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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: The Killing Box

The Recap

Robert Knepper
T-Bag gets the news while downing shots in a Veterans bar in Pratt, Kansas. He salutes The Brothers and the remaining escapees. He then scans the bar and sees a vet with a hook hand and another with a more realistic prosthetic appendage. He approaches the man and lays down a story about being a fellow vet in need of a "hand". The vet tells him to go down to the VA and "get in line". Then he'll have to figure out how to pay for it, but T-Bag brags about not having a payment problem. The Vet is not impressed, and less so with T-Bag's "Nancy" hair coloring. He tells T-Bag that he can probably figure out how to get himself a hand all on his own. T-Bag looks lustily at The vet's own hand and says "Yeah, I think I got a pretty good idea where to start."

It's now day time and T-Bag is holding a newspaper in his new hand. A hand we last saw on the pool playing veteran. He's waiting outside of a building. He eyeballs most of the people walking in and out of the building. A redhead catches his eye. He watches her walk away. Later, he is sitting next to her in a diner. He offers to clean some food from her cheek. The famous T-Bag charm machine goes into full effect. He finds out that the woman is divorced. He continues to ham it up, eventually convincing her to "enjoy lunch" with him.

T-Bag freshens up and fixes his hair. We see Denise, the lady from the diner, laying on the floor in her underwear. In T-Bag's mirror we then see her stir. She gets up and tells "Sam" that she's "never done that before." She then asks him if he's married or something; that most of the men she's with are just looking for something on the side. T-Bag continues laying on the charm, but thick. She rushes back to work. T-Bag offers to pick her up after and take her to dinner.

"Sam" is waiting outside of Denise's job, the Post Office. He goes in to find her. She's happy to see him. But before they go, he asks if she can look up the forwarding address of his "cousin". We now see what is game is. He's looking for his long lost tormentor, Mrs. Hollander. Denise stands up and tells T-Bag that she wants to know everything about him. But since this is a post office, there's a Most Wanted poster on the wall. She is now very frightened. He turns, sees the poster, and tells her that he regrets that she had to see that. He closes an office door, and checks the address form. Denise's legs are seen under a desk. T-Bag leaves the room.

T-Bag approaches a suburban home. He checks the address against the form he got from Denise. He walks up the steps and rings the bell. Mrs. Hollander answers, expecting a food delivery. She's taken aback at the sight of T-Bag. Horror fills her face. T-Bag enters and closes the door.


Wade Williams
At his arraignment, Bellick is denied bail. The prosecutor even plays the phone "bow to stern" phone message.

Walking with his lawyer, and dressed in prison orange, Bellick tries to get a handle on what is going on. His lawyer tells him that things don't look good. They've got plenty of evidence to put him to death, and that his defense (chasing the money) doesn't look good. The DA is offering 25 years instead of death. The lawyer thinks it is a good deal. Bellick relents, but asks that he do his time at Fox River. To be near his mom.

At Fox River, Bellick is being escorted by one of his former co-workers. He tells him that they can assign him to ADSEC, which appears to be a low security area that is not part of Gen Pop. He wants to have some of the boys stationed there too so they can play cards and whatnot. Then after a while they can get him attached to a work detail, and he'll be damn near free while still in prison. The CO tells him that things have changed. The new warden is not going to stand for any special treatment any more. And that Bellick in particular will be made into an example. Bellick stashes his gear under the bed in his cell. His celly slides down from the top bunk, it's the big guy he stuck Tweener with back when he wouldn't talk. The big man is oh so happy to have Bellick as his new friend. Bellick turns to the bars and looks out into the cell block. The camera pulls back to show the rest of the block. Bellick looks very frightened.


Amaury Nolasco
Sucre and The Pilot are over Mexico and heading for freedom. But the pesky DEA has a plane on their tail. The Pilot explains to Sucre that since 9/11 the US government has been able to pursue across the border. He hands Sucre one of the two parachutes stashed in the plane. Sucre would rather they land. But, as The Pilot tells him, if they do that the Feds will be on them in a second. But if they jump and land in the desert they'll have a better chance at escape. With that, he's off into the night sky. Sucre straps on his chute, prays, and follows The Pilot.

In the day light of the Sonoran Desert we see The Pilot laying in a heap. He's got broken bones and an unhealthy gash across in his head. He's had it. But Scure was able to land without incident. He surveys the dead body then turns and walks into the scrub. His parachute billows in the distance.


Sarah Wayne Callies
Scofield's phone vibrates. Sara leaves a message. She says that she answered the call from last night, but couldn't hear anything. Then she explains that she didn't leave him in Gila. And finally that she needs him.

She walks by a bank of televisions in a store window. The news is on. She finds out for the first time that Micheal and Linc have been captured. She runs away.

She's now in another bathroom. She unwraps a razor blade and runs it back and forth across the mirror. She's been crying. She rises off the blade.

Sara, with shorter hair, stops at at trash can. She dumps both of her sets of ID, and the phone. She scavenges the last of her cash before walking away, and into the crowd.

Michael, Linc, Mahone, and Kellerman

Wentworth Miller
Dominic Purcell
William Fichtner
"Almost made it," taunts Mahone as he bears down on The Brothers. We hear Sara on the phone. Mahone tells The Brothers to turn around. Scofield utters the famous line from last week's preview, "Alex, if you're going to murder us you're going to have to look us in the eyes while you do it." The psychological warfare continues between Mahone and The Brothers for a bit. Just as Mahone is about to take out Scofield and Linc, the Border Patrol arrives. They order Mahone to drop his weapon. He tries to play the FBI card, but they aren't having that. Mahone is obviously frustrated to see his chance for normalcy slip away so suddenly.

The TV news is awash with the news of the apprehension of Scofield and Burrows. Mr. Kim, watching from his office, seems unnerved by the news. Kellerman is stewing in a car listening on the radio. A group of Fox River COs gather round to hear. And the Chicago FBI office is damn near jubilant. One of Mr. Kim's aides enters his office and tells him "He just heard. And he'd like to see you." Mr. Kim's mood sours further.

Scofield and Burrows are led to a cell at the Border Patrol station in Las Cruces, NM. Back at Fox River, the local TV news is interviewing the new warden. He promises that things will be different when The Brothers return the next day. There will be no further extensions of Burrows' execution date, and he expects that Scofield will be a guest of Fox River for the rest of his life. The Border Patrol agents lock The Brothers, together, in the same cell.

Mahone calls back to the Chicago office to speak with his top aide, Wheeler. Mahone wants him to get things moving on the Federal transport of The Brothers. Wheeler informs him that the Illinois DOC is going to handle the transport themselves. Over Mahone's protestations, Wheeler tells him that it is an election year and the IDOC was able to pull quite a few strings. Mahone regroups and tells Wheeler to get him assigned to the transport van with Scofield and Burrows. Wheeler is confused as to why, but then congratulates Mahone for the collar.

Michael and Linc talk about Aldo, and about how he tried to help them. They then lament that they can't fight while they're locked up. Scofield wants to use his phone call to get in touch with Sara. The Border Patrol agent tells him that until he's in custody at Fox River he doesn't get "squat". Scofield is not deterred. Linc, though is less optimistic. He figures they won't make it to Illinois alive.

Mr. Kim has called Mahone. He's less than enthusiastic about The Brothers still being alive. Kim implores Mahone to "put a bullet in their heads". Mahone explains that doing so would be suicide, since The Brothers are in a holding cell surrounded by a dozen Border Patrol agents. Mr. Kim does not care. He explains that if they make it back to Fox River it will be over for all of them (The Company). Kim then rattles off Mahone's family's address and a description of their house. Mahone angrily hangs up the phone.

Mahone slinks down to a secluded part of the Border Patrol station. He checks his primary weapon and his ankle piece. He's obviously distraught over his limited choices. The transport convoy enters the bowels of the Border Patrol station. Mahone flashes his badge at a Border Patrol agent and demands to be put in the transport van. The agent insists that he can ride in a chase car. Mahone threatens to go over the agent's head. The agent is not impressed. Mahone's continued pleading gets him nowhere. The Brothers are moved from their cell.

Mr. Kim and another man, let's call him Old Bald Man, watch the news and hear that The Brothers are now being prepared for transport. Kim is fuming. His phone rings and he lashes out at Mahone. But it is Kellerman on the other end. He's amused to hear the frustration in Kim's voice. Kim threatens to kill Kellerman if he calls again. OBM passes Kim a note, it directs him to put the call on speaker. Kellerman offers up a solution to both of their problems. He has a man inside the transport detail, and can assure that The Brothers are dead before the day is out. The catch is that Kellerman gets back "in". With direct access to the President.

The convoy rolls along a highway. Mahone and Scofield eye each other from their respective vehicles. Kim calls Mahone to tell him that Kellerman has a plan to take out The Brothers near Albuquerque. Mahone takes the news in stride, and asks where that leaves him in all of this. Kim tells him that his new task is to ensure that, during the confusion, Kellerman takes a bullet. Mahone doesn't like this at all. He was willing to kill the convicts, but this is beyond the deal he had made. Kim, in his usual sarcastic manner, advises Mahone that their deal involved Mahone taking out The Brothers, but that hasn't happened. But cleaning up the Kellerman mess for them would go a long way to making things right. We see the face of OBM. Kim is nervous when he talks to him. Linc asks Michael if he regrets helping him. Scofield tells him that he knows Linc would have done the same for him. But he regrets the outcome, but not the act.

Linc flashes back to their childhood. It's a story about them being moved to another foster home because of Linc getting in trouble. Back in the van, Linc tells Michael that he's sorry for getting him in trouble so much. Just then they notice that Linc's bonds aren't locked. The padlock between his feet is in place, but not closed. They are puzzled. You can just see the wheels turning in Scofield's head. Mahone's phone rings, Kellerman is calling. They go over the plan for Albuquerque.

The transport convoy moves through Albuquerque, and toward destiny. They enter a highway tunnel. Only to be stopped by a semi truck that has blocked all of the travel lanes. Many members of the detail get out to try and get a handle on the situation. Eventually the guards from the transport van are called out. One of them accidentally leaves the keys on the bench seat. The Brothers see the keys and start to think of escape. They see an open door in the tunnel. They both thing that it's too easy. Mahone is watching, imploring them to make a break. They decide that they're being set up to be gunned down. Kellerman and Mahone decide that if The Brothers don't take the bait within five minutes, they'll clear the traffic and find another spot to pop them.

The guards announce that they're moving out. The truck begins to move. Mahone looks disgusted that The Brothers haven't run. Linc and Michael talk it over some more. Scofield thinks they can contact Sara once they make it back to Fox River. Linc is convinced they need to run. Sara could be dead, he'll be dead within a week, and Scofield will be locked up for life. At least until someone finds a way to get to him. The window of opportunity is closing fast. Linc wins the argument. Mahone calls Kellerman to tell him that the game is afoot. Kellerman has his men stop the traffic again. The Brothers uncuff themselves and break for the door. Guards run, shots are fired, but The Brothers make it through the door. Scofield locks it behind them. Mahone watches the other guards work the door as he makes his way for another route. The Brothers high tail it down a corridor. Mahone is right behind. The Brothers find their way through the maze of tunnels, going where Mahone and Kellerman want them to go.

The Brothers find a fork in the road. They can go ahead through a door, or up through another, less obvious route. They choose the less obvious. Mahone tells Kellerman. He leaves his spot behind a sniper rifle and heads down into the tunnels. Scofield makes Linc promise that he'll find Sara if they get separated.

The chase ends in large room. Kellerman races down a set of stairs, and Mahone approaches from behind. Kellerman takes aim and fires. Linc turns to see the target. Mahone falls to the ground, a bullet in his shoulder. The Brothers look incredulously at Kellerman. He explains that the President ruined their lives and his life, and together they can take "the bitch down". But they have to make a run right now. The trio dash up the stairs. Episode over.

The Review
Holy crap. To the folks over at "Lost", this is how you do a Fall Finale. Where to begin? Let's start with poor old Bellick. If it weren't for bad luck, he'd have none at all. Ever since Scofield stepped foot in Fox River his life has been in a downward spiral. And when he thought that at least he'd be able to have a nice cushie bid at Fox River that even gets taken from him. All because of Scofield. Was the wide shot of Bellick in his cell a lot like the wide shot of Scofield in his cell back in season one? I have a problem with this turn of events though. Where does this storyline go from here? Escape from Fox River will be damn near impossible now. And he can't rely on the other COs for help. So Bellick is basically stuck with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. The storyline of Bellick surviving in prison has limited appeal, to me at least.

Sucre survived and is, doubtless, on his way to his beloved Maricruz. And our good friend T-Bag has found the woman of his dreams. I'm sure that we're in for a few episodes involving the mental and/or physical torture of this poor woman. Poor tormented Sara. What is a girl to do? The man she loves, who was going to save her, is (as far as she knows) in custody and headed back to Illinois. Hopefully she'll pay more attention to the news going forward as I'm sure word of the newest escape will be the leading story.

Mahone will be disgraced. He'll tell Kim that it was Kellerman who shot him, and that might gain him some leeway. But OBM will probably not be happy with Kim either. Those two will be on shaky ground until and unless they can kill The Brothers and now Kellerman.

Even though he didn't turn per se, Kellerman did eventually come to the rescue of Scofield and Burrows. But what is his end game? Sure he said that he wanted to take down Reynolds (and The Company will likely fall along with her). But where does he go from there presuming he succeeds? It's not like he can sign a fat book deal and retire to Barbados and sip margaritas with topless island girls for the rest of his days. An organization like The Company might be damaged, but they'll still be around. And one day they'll find him. Maybe he'll just be satisfied with seeing Kim and Reynolds go down. And anything after that is unimportant.

Won't it be awkward when The Trio and Sara finally meet up? "Hi Sara. I know that I tried to kill you and all. But it's okay now. I'm going to help you and Michael and Lincoln and make this all better. K?" Yeah, not likely. I will also be very interested to see how Scofield and Burrows deal with their new found ally. They are not the trusting sort, and I can't imagine they're just going to accept help from a guy who was intent on killing them just a day before. At least not without some arguing, and maybe a "who's the boss" beat down just to make sure. Just nine short weeks until we find out.

*As previously noted: Prison Break will be back with new episodes starting on January 29, 2007. A "story so far" show will air on January 22.

Posted by Jeff on November 28, 2006 7:03 AM
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Great season finale!!!!

-- Posted by: Sheridan at November 28, 2006 9:46 AM

Now, did Michael and Linc know of Kellerman? I don't recall them ever meeting face to face or seeing each other? Perhaps, by the time Sara reaches Scofield, Kellerman will have sacrificed himself for the good of the cause... I was glad to see Kellerman turn on Kim to save the day....

-- Posted by: C at November 28, 2006 3:19 PM

Yes, I agree I loved "The Killing Box." I personally thought it would be Mahone switching sides, but I like the idea of Kellerman on the other side even better.

I'm betting Mahone isn't all the way dead though. William Fitchner played him great, and I'm betting he'll be back when the hiatus returns. I'm thinking he may be the first thing we see when we come back from the hiatus. Mahone rolling around on the ground in pain.


-- Posted by: Aaron at November 28, 2006 3:24 PM

I don't care how much charm T-Bag spills - I would not go out on a date with that character - he's skivvy...

-- Posted by: C at November 28, 2006 4:29 PM

For an FBI agent, Mahone sure is weak. I think we've seen a couple of the others get shot and/or whatnot and still move on through the pain. One shot to the shoulder and Mahone passes out "like a little schoolgirl!"

-- Posted by: C at November 28, 2006 10:49 PM

I have to agree with C. The thing I find most unbelievable about this show (and believe me, I don't look for reality in my TV) is that ANYONE would go out with T-Bag. Ew... ew... ew. It just goes to show you how desperate some women are I guess. Since when has the homeless, handless and scar-filled look been considered a good catch?

I don't like what is going on with Bellick AT ALL. Granted, the guy had something coming to him, but I just can't help but feel bad for him. He takes care of his mom, wanted to be near her... and that time that he almost killed himself. He's a sad character, no matter how jerky he is. In reality, I would think he wouldn't last one day in Fox River.

Glad to see Kellerman finally switch teams, even though it's a little late.

And hooray for Sucre!

-- Posted by: Rachel at November 29, 2006 10:48 PM

What gets me about the Bellick situation is how easily he rolled over and took the deal. It's true that the DA had a lot of circumstantial evidence. But could they prove means (yes), motive (hell yes), AND opportunity (not so much)? A quick check of hotel security would tell them that Bellick never entered the hotel.
He knows he didn't do it. But he still took a plea for 25 years? I don't buy it.

-- Posted by: Jeff at November 30, 2006 4:50 AM

Here are a couple of questions to ponder during the break:
1) If Denise doesn't see the Wanted poster, does T-Bag kill her?

2) Is Kellerman playing both sides? Is he trying to get "the information" while at the same disgracing Bill Kim? With his end game being that he'll be the hero for the President, marginalize Kim, and eliminate the threat posed by Linc and "the information".

-- Posted by: Jeff at November 30, 2006 4:53 AM

Where from do i know the Old Bald Man?
he hasn's appeared on prison break before right? so where could i have seen him? in the movies? other series?

btw... damn cliffhanger

-- Posted by: malde at December 2, 2006 2:24 AM

I'm not sure if Sara really threw away her phone. And to me too, Mahone isn't dead.

-- Posted by: sorryformyenglish at December 29, 2006 7:21 PM


-- Posted by: b-ritt at January 17, 2007 11:21 AM

Here is your needs...


-- Posted by: louise at July 12, 2007 8:37 AM

Here is your needs...


-- Posted by: louise at July 12, 2007 8:37 AM

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