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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: The Message

The Recap

Haywire's back! And he's digging through a dumpster. He takes a bit of a bug-infested apple, then spits it out. A realization comes over him, "wood floats!" So he wades to the other end of the dumpster and begins gathering wood. A teenage couple approaches him, and asks him to buy them some beer. They tell him that he can buy some for himself, but he declines "My dad used to drink", he replies ominously.

Haywire returns to the teens with the beer (the ever present prop beer "Heisler"). He gathers the wooden boxes, and starts to leave. But the teen girl asks what it's for. He explains that he's building a raft to get to Holland. He takes them to where he's building the raft. Teen boy sulks off to relieve himself. Teen Girl, still oblivious to the fact that Haywire is N-V-T-S nuts, tries to make sense of it all. Asking him if he even has a map or anything. He tells her that he does, indeed, have a map. He unfolds the painting. She confides that she'd like to be able to disappear, and how she admires him for actually doing it. She reaches for another beer, but Haywire notices bruising on her arm. She says "my dad drinks too." Teen girl is weired-out by Haywire's interest in her injury. The couple storms off, but Haywire's not done with them yet.

Teen Boy drops off Teen Girl at her house; Haywire is in the shadows. Drunk Dad welcomes Teen Girl home, grabbing her arm. Drunk Dad extracts a fire poker and makes to follow her. But before he can do anything, Haywire beats him down.


Amaury Nolasco
A typical (for TV or the movies anyway) Mexican bus plods along an unpaved road in Sinaloa State, Mexico. Sucre, along with a gaggle of chickens, is aboard. He's eying the food that his seatmate is snacking on. An older man across the aisle strikes up a conversation. He notices that Sucre is not Mexican. And they talk about their journey. Sucre, because he can't help himself, tells the old man that he's on his way to Ixtapa to find "The Woman".

The bus stops in a Calomatillo, Mexico. The old man bids Sucre good luck, and departs with his chicken. The bus driver escorts Sucre off the bus. When Sucre begs for a ride, the driver looks over at a pair of Federales and asks if there will be any trouble. Sucre relents and the bus drives away in a cloud of dust. The old man returns, he gestures with the chicken cage, and asks Sucre if he cooks. He explains that his wife, now dead, used to do the cooking. Sucre says that he's got to keep moving. Unfortunately, that's the last bus of the day though. The man offers a room for the night. Sucre notices that the old man has a car, and offers to cook the chicken.

Over a chicken dinner, the old man notes that traveling without money can be difficult. The two talk about marriage, and Sucre's quest. "Hope is for people who do not already live in grace," offers the old man. He tells Sucre of the room in the back, and he takes the plates to be cleaned. Sucre eyes the car keys. He slinks out, pushing the car away from the house. Once far enough away he gets in and motors off.

Sucre speeds through the Mexican night toward Maricruz. But a police car stops him. They return him to the old man. The old man gives Sucre a break. Telling the police that he meant to give him gas money before he left. The police offer to bring the car back. But the old man says that it will do Sucre good to walk back himself. Sucre thanks the old man. The old man hopes that Sucre will be successful in his quest.


Wade Williams

Robert Knepper
Bellick wakes up in the Fox River infirmary, he's been beaten about the head quite viciously. He calls for a nurse, but there's only another inmate in the room. The con gives him the rundown of what's going to happen to him; beatings and the "Oz" treatment. The nurse finally comes in and ushers the con out of the room.

Still sitting in the infirmary, in the same room from which the escape occurred, Bellick stews. He can see the new bars over the window, the stub of the broken cable that ran from the window to the wall, and of course the wall. The nurse comes in and asks how he's doing. She's ready to send him back to GenPop. Bellick begs to be left in the infirmary one more night. Even going so far as to compliment her, and ask her to leave the door unlocked when she leaves. She's insulted and leaves.

Mahone and Mr. Kim

William Fichtner
Mahone is back in the Chicago field office. He asks for updates. Wheeler tells him that former CO Brad Bellick just got locked up for murder. And that Mrs. Note is in custody. Mahone is not happy to hear these "updates". He's downright angry that the team hasn't found anything on Scofield or Burrows. The phone rings, but before Wheeler can pick it up, Mahone snatches it from the cradle. After listening to the caller for a minute he says "How long ago?"

"We've shutdown every freeway in central Montana", announces Lang. Mahone orders further measures with troopers along the Interstates and a lock-down of a border crossing. Just then someone whistles and the team moves into the video cubby of the office. We hear Linc declare his innocence in the video. He tells the world that Terrance Steadman killed himself last night in the motel. The frame widens and Scofield is beside him. We see a quick shot of Sara sitting on a bed in another hotel room, watching the video. The Brothers outline the operations of "The Company", and how they've been framed to cover-up the nefarious actions of The Company. Mr. Kim bolts out of his chair, he's seething. Kim orders his aide to start "damage control" before the story gets to the front page. The aide is confused, the video is out already, what can they do to stop it? Kim barks, "Start a wildfire in Florida! Find a storage unit full of Arabs! I do not care! As long as it's not about Lincoln Burrows!" The aide scurries out of the room.

Mahone and the FBI team are going over a recording of the video. They are watching a part where Scofield is talking about Sara being unjustly involved in the escape, and that he's sorry. Mahone orders a transcript, and then for another agent to go interview the cameraman. The video progresses to Michael talking about Mahone, everyone in the room stops. Scofield lays out that Mahone murdered Abruzzi and Tweener. He then reveals the truth about Oscar Shales. Mahone laughs it off, "the guy's nuts", he leaves the room.

The agent Mahone dispatched is interviewing the cameraman. He describes the scene, with the dirty tarp and all. He tells the agent about how they had to go 450 miles in six hours to reach their destination. A destination not revealed to him. Mahone puts a circle on his magic map denoting the 450 mile radius. His phone rings, Kim is on the other end. "Where are they?" he demands. Mahone explains the circle, and the major cities within that radius; Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake, Denver. Kim stops, "Denver!". The President will be speaking at three o'clock in Denver.

As The Trio speeds toward their destination Mahone meets with Lang and Wheeler. Lang wants to cancel the President's speech and get her to safety. Mahone squashes that idea, noting that if the Prez's plans change, the Brothers will go back into hiding. But Wheeler protests, saying they'll find them again. Mahone and Wheeler have an argument over operations. Wheeler reveals that he's been asked by IA to run all of Mahone's orders through their department. Mahone confronts Wheeler, telling him that they are keeping the President on schedule in order to capture The Brothers. Lang notes that they should be pretty easy to apprehend once they make their move, being two of the most recognizable faces in the country right now. Mahone leaves to take a closer look at the video.

Kim is joined in his office by OBM (Old Bald Man). Kim asks if it is wise to keep the President out of the loop in all of this. OBM passes over a note. Kim convinces OBM that they should let Reynolds become aware of how close the threat is to her, since she's been known to "get her hands dirty" in such circumstances.

A tech tells Mahone several details about the video, everything matches what they were told by the cameraman. Another agent, presumably a profiler of some kind, goes over the video with Mahone. He notes each of the "tells" from The Brothers. Glances, body movement, arm placement; all telling them that The Brothers are lying. We flashback to the warehouse. The Trio are in their huddle from earlier. Kellerman explains the way that the Feds will break-down the video. He coaches them on how to use their faces and bodies to convey a different message than what they are saying. Back to the video room, Mahone notices Scofield's hand moving in a pattern. It's Morse code for "the water is warm". Mahone starts to put it together. Cut to Sara watching the video online. She notices something too. She opens a book. Mahone is listening intently, he orders it replayed. He then figures out that they are going to find Sara, not to go after the President. He orders, Tommy Lee Jones style, everything they have on Sara.

Going through Sara's records the agents come up blank. Mahone grabs a file and takes off.

At Fox River, Mahone talks to the Nurse. She confirms that she pretty much was married to her work. Mahone shows her the transcript of the video, but nothing jogs her memory or helps the investigation. They then go to see Bellick. Mahone notes that Sara used Bellick as a reference when she applied to work at Fox River. Bellick bargains with Mahone, asking to be moved to AD-SEG (?) before he'll tell him anything. Bellick notices something, but he won't say until he's transferred. Mahone agrees. Bellick tells Mahone about the chapters of the AA book. Mahone looks it over and finds that Scofield's message was a code. The "Doctor's Nightmare" leads him to St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, OH.

Michael, Linc, Kellerman, and Sara

Wentworth Miller
Dominic Purcell
A special news bulletin from Fox News sets up the story. "My name's Lincoln Burrows, and I'm innocent." Cut to six hours earlier. With Steadman's think-meat still dripping from the walls, the Trio tries to figure a way out of the cheap motel room. Kellerman flashes his ID and tells the assembled police and news that he's with the FBI. He'll be coming out with The Brothers in custody. While they are moving through the parking lot, they jump and take the cops and a cameraman hostage. They get in the car and speed away with the cameraman.

The sun is up and the Trio are speeding along underneath some elevated highways. Kellerman threatens the cameraman, but Scofield assures him he won't be hurt. Linc wants to know where they are going. The radio lets them know that President Reynolds will be in Denver for an appearance. Scofield tells Linc to pull over. They stop at a standard issue abandoned warehouse. The Brothers discuss dropping off the cameraman and dumping Kellerman. But Scofield thinks they need to hang on to both of them for a little while longer, as "assets".

The Trio are huddled together making plans while the cameraman sits with his gear in a corner. He's nervous, as you might expect. The group breaks up, and walks over to the cameraman. They remark that they'll need to cover 450 miles in six hours, which means they need to get moving quickly. Kellerman finds a soiled tarp, he tosses it to Scofield. "Are you ready?" asks Scofield to Linc. Kellerman picks up the cameraman.

The cameraman walks somberly through the newsroom. Heads turn as he makes his way to the reporter that was with him at the Cutback Motel. "You're going to want to see this," he says handing her a tape.

On the radio, the Trio listens as a news reporter informs that the tape has been discredited. She then moves on to a story about elevation of the terror threat to Orange after the discover of a storage unit full of Arabs. Burrows and Kellerman are disheartened by the news. Scofield, though, thinks that the video will work and that now that it's out there it can't be stopped. "This is a Hail Mary man, if we don't get to her..." says Linc. "Getting to her is the easy part. It's what we do after that's the problem," replies Scofield. "Once anyone knows we have her, the curtain comes down," advises Kellerman.

Linc buys a paper, and finds a small story deep inside, about a janitor killed by them in the hotel. Kellerman advises that they'll be cleared once the truth comes out. Linc, in his special way, asks to speak with Michael alone. Kellerman retires to a near-by tree line. Linc voices his concern that Sara might not show up. Or if she does, what will Kellerman do? Is he using them? Is it a big set-up?

The Brothers grow impatient when Sara does not show up at the appointed time. While taking about Sara showing up or not, Scofield hears an announcement for "Michael Crane" having a phone call at the front desk. Scofield rushes in to take the call. It is Sara of course. She explains that she couldn't get to Akron in time. She then tells him that she was grabbed before she could come back to him in Gila. And that she has something that her father gave her that relates to the conspiracy. She tells him that it's a key. He says that they'll figure it out together. Outside, Kellerman's phone rings. Reynolds is calling. She tries to convince him that she was forced to betray him. And that he needs to come back in and bring the Brothers with him. She promises him that everything will be okay if he just comes in. In the car, Kellerman asks if Scofield talked to Sara. He replies, "in a few days, this will be all over." Ominously Kellerman agrees, "Absolutely." The Trio motors off into the night.

The Review
Connie, your wishes are about to come true; Sara and Michael are nearly back together. Though personally, I'm glad to see Michael back in control to some extent. The video testimonial seemed genuine through the first few viewings. But the more of it that we saw, the more I was convinced that it was part of the plan. Especially once we saw more of Scofield's part.

The possibility of Kellerman turning again is intriguing. But he knows as well as anyone else the kind of mind games that are being played in all of this. Hopefully his foreboding tone at the end of the episode was directed more at Reynolds than Sara or The Brothers.

Kim's week continues to get worse as each day passes. It's kind of cool isn't it? Sucre needs to either find Maricruz or get captured. I'm seriously over this storyline. Even more than the one with C-Note.

And were given a nice little time note, it's been three months since Scofield stepped foot in Fox River.

Peeking ahead to the preview for next week, it should be more action packed than anything we've seen in a while. Which will be a nice change of pace.

Posted by Jeff on January 30, 2007 6:43 AM
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YEAHHHHHHHHHH! I'm so setting my VCR next week - if I could only get the 12:00 to stop flashing...

Though I have a few questions - is Sara going to see Kellerman before she and Michael hook up?

Or will she tell Michael about burning her assailant and then Michael sees the burn marks on Kellerman in some weird homoerotic undressing scene?

Umm, Bellick trying to pull the same thing Scofield did back in the infirmary? Bellick, Scofield you're not.

I have a feeling Kellerman's not going to turn on our boys. He's got to suspect he's being played by now. He's been screwed over so badly, he can only guess the Prez is setting him up for another fall.

Mahone might catch up with them but then turn on Kim (who wouldn't) and join them on their quest.

I was waiting for Michael Douglas to save Sucre when that bus overturned... Oh wait, that's Romancing the Stone...

Congrats to Sarah Wayne Callies, she's preggers and due in the summer. I imagine if she starts showing close to the end of the season she will be standing behind lamps and couches. :D

-- Posted by: Connie at January 30, 2007 1:44 PM

Loved this episode!!

I was glad not to see C-Note, but was happy to see the return of Haywire -- and was psyched that Sucre didn't get nabbed. I am hoping that he makes it.

Jeff: Your deck on the home page faked me out. I thought Mr. Kim was going to bite it. How disappoined I was! C'mon... who is going to give him a toe tag once and for all? Kellerman? Mahone? So many options...

I will be so disappointed if Kellerman switches teams again. That's all I'm going to say...

-- Posted by: Rachel at January 31, 2007 8:09 PM

"Prison Break" actor Lane Garrison should be charged with manslaughter and drunken driving for a car crash that killed a teenage passenger and injured two others, police said Wednesday.

Drug tests were positive - would have emailed you the link, but not couldn't find an email for ya!

-- Posted by: Connie at February 1, 2007 2:05 PM

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