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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: John Doe

The Recap
Where were we? Well, Bellick is locked up in Fox River. Scofield and Linc are on the run with Kellerman. Mahone is laying in a pool of his own blood. T-Bag has found his "lost love". Sucre is running scared through the Mexican scrub. C-Note's wife has been picked up by the cops. Bill Kim thinks that all his problems are about the be solved. And Sara is trying to disappear.


Robert Knepper
T-Bag backs his Mrs. Hollander into the house. He explains that he's forgiven her for her turning him in to the authorities. She tells him that they'll go away and spend time together. But T-Bag knows she wouldn't leave her kids behind. When he turns away, she opens a drawer to reveal a pistol.

Mrs. Hollander's photo album seems to be missing some pictures T-Bag notices as he flips through the pages. But he's not as angry as she thinks he might be. Just then the door opens and her children appear. They run over, happy to see "Uncle Teddy". He explains his missing hand away as an accident from working on the oil rig Mrs. Hollander said he was working on. He then tells them that he has a ton of money ($5 Million of course) from the resulting lawsuit. Mrs. Hollander tries to make a break for the gun, but T-Bag stops her.

T-Bag and the Hollanders are watching a cartoon. Mrs. Hollander, in an attempt to get her gun, offers to make some more popcorn. But T-Bag, who has probably found it already, keeps her close by. She then spills her drink, and goes to get a rag. She stops at the drawer, but the gun is missing. T-Bag is behind her and shows her the gun. The kids notice the ruckus, and the son picks up his skateboard. He smacks T-Bag across the face with the toy. A struggle ensues, but T-Bag is too much for them.

T-Bag finishes up nailing some boards across the front door of the Hollander home. The family is tied up in the dining room. "We will be a family if it kills us," he tells them.


Wade Williams
Bellick is standing in the yard. A large black man comes up and gives him the business. He demands that, in exchange for protection, Bellick give him his dessert at chow. Bellick tries to get out of it by saying he just wants to do his time and not cause trouble. Big Man isn't having any of that, and gets Bellick to "agree" to the arrangement.

At chow, Bellick sheepishly brings his brownie to Big Man. Big Man accepts, but then tells Bellick that he'll need to bring five desserts over at each chow in order to maintain their deal. Bellick pulls out a weighted sock and beats Big Man and his boys. Bellick slips out before the guards arrive.

Bellick is feeling pretty good about himself after taking down Big Man. He takes possession of the top bunk. A guard arrives and tells Bellick that he's in big trouble. Big Man, Banks, has connections with the night guards, and they're going to have Bellick pulled out of his cell. Turns out the night guards are not too fond of Bellick from when he was Captain. Bellick begs the guard to help him out of the jam. But there's nothing he can do.

Darkness envelopes the cell block, but there is still activity. "Braaaadley" can be heard throughout the block. Bellick jumps down from his bunk. He's scared to death. His celly refuses to help him in the coming fight. Bellick yells, through his cries, that he's not scared of them. His cell door slides open.

C-Note and Half Note
Half Note asks C-Note where mommy has gone. He tries to soothe her by telling her that mommy will be back real soon. She doesn't believe him and storms away. C-Note spots a pay phone and makes a call to an associate. The associate tells was able to speak with Mrs. Note. She is about to be arraigned. C-Note asks him to relay a message that she should put the entire thing on him, his associate had already advised her to do that. He hangs up angrily.

In an effort to extract his daughter from the RV, C-Note talks to one of her dolls. Half Note emerges and asks if mommy is in trouble. C-Note explains that mommy just tried to "help out a friend". The pay phone rings. The associate says that Mrs. Note's lawyer thinks the bail can be reduced. C-Note asks to relay another message, that they can all get lost once she gets out. The associate is not happy to hear that C-Note wants Mrs. Note to jump bail. C-Note tells him that he has a plan to move up to Alaska, and work at fish farms that pay cash and don't ask questions.

Later, the phone rings again. The associate tells C-Note that bail was denied, the judge didn't believe her story about putting it all on C-Note. C-Note offers to turn himself in, but if he does that both of them will be in jail and Half Note will end up in foster care. The associate ends the call by telling C-Note to take care of Half Note.


William Fichtner
Mahone awakes in a hospital room. Another agent is by his bedside, he is on the phone. He hands it to Mahone. Mr. Kim is on the line. He tells Mahone that Kellerman finished the job, but that Mahone still needs to take care of Kellerman. Mahone laughs. He tells Kim that Kellerman was the shooter. He hangs up. Mr. Kim is not happy, "he knows everything" he utters.

The agent with Mahone comes to tell him that Mr. Kim wants him to finish Kellerman off. Mahone basically tells him, and Mr. Kim, to shove it. But, as usual, "this is not a request". The agent threatens to reveal the information about Oscar Shales. But that doesn't work on Mahone anymore. He's willing to reveal the truth himself.

Mahone's phone rings. It's his ex-wife. Their son has been in an accident. He has a broken leg, and no one will let her see him. Mahone leaves, against medical orders. Outside, the other agent asks him about his boy. The two agents square off. Mahone has a twinkle in his eye.

Kim's phone rings, Mahone is calling. He tells Kim that he's getting back to work. Kim asks if he got his "message". Mahone opens his trunk, inside is the body of the agent from the hospital.

Michael, Linc, and Kellerman (and Steadman too)

Wentworth Miller
Dominic Purcell
Police converge on the scene of the escape as Kellerman leads The Brothers to his waiting getaway car. A local cop hears a cell phone ringing behind a door. He opens it to find Mahone, bleeding, but still alive. Bill Kim is on the line. He's not happy to find out that Mahone has been shot.

Meanwhile, Scofield asks Kellerman why he's helping them. But before he can answer, he has to get them through a roadblock. His federal ID doesn't get him past the local yokel. Kellerman flips open his phone and starts to dial, threatening the cops with their jobs. The yokel in charge decides that they don't want trouble and waves Kellerman through. Kellerman then lets loose with the old "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" routine. Linc has a flashback, and remembers that it was Kellerman who tried to kill him after his transport van was wrecked last season. In true Linc fashion, he fires a right hook at Kellerman. Their SUV slides off the road. Linc grabs a gun and asks Kellerman why he shouldn't kill him. He reveals that he knows where to find Terrance Steadman.

"A bunch of little boys in suits. Running around trying to kill each other," says Scofield to Kellerman, taunting him. Kellerman and Linc get into another verbal sparring match as Bill Kim calls. Kellerman hushes The Brothers. Kim tells him that Mahone was shot. Kellerman laments the loss of a fine agent. But is surprised, to say the least, to find out that Mahone survived the shooting. Regrouping, he tells Kim that The Brothers are dead and in the SUV, he's on the way to bury them. Kim, always the perfectionist, asks for visual proof of their demise. He orders Kellerman not to bury them. Kellerman insists on carrying out his plan.

Kellerman pulls the SUV into a hanger on a small airfield. Inside a private jet is waiting. Kellerman has reserved it under one of his other names, Kravecki I think. He gets on-board. The Brothers are hesitant at first. Scofield tells Linc that they don't have a choice and have to go. They board and head off to Montana.

Thatcher Grey, oops, Terrance Steadman is fuming over the news that The Brothers are still at large.

Kellerman and The Brothers go over their plan to get to Steadman's house. Linc says "the second I feel this going bad. You get a bullet in the head," to Kellerman. Kellerman responds, "I'd expect nothing less." They set out for the Steadman compound. Mr. Kim and his staff are frantically searching for Kellerman. They find the reservation for Kravecki, but are too late to stop it. They find that it has already landed in Montana. They call to the compound and tell them that a car is coming to evacuate them to a safer location.

Mr. Kim calls to tell the agents at Steadman's house that car is coming to pick them up. Just then a car arrives. Kim's face goes blank. Kellerman and Linc hold their guns on the agents. Kim can hear the exchange over one of the agent's headsets. The team pulls Steadman into the car. Kim orders the agent to kill Steadman. He raises his gun, but Kellerman is too fast. He offs both agents. Scofield is aghast. They speed away.

Kim's team is still scrambling to locate his missing quarry. In a hotel, Scofield wants to go public with Steadman. But Kellerman tells him that it will never work. The big bad conspiracy made Steadman a ghost. His finger prints have been burned off. His teeth pulled. His face altered with plastic surgery. And any DNA records have been changed to match those of the homeless man they killed and put in Steadman's car. Kellerman wants to go to DC, and have Steadman tell his story to the right people.

Kellerman plans to take some back roads into Canada, and then slip back into the country in New York. Steadman is amused at the plan. He then tells everyone that Kellerman actually proposed to President Reynolds. And that she and Steadman would often time joke about his "schoolboy crush" on her. Linc explodes at Steadman, yelling at him about standing there and watching Veronica get killed. Kellerman and Scofield try to calm him down. If he's dead, he's just a John Doe. Linc asks Steadman if it was worth it to have all those people killed and to ruin his life. Linc backs down, but he's not happy about it.

Night has fallen. Steadman looks longingly at a bad painting in the hotel room. Kellerman has the car prepared, and wants everyone to get ready to leave. He and Scofield have some words about who's in charge. Scofield picks up the phone. He places a call to the local news station. Kellerman pulls his gun on Scofield. Scofield doesn't back down, he tells the newsie who answers who he is, where he is, and that he wants to turn himself in.

Steadman begs Scofield to rethink turning himself into the authorities. Sirens are heard in the background. Steadman grabs a gun from one of them. Kellerman threatens to shoot out his knees to keep him with them. Scofield implores him to "do the right thing" and tell the truth. Steadman only sees disgrace and prison-time ahead if he does. He agrees, says "sorry", and then shoots himself. Kellerman and The Brothers make a quick escape out the back of the hotel as the police arrive.

The Review
Before we get to the episode, I have not heard anything further regarding the car accident that involved Lane Garrison (Tweener).

Okay, I was not really that impressed with this episode. Sure, Steadman killing himself was an unexpected twist, but overall the episode was blah. I don't really know what else to say. T-Bag has, as expected, gone back to his normal self and is threatening the family. C-Note's wife is going down hard for helping him, also expected. Bellick is in deep trouble in prison, again we knew this was going to happen. No news this week from Sucre or Haywire.

The one thing I did not expect is to see Mahone go on the war-path. He is obviously on his way to finish the job completely. His target list includes Mr. Kim I'm sure. The only question I have now is if he'll still pursue Scofield, Linc, and Kellerman.

Maybe I was just too sick while watching to pick out any juicy details. Please feel free to start some discussions in the comments. I know the loyal PB Fodder community probably found something worthwhile in this installment.

Posted by Jeff on January 23, 2007 3:32 PM
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I'm a little over the C-Note storyline. Move to Canada or Alaska - or better yet some country where they don't allow extradition and live a quiet life with your kid!

Who didn't see the Steadman eating it once they said he's just another John Doe? BTW, is that the same actor that plays Meredith's dad on Grey's Anatomy?

Mr. Kim is going to get his due. If note from Kellerman, then from Mahone! That itself will keep me watching.

Does anyone feel remotely sorry for Bellick? Um, no. He dug his own grave...

T-Bag is just so creepy it's good. Rob Knepper was on Regis and Kelly and all I could think was "T-Bag's on Regis and Kelly!"

I want to see Sara and Michael back together again already!

-- Posted by: Connie at January 23, 2007 5:15 PM

Loved every minute of this episode! Maybe I was just happy to have it back...

Felt like Michael was a minor character in this episode, which was weird. I hear you about C-Note, Connie. It's enough already.

For some reason, I do feel sorry for Bellick. Don't ask me why. I know the guy has something coming to him, but having his limbs ripped off and shoved up his own butt probably isn't the proper justice. Is he just going to rot there or what?

I am WAITING for Mr. Kim to get one between the eyes. There is absolutely nothing likeable about this guy. At least Kellerman in his evil heyday had personality.

Glad to see Sucre back next week, although the previews have him seeing flashing lights in his rear-view mirror. Uh oh.

And what the hell happened to Haywire?

-- Posted by: Rachel at January 23, 2007 8:14 PM

I'm sure Haywire will return at the most inopportune moment and it'll be loads of laughs.

I LOVE Kellerman - I pegged him for a good guy from the get-go - though, of course, he's not really good - just has no options at this point! I think I just like the actor who played a hilarious supporting character when he was on Cupid with Jeremy Piven.

You're right about Mr. Kim - nothing redeeming about him and he is so getting his due.

-- Posted by: Connie at January 23, 2007 10:04 PM

I loved this episode! I don't know what it was, but it seemed to me like one of the first REALLY good Prison Break's in a while!

-- Posted by: Malcolm St.Pierre at January 24, 2007 4:08 PM

Now that I'm no longer sick, I've reflected on the episode some more. And also gained some more insight from you loyal readers...

I thought that by pushing Michael to the back this week the writers are further showing us how he has lost control.
Remember how in the first season he was in almost complete control of every situation. Yet since the second they started the escape, he has been slowly and steadily losing control. We saw it is his various bouts of frustration during the first half of this season. And now we viewers are left to ponder who is in control. Is it still Scofield, if only just a little? Or maybe Kellerman now has the reins and will deliver them to their freedom (or not).

Either by the hand of Kellerman or Mahone by the end of this season Mr. Kim will shuffle off this mortal coil. Of that I have no doubt. Right now, I'd put my money on Mahone.

I hope that at least by the end of the season, the writers wrap-up Bellick's and C-Note's story-lines. I simply don't care enough about either one right now. If either of those sub-plots relate to the main story, please give us a hint as to how and why.

The calm creepiness with which Robert Knepper plays T-Bag should earn him some kind of award. I don't know what, but something.

And yes, Jeff Perry plays both Thatcher Grey and Terrance Steadman. He also played the con-man that gave Lost's Sawyer his name and profession.

-- Posted by: Jeff at January 26, 2007 7:06 AM

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