield and Burrows don't know what it is for. Scofield looks past Sara to Kellerman, he takes in a breath. "Sara. We've got someone working with us now," he says, still looking at Kellerman. She turns to see him; she is less than thrilled.

Kellerman steps out from around the corner as Sara and The Brothers approach. He tries to make nice with Sara, "what's done is done" and all that. But Scofield grabs him around the neck and pushes him against the wall. "You didn't tell us you left her to die!" Scofield seethes. Kellerman goes back to the "you need me" well once again. Sara offers that they have the key, and they can find what they need without Kellerman. He proves his worth straight away; the key is for a private cigar club in Chicago.

Kellerman approaches a porter (is that the right word?) from the train. He identifies himself as being with the Secret Service; Scofield is in tow. Kellerman tells the man he is transporting a fugitive to Chicago. After some conversation, Kellerman secures the exclusive use of one of the cars. Waiting near-by, Linc assures Sara that they are only using Kellerman to get what they need. Once he usefulness has been exhausted, they'll dump him. They then share a moment. The porter asks if he should announce something to the passengers so they'll be at ease. Kellerman advises that would not be a good idea. Once the porter leaves, Kellerman signals to Sara and Linc to board the train. The four of them settle in for the five hour trip to Chicago.

Everyone is asleep, except Sara. She's remembering all of her meetings with "Lance" and then when Kellerman revealed himself. Finally remembering the torture. She asks Scofield if there's somewhere to get water. He goes downstairs to the bathroom to get some water. She gets up to follow. Kellerman is awake, he tells her that it wasn't personal. She passes him, wrapping the pull string from her hoodie around her hands. She turns and pulls the string around Kellerman's neck. Linc bolts up and pulls her off of Kellerman. Scofield is up the stairs and restrains Sara. Kellerman stands in the aisle for a second, and then lunges. Linc catches him; Kellerman is brandishing his gun. "You get one of those! One!" he yells. There's a knock at the door. The porter tells Kellerman that other passengers saw a fight. Kellerman defuses the situation and closes the door. Kellerman then reiterates that Sara will not survive the next time she tries to kill him. She goes downstairs to the bathroom.

Scofield knocks at the bathroom door, Sara doesn't want any company. He comes back upstairs, giving Kellerman the evil eye. Scofield and Linc sit down together. Linc is worried that whatever they find in the cigar club will get buried just like the video. Scofield assures him that with Kellerman on their side they can use his powerful friends to their advantage. Kellerman finds a private spot and calls Reynolds. He asks here what she's going to do to make things right. She keeps asking where he is, and what the background noise is. She goes so far to offer him the Chief of Staff position.

Scofield finally gets into the bathroom. She's been "evaluating"; and figures out that not using is the best thing she's done in weeks. Scofield promises that she'll get her life back. She asks if he actually believes that. He answers that he chooses to have faith, and that it's the only thing keeping him going. She says that she has two things to keep her going; first is to get the people who took her dad. The other, well, she fumbles about with her words. Essentially telling Scofield that she's in love with him. They kiss and embrace; things begin to take a steamy turn. But before they can consummate their relationship the train lurches. Peeking out of the train, they see a roadblock ahead.

The group tires to enter the engine-room, but the door is locked. Linc climbs across the roof of the lead car and jumps into the room. He tells the engineer to open the door, at gunpoint. He persuades the engineer to throttle up and run the road block. After crashing through the police cars, the train speeds onward.

Knowing that there will be police waiting at the next station, the group formulates a plan for escape.

The engineer is alone in the engine again. Over his radio he hears the porter report that four people are jumping off the train; three men and one woman. The engineer looks back to see them jump from the train and roll away. The engineer calls ahead to report the location of the jumpers. Police pursue the group through the woods. They eventually corner the four, but it's not our heroes. Flash back to the train; The porter and the stoners who saw the fight are putting on the clothes of our heroes. Linc pushes them off one-by-one. The porter is making his report over a walkie-talkie before he is finally pushed off. Back in the woods, he explains that they were forced to jump and told to run because they would be shot otherwise. At the next stop, the four depart the train in search of a car.

While they search for a car, Kellerman phones Reynolds. He asks if she sent the police. She denies it. Kellerman flashes back to his dealings with Kim over the last few weeks; about how Kim is now his boss. Kellerman asks Reynolds where they spent his 35th birthday. She declines to answer, telling him just to bring in The Brothers. In a tech room a blonde head is seen. Kellerman says "Whoever this is, tell Bill Kim that he just screwed up. Big time." The woman in the room is not Reynolds, but a woman with a close enough voice using a synthesizer to complete the ruse. In the back, Kim's brow furrows, he puts his hand to his face. Linc finds a car and the four flee.

In Chicago, the four are sitting in their stolen car outside of the cigar club. Kellerman, as the only one among them who's not a wanted felon, offers to take the key and go inside. Scofield smiles, and offers Sara a walk.

They cross the street, and enter the club. Before they get too far inside Michael says "About before, me too". They go inside.

The Review
Okay. A lot going on here this week. Kellerman figured out that he was being played. Further adding to Bill Kim's growing migraine. Bellick is out on the street, as a rogue agent for Mahone. The Brothers are closer than ever to exoneration. And Sara and Michael are finally in love. And that's not even taking into account T-Bag and C-Note.

The train escape was brilliant I think. Scofield is back in the driver's seat and running the show. Good for him and good for us I think. Kellerman, now finding out just how far removed his is now from the conspiracy, should be willing to go as far as he needs to in order to take down The Company, Reynolds, and especially sweet for him; Bill Kim. We all want Mr. Kim to catch one in the skull; and right now I'd put it at 70-30 that Kellerman provides us with that resolution.

It was touching to finally see Sara and Michael connect. We'll see how that plays out over the last few episodes of the season. Hopefully it won't be too much of a distraction from their overall quest to be set free. Especially as it relates to Sara's deep seated hatred of Kellerman.

Bellick, as expected, was too gung-ho in his pursuit. Mahone may soon regret enlisting the help of our favorite CO. What Mahone missed during his rundown of Bellick's tracking of the fugitives is his utter inability to keep them in custody. His eagerness to get the glory and/or money has allowed both The Brothers and T-Bag to remain at large.

And the C-Note story didn't seem to contribute much. We already know that C-Note is a good guy at heart. And the same, though oppositely, applies to the T-Bag story. We know he's a scum-bag. Both of these stories must be bridges to later, more important, plot lines that will have real bearing on the overall story.

Two Programming Notes:
First, "Prison Break" will be back in two weeks with a new episode.

Second, during the first week of March I will be away on vacation. Therefore I'm asking if there is anyone out there who would like to take on the task of publishing the recap and review for the episode that airs on 3/5/07. It will be easier if you are already a contributor to the Fodder network, but that's not a requirement. Please contact me if you are interested.

Posted by Jeff on February 6, 2007 12:48 PM
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They were just teasing me with that kiss! Dang, I was expecting full blown (no pun intended) hot 8pm timeslot sex! LOL. That was barely a tickle.

Sara looks so cute when Scofield leans in to kiss her - the two actors have a great energy together.

Somebody needs to rid the world of a T-Bag.

The Haywire storyline was short and a little unfulfilling. That music during his last scene was rather haunting.

-- Posted by: Connie at February 6, 2007 5:19 PM

Wow wee! What a week...

Glad Kellerman figured out Kim's trickery as well. He's such an ass. Plus, I didn't want to see him go back to the dark side.

Thought the Michael/Sara hookup was a little cheesy, but oh well. Connie: I think that was 8pm timeslot sex.

And not that I look for a lot of realism in my "Prison Break," but there is no way that Sara's puney girl arms could kill Kellerman. Not while he is awake anyway.

I see from previews that C-Note and Half Note (love that!) might soon stop wasting our time. As much as I am ready for that storyline to end, I will feel bad for the little girl, no matter how bad of an actress she is.

And was it me, or did Mahone actually look a little sad that Haywire killed himself? Maybe he can relate...

-- Posted by: Rachel at February 9, 2007 11:12 PM

If you "get busy" on an airplane you join the Mile High Club, what club do you get into when you have sex on a train?

Mahone definitely can relate. He basically laid that all out in his talk with Haywire. The part about not being in control and whatnot. I'm pretty sure that suicide is on Mahone's short-list of ways out of this situation right now.

-- Posted by: Jeff at February 10, 2007 8:03 AM

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