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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Rendezvous

The Recap
Robert KnepperT-Bag is walkin' on sunshine as we open this week. He's still tied to the chair, and bleeding, as Katrina and The Waves serenade. Bellick is looking through the kitchen. Geary is looking through T-Bag's stuff and finds a little box. He asks what it is for and T-Bag tells him that it's for his blood pressure. Just then Bellick finds an old school meat tenderizer. Geary and Bellick argue about how to proceed since beating T-Bag has yet to yield results. T-Bag tells them that it doesn't matter what they do, he's not telling them anything. Geary continues the torture with Katrina and the Waves. Bellick pounds his hand wound with the tenderizer. T-Bag, ever insolent says he'll give them a hint; "it ain't here" he says. Bellick smacks him upside the head with the tenderizer.

In Chicago at the FBI office everyone is happy to hear about the apprehension of Linc. Someone marks an X through his picture. But no one can find Mahone. Kellerman is also trying to reach our way-ward FBI agent. He receives a call from Mr. Kim and the two shadowy figures discuss the arrest of Burrows and how to handle the next steps. Kellerman says that he can't find Mahone, but he'll go ahead and take care of things. Kim would rather that Mahone take the lead.

Dominic PurcellOut in Wilcox, Arizona the most wanted fugitive in all of America is being taken in by two cops in a single cruiser. No backup, no helicopter escort. Nothing. Just two cops and a car. And LJ is with them too. What could possibly go wrong? Linc tries to plead with the officers that LJ is not involved. A black van approaches. The police quickly determine that it is not there as backup. The van rams the cruiser. After a few more pushes, the cruiser goes off the road. The van stops and disgorges several thugs and a blond. Linc and LJ make a break for it. They are grabbed by the thugs. The blond tries to calm Linc down, but he head-butts her instead. She begins to threaten him when he asks who they are. She tells him, quite sternly, that they are on his side. And that they work with his father.

At O'Hare, Kellerman finally get in touch with Mahone. He tells Mahone that Burrows has been captured and he has to get to Arizona immediately. Mahone protests, he'd rather stay right where he is and get Scofield. At the Sundown Hotel, Sara flashes back to the day she found her father hanging in his office. She remembers that strange key. She turns out her purse to try and find it again. It goes on her key ring.

We are next taken to Trinidad, CO. But before we continue, an aside. Trinidad, CO is a 10-hour drive from Willcox, AZ. And to get from Willcox to Trinidad, one would pass fairly close to Gila, NM (Gila is located on the road that runs NW-SE that is above "Lordsburg" on this map at this zoom level. Almost directly above the L in Lordsburg). Is this more poor planning on the writers' end? Or did they mean to move Linc another day away from Scofield? Moving on...

Dominic PurcellThe van stops in front of a big house on a sprawling estate. An unbound Linc and LJ emerge. One of the house thugs gives Linc a dirty look. Linc isn't having it. Blondie emerges, still nursing a lip wound. Linc is still belligerent toward Blondie. He says he's not doing anything until he sees Pops. Blondie tells him that his flight lands in an hour. After a quick stand-off about trust Blondie asks if Linc and LJ had anywhere else they needed to be. Linc tells her that they do, in fact. A step to leave is blocked by Blondie. She tells him that Pops was expecting Micheal as well. Linc declines to tell Blondie where Micheal is located.

Mahone stops in at the front desk of a Gila hotel looking for Scofield. Back at the Sundown, there's a knock at Sara's door. It's the hotel "concierge" informing her of a fax. He slides it under the door. The fax reads simply "One Hour. 16781 Butterfield Road."

Amaury NolascoWe zoom in from above outside of Dinosaur, Nebraska on a car stopped on the side of the road. (Where do they come up with these towns?) It's Scure trying to fix his used car. After he determines the effort is futile, he sets out on foot. Near-by he finds a pay phone at a gas station. He rips down the "Fox River Eight" wanted poster flanking the phone. Some coins drop and Sucre is connected to Maricruz's sister, Teresa. She tells him that Mari is not there. Sucre pleads to talk to her. Teresa tells him that she and Mari are going on the honeymoon trip to Ixtapa Mexico, and Maricruz will be there just before 2. Scure tells Teresa to take the number off the caller ID and have Maricruz call him when she gets there.

Sarah Wayne CalliesSara drives down the lonely dirt road known as Butterfield. She crosses some train tracks and circles back. A rusty mailbox reads "16781", she stops. She gets out and surveys the barren landscape. She then checks the mailbox for another possible message; nothing. A car rolls up silently. Sara gets back into her car. She notices the old beater and gets back out. It's Micheal. They approach each other. Sara tells Scofield that she didn't have a choice but to come. She asks him about his plan to "make this right". Mahone, meanwhile, makes it to the Sundown. The clerk shows him Sara's check-in documents. The clerk asks if Mahone is the guy who was calling about sending in a fax earlier in the day. Mahone rushes round to print out the previous fax from the machine's memory.

Wentworth MillerScofield tells Sara that his plan is to get to meet up with Linc and head to Panama. Sara is less than thrilled with that plan, "to run away to Panama with the two most wanted men in America". She was looking for "real answers". Knowing that her actions let T-Bag out doesn't thrill her. Scofield tries to apologize. He rationalizes with the old argument that Linc is innocent and was about to die. Sara drops the bomb that her father is dead because of all this. Scofield takes it bad. Scofield tries to apologize some more. He tries to convince her that she doesn't need to be alone. She comes over, not wanting to be alone. Just then Scofield spots Mahone's car fast approaching. A game of chicken ensues. Mahone's cruiser up against the old beater. At the last second, Scofield glances off Mahone and skids onto a side road. Mahone is sent off the road, but gets back on track. Mahone rams them and they crash into the side of a building in an industrial complex. The chase proceeds on foot. Scofield and Sara disappear into the bowels of the facility.

Robert KnepperBack in Tribune, Geary is heating up some skewers. For some reason Bellick unties T-Bag to bring him into the kitchen. Just before Geary can apply the new torture implements T-Bag makes a break. He flees into another room where he is tackled by the former corrections officers. The locker key skids across the floor. Geary shouts about the key. T-Bag lunges across the room, grabs the key, and swallows it. Bellick installs a colander in the toilet. He then pushes T-Bag down onto the john and secures him with duct tape. Geary arrives with some "digestive aids". The first they try is some (tobacco) dip. They tell T-Bag "no spitting".

Scure is waiting for his call when a police car rolls up to the gas station. He ducks around the corner. Just then, of course, the phone rings. One officer goes inside. The other stays with the car. Sucre flashes back to his time with Maricruz. The phone stops ringing.

Scofield and Sara see Mahone arrive. Sara figures they can run before Mahone calls for back-up. Scofield tells her that he won't call for backup since he'd rather kill him than arrest him.

Dominic PurcellLinc tells LJ that Pops is the reason Linc was setup. That those people wanted to get at his father so they had Linc framed. Blondie, Jane it turns out, tells Linc that Pops is about to arrive. Linc asks her if she knows Pops. She does, they used to work together at "The Company". But now they work together against them. She tells him that Pops really wants to see him and LJ and Micheal. Since he hasn't seen Micheal since he was 10 years old. Linc grabs LJ and runs. He tells him that Scofield never met Pops, so it must be a setup. Some house thugs corner Linc. Pops arrives.

Wentworth MillerScofield and Sara look for another exit. He send her off in another direction while he tires to distract Mahone. He grabs a pipe. Mahone cautiously surveys the area with his gun drawn. Scofield tips over another pipe to keep Mahone from finding Sara. Kellerman, meanwhile, is at the crash site in Arizona. He calls Mr. Kim who tells him that someone will take care of the Burrows situation now that he's on the loose again. Kim tells Kellerman to get back onto Sara's trail. They need to know what Daddy told her. Kellerman reluctantly leaves the scene. Sara makes her way back to the front of the complex and Mahone's car. Scofield cuts his arm on a valve or something while Mahone is on his trail. Sara looks for keys to no avail. She then attempts to hot wire the car. Scofield is backed into a corner. But he spots some propane tanks. There's a fenced in cage there also. He opens the propane valves and lets the room fill with the gas.

Wade WilliamsBellick and Geary are looking through magazines and talking about boats. T-Bag groans. Turns out he's produced some output. Geary is tasked with looking through the mess. He tosses the key to Bellick. Bellick calls 911 on his cell to report that someone has broken into his house. T-Bag is tied to a radiator. He pleads, but Bellick and Geary high tail it to the bus station.

William FichtnerMahone approaches the area where we last saw Scofield. He hears the hissing but proceeds anyway. He moves into the cage area. Just as he realizes what's up, Scofield locks the gate. Mahone points his gun. Scofield tells him that the room is full of propane and a shot will kill them both. Mahone isn't happy. He tries the other gate in the cage. Mahone screams that he'll do it and kill them both. Scofield works Mahone's guilt. Asking him if he still thinks he's one of the good guys. Mahone tells him that the propane will kill him anyway. Scofield breaks open the window to let some out. Scofield tells him that he should remember that no matter how close he gets, Scofield will always win. Scofield walks away, but Mahone has one last barb to toss out. That the difference between them is that Scofield won't kill while Mahone will and won't give it a second thought. And that the only way Scofield can stop him is to kill him. Mahone also drops that he knows they are heading to Panama. That causes Scofield to pause. Sara comes back with her rental car while Micheal gets his things from the other car. They leave the scene.

Wade WilliamsBellick and Geary find the locker and grab the backpack. They take it outside and inspect the contents. It's full of the money. As Bellick rejoices, Geary pulls out the tenderizer. He tells Bellick to hand over the money. Bellick isn't amused. Geary beats him and grabs the pack. "Next time, you pick through the crap" is how Geary leaves.

Sarah Wayne CalliesSara returns to the car with some basic medical supplies. They adjourn to the hotel. Scure is out of his mind. He's found another pay phone. He calls Teresa and leaves a message on Teresa's phone. He tells them that he'll meet them at the airport in Ixtapa. And they can go to his aunt's farm to live. A quick flash back to the used car lot reveals that Scofield told Sucre about Bolshoi Booze. Hector bursts into a house (Teresa's?) looking for Maricruz. He finds the travel itinerary. He's not pleased.

Sara tends to Scofield's injury. They have an heart-to-heart. Sara compares Scofield's escape and run from the law to chasing a high. And she should know better than to be a part of that. Scofield tries to convince her that he only needs one more day to get them all to freedom. She sends him to clean up.

Dominic PurcellPops addresses Linc and LJ. Pops is surprised to find out that LJ isn't named after him, Aldo Burrows. Pops has arranged a safe place to hide out. Linc tells him that they are meeting up with Micheal at Bolshoi Booze and will cross the border. Aldo offers to go get Scofield. He also tells them that they don't need to go to Panama to be free. A thug gets a call from Mr. Kim. Kim tells Thug to take out the Burrows Three.

T-Bag struggles against his bounds. Turns out Dr. Gudat was a pretty good doc. Scofield emerges from the shower to find an empty hotel room. On the table is a note written on one of the unfolded cranes. "This time I know better. I'm sorry..." Scofield is devastated. Sara makes her way to her car. She starts the car and begins to cry. She stops the car and gets out. But before she can return to Scofield, Kellerman points his gun at her.

The Review
This episode felt a lot like "Subdivision" in that some small stories needed to be told in order to move on to some bigger plot points. The biggest revelation this week was the name of Poppa Burrows.

Kellerman is still chaffing at the new power structure in place. But, so far, he's being a good little soldier and doing what he is told. I still wonder just how long that will last. Part of me thinks that right now Kellerman is trying to get to Scofield and/or Burrows in order to somehow ally with them and take down the President. The old "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" routine. I'm probably wrong on that, but ever since Mr. Kim came aboard Kellerman has seemed to be on a different page with regards to the grand conspiracy.

Sucre remains dumb. Stop using the phone and calling people the Feds know you'll try to contact. How this guy hasn't been put back in the lock-up I don't know.

I would not have figured Geary to be the double-crossing type. He seemed so meek and subservient. The question I have on this front is how is Micheal going to get the money back?

Overall I was mostly bored during this episode. Hopefully we'll get back to the action and startling revelations next week.

Posted by Jeff on November 7, 2006 6:46 AM
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Come on, Sara, you didn't want to take a bite out of that eye candy that is Michael Scofield? What is wrong with you, girlfriend?!

Man, no offense, but can you run a spellcheck or proofread your blog before you publish? I want to take my red sharpie and mark up my screen!

-- Posted by: C at November 7, 2006 3:54 PM

Not only should Sara have stayed with Michael because he's hot and obviously cares for her, but sheesh... everyone that leaves that guy ends up screwed! Look at Linc! And I fear for Sucre...

Can't believe that Geary actually had those balls. My guess is that he is going to end up in a ditch somewhere. Despite tonight's actions, he just is not that smart.

-- Posted by: Rachel at November 7, 2006 10:50 PM

How Sucre has eluded the authorities is beyond me. Every phone call should result in the local cops being on his tail within minutes.
Maybe that just reinforces the idea that Scofield and Burrows are more important because of directives from on high.

I expect Geary to come to a bad end of some kind. Either at the hand of Bellick or by being hood-winked by Scofield.

-- Posted by: Jeff at November 8, 2006 4:31 AM

Jeff: Geary had better hope that Scofield gets to him first. Remember, he's not a killer -- or at least not yet. And I can't imagine he'd start with Geary!

-- Posted by: Rachel at November 8, 2006 10:38 PM

Geary would be nothing to him really. So Scofield would probably just trick him somehow in order to get the money back.

The only problem of course is that Scofield doesn't even know Geary has the cash. As far as he knows T-Bag has it and is headed to who-knows-where.

But the money is a big part of the plan. So he must be thinking of a way to get it back.

-- Posted by: Jeff at November 9, 2006 4:43 AM

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