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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Disconnect

The Recap
I'm going to try something different this time around. I'm going to do the recap in a style very similar to Mac's format for "Lost". We'll see how this works out.

Michael, Linc, Sucre, and Aldo

Wentworth Miller
Dominic Purcell
Amaury Nolasco
"It was you!" spits Michael. Aldo tries to calm him down. Linc looks on in confusion. Sucre has no idea what is going on. Michael flashes back to his childhood as he's thrown into a dark room with just a water heater for company. Linc demands to know what is going on. Michael explains that after their mother died and Linc was sent to juvi he was placed with a foster family. The foster father, though, was a right bastard. He'd lock Michael in this dark room for extended periods. Michael then tells his companions about how he'd adjusted to the dark and would find ways to escape. Only to be beaten down by the foster father.

Linc asks Michael if it was Aldo that did those things to him. Aldo tries to talk to Michael about it. Michael is distraught as he looks upon Aldo. He asks him "How could you do that to another human being? With your own hands?" We flash back again to young Michael. The door to the room is opened and we see Aldo's face. He looks down at Michael; the boy is scared. Aldo tells him that he's safe, and offers his hand. Young Michael takes it and the pair leave. Aldo tells him not to look back, but of course he does. He sees the foster father laying on the floor in a pool of blood. He runs. Aldo (present day) assures Michael that everything will be okay.

Michael is still quite angry with Aldo. He grills him on why it took six months to get him out of the foster home. Aldo explains that the state kept moving him around. Aldo tries to justify his absence by explaining that The Company has been after him for a long time. And that by staying away from Michael and Linc he was protecting them. Sucre is obviously impatient; he checks his watch frequently. Aldo and Linc tell Michael that there is a tape that will fix everything. And that they think Sara has the tape.

Aldo tells Michael that the government thinks Sara has the tape even if she doesn't actually have it. Michael says that when he saw her yesterday she didn't indicate that she had anything of the sort. Linc asks if Michael can contact her, he tells them that they had cell phones. But out here in the scrub he can't get a signal. Sucre is still stressing over making it to the plane. But before the boys can address that situation they hear a noise on the top of a near-by hill.

Mahone crests the hill, he looses a shot at the boys. They run for cover. Mahone repositions. They ask Sucre where his car is located. It's very close he tells them. Aldo takes the gun and orders the boys to make a run for the car. They break away as Aldo provides cover fire. The boys make it to the car. They throw it in reverse and head back for Aldo. The back door flings open and Aldo runs for the car. Mahone lines up and looses a salvo. Aldo stumbles, but makes it to the car. They speed away. The boys are celebrating their escape. Aldo is slumped over, Michael looks him over and finds a gun shot wound in his belly. He orders Scure to find a hospital. Linc is stunned. Aldo is convinced that he's done. He apologizes to them for leaving.

The boys spot a roadside sign showing a near-by hospital. Aldo tells them they can't go, they'll be caught. Michael tells him that they don't care. Aldo coughs out that they need to find Sara. And once they do it will end all of this.

Michael and Linc have buried their father. They talk over a make-shift grave site. Sucre sits over by the car. Michael laments that they only had one day with their father. Scofield flashes back to the last moments in the car. Aldo professes his fatherly love for the boys; just before he expires. Scofield laments that too many people have died because he wanted to set Linc free. Linc tries to console him. They talk about the conspiracy spreading and getting bloodier. But Michael wonders if that blood might be on their hands. Scure comes over and tells them that they need to get going to meet the plane.

The plane lands. Scure runs up, he's happy to be on his way. Scofield and Burrows stand on the tarmac, grim looks on their faces. They tell Sucre that they're not going. The pilot wants to get going, but Sucre jumps down to talk to Michael. Scure realizes he can't talk them out of staying, and thanks Michael for getting him out. He boards the plane and it heads down the runway. The Brothers have stern looks on their faces. They are prepared to take up the fight that Aldo started. "Today is the day we stop running," declares Michael. The plane ascends and banks toward Mexico. The Brothers decide to head to a border town with a cell signal so they can call Sara. The plane flies right over Mahone. The Brothers are driving along when they hear a sound in the distance. They pull over just as a jet flies overhead, and toward Sucre. Before they can talk much about how they were found out, Linc spots Mahone's car approaching. They get in the car and head away.

Driving down a lonely highway Michael scans for a cell signal. Linc says that he can't see Mahone anywhere. But Michael is sure he's still on their trail. His phone gets a signal for a brief moment and then disconnects. Scofield has them turn around back toward the signal. They find the spot again and Scofield dials Sara's number. But before they can talk Mahone rams their car. The Brothers emerge from the wreckage in a daze. The phone has slid across the highway. It rings. Michael makes for the phone as Mahone emerges from his car. He draws his gun on the Brothers. Sara answers. And that's the end of the episode.

Sara and Kellerman

Sarah Wayne Callies
Sara is still underwater. She's struggling to escape. In the background she can hear the TV. Out in the bedroom of the hotel room Kellerman is preparing to dispose of Sara's body. There's a knock at the door. It's the hotel manager. Seems the loud volume on the TV has bothered the neighbors. Kellerman pledges to turn it down. The manager insists that he do it right away. Kellerman relents. The manager then hears the sound of Sara struggling in the tub. Kellerman tells him that it's his daughter making bath time into play time, and that he'll clean it up.

Meanwhile, Sara sees that she might be able to reach the plug in the tub drain. Kellerman sits on the bed, a tarp and hacksaw arranged on the floor. He seems to still be having his doubts about what he is doing. But before he can explore his thoughts any further he hears the sound of water draining. With gun in hand he storms into the bathroom. The tub is empty. Just then Sara comes from hiding with the fully heated iron. She pushes it into Kellerman's chest with all of her might. He screams and falls to the floor. The gun slides away. She gathers up her purse and belongings, and tries to run past but Kellerman is still able enough to block her way. She retreats to the window and pushes out the screen. It's a two-story drop with only a late model sedan to break her fall. She looks back to see Kellerman reaching for the gun. Out she goes, landing side first on the windshield of the car. Kellerman gets up and makes for the window. Looking down all he sees is the damaged car with a rather large blood stain on the broken glass.

Kellerman is on the phone, and he's holding a large bag of ice against his burned chest. He's talking to a hospital to see if Sara might have gone for help. But no one matching her description has arrived at the ER of that particular hospital. He hears a call-waiting beep; it's Mr. Kim. He switches over and lies to Kim; telling him that he's dealing with her body and has to get going. Mr. Kim insists on a "proof of death" picture from Kellerman's phone. Kellerman tries to get out of it, but Kim is quite insistent on the matter. He hangs up.

Kellerman emerges from a hospital, he's on the phone with Kim. He's asking where the picture is. Kellerman tells him there was a "tactical error". Kim then utters a soon-to-be classic line "I don't want terminology from the Cover Your Ass Handbook". Kellerman tries to explain how Sara escaped. Kim is not happy, he hangs up on Kellerman. Sara, meanwhile uses a match to sterilize a needle. She's in the stall of a bathroom, attempting to stitch up her arm wound. She shakes as she pushes the needle through her skin.

Kellerman places a call to the White House from a payphone. He identifies himself and asks to speak with the President. The operator tells him that they don't know of any agent by that name. He stops and calls the operator by her name and asks to be put through to the President. The operator tells him again that they don't know who he is. He slams down the phone. A few more coins go in and he leaves a message for Mr. Kim. He tells him that he's dedicated his life to this country. Kim is consulting with a technician. They are working on removing Kellerman from every photo with the President. "Make him a ghost", orders Kim.


William Fichtner
Our troubled FBI lead agent strides across the dry desert and arrives at the shack from last episode. He finds the evidence of the shooting (blood), the fake nitro vials, and a set of footprints. He follows them out of the shack and back into the desert.

Fresh off his shootout with the boys Mahone is on the phone and speeding down the highway. He's ordering an APB on the sedan. His phone rings; the caller tells him about something at a hospital. He arrives and is escorted by a local police officer. The officer tells him that the guy in question came in with a bad gun shot wound. He leads Mahone to the room. They ran his name through the system and it came back with two drug smuggling warrants. It's Plane Man from "Bolshoi Booze". He tells Mahone that he has information about where and when Scofield and the rest will be making their escape. But of course he wants a deal before he'll talk.

Mahone hangs up and enters Plane Man's room. He tells him that he has a deal; all charges dropped, and the government will pay for his medical care until he's fit to be deported. But Plane Man would rather have citizenship. But Plane Man doesn't know that he's talking to a pretty unstable guy who doesn't really care about rules and regulations that much. Mahone starts unplugging machines. He shoos out a nurse who runs in to see what is going on.

Back on the road, Mahone is barking orders. Border patrol needs to be on alert. The local Navy air station needs to get an intercept plane in the air. He gives the other end of the phone the description of the plane. He wants authorization for a cross-border pursuit. And finally, if the plane has to be shot down, do it.

C-Note and Family
C-Note and his daughter are sitting by a lake in Harvey, North Dakota. They are reading a children's book about a boy and a dragon. The story provides a parable to their current situation; about how when you love someone you'll do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy. C-Note and Mrs. Note share a moment as well. They feel that they are close to being safe and happy.

The Note family is having lunch. Little Note complains of a sorry tummy. Mrs. Note turns from the grill and asks C-Note if he got her medicine. He says that he just grabbed her and ran. Little Note can only go two days without her drugs. C-Note tells Mrs. that he'll get whatever the little girl needs. Mrs. Note produces a prescription for Dexamethasone.

C-Note and Little Note sit in the camper while Mrs. Note goes inside a pharmacy to get the prescription filled. Inside the pharmacist asks about insurance. Mrs. Note says she doesn't have any. The pharmacist is alarmed that she's buying such an expensive drug without coverage. Mrs. Note just wants to pay cash; she drops to hundreds on the counter to pay the $125 tab. The pharmacist goes back to finish up and sees a newspaper. On the front page is a picture of C-Note and Mrs. Note. The pharmacist is now really alarmed. She takes the money and tells Mrs. Note that she'll have to go in the back to make change for the hundred.

C-Note watches more customers emerge from the pharmacy, but his wife is not among them. He's becoming nervous. Inside, the pharmacist slowly counts out the change. Mrs. Note finally makes it out of the store. But the police have arrived. She backs up and drops the medicine into a near-by trash can. Two cops emerge from the vehicle and stop Mrs. Note. They ask her for ID. She tells them that she didn't bring any since she walked over. They ask her to tell them where her husband is; they've made her. She tells them that she doesn't know where he is. They cuff her and put her in the car. C-Note tells Little Note that they have to meet-up with mommy later.


Wade Williams

Robert Knepper
At the police station in Tribune, Bellick is pacing in an office. The detective from last episode (Slattery) soon arrives. She's friendly and wants to talk to Bellick about Geary. She asks him what they were up to in Tribune. She says that she doesn't really buy that they were here as tourists. But she doesn't care if they were cheating on their wives or having some "Brokeback" action; she just wants to figure out what happened to Geary. Bellick leans forward and tells her that they had a lead that told them T-Bag was in Tribune. He tells a story that they were going to bring him in and split the reward. But after they couldn't find him they split up. Bellick explains that he thinks T-Bag may have found Geary and did the deed.

Bellick and Slattery get coffee and donuts. Bellick tells her that if the find T-Bag he might have some of Geary's things with him. And that his backpack is of special importance. He'd like to get that if possible and get it back to Geary's "wife" as soon as they can. She promises him that he can. Slattery then starts to tell Bellick that the other Tribune cops are concerned about something. But she stops short and tells him it's nothing. She also promises him that if he just tells them what he knows and the apprehend T-Bag he'll get most of or all of the reward money. Bellick wants to know what the guys were concerned about. She tells him that they are still trying to figure out how he got the injury on his forehead from an attacker who supposedly approached from behind. He tells her that they found him out. He tells her another story about them having a fight about how to find T-Bag. He then turns on the water works; proclaiming that he wishes they had never fought. That if they hadn't Geary might still be here. Slattery buys it.

Slattery hangs up her phone. Turns out Bellick sent her on a lead to the house from a couple episodes back. She tells him that a unit was sent out on an anonymous call about an intruder earlier in the day, but nothing was found. She asks why Bellick didn't go to the house himself. Bellick says they couldn't find it. She tells him it's listed. Another detective knocks and gets Slattery's attention. She goes over. He shows her something in an envelope, and they talk in hushed tones. She walks back over and asks Bellick if he's been to the Fauntleroy Hotel. He says he's never heard of it. She shows him a receipt they found in Geary's room. It's covered in blood and has Bellick's credit card number on it. He feigns ignorance. We're shown a flashback to that moment when T-Bag sees the receipt in the backpack and a grin spreads across his face. Slattery now turns into a cop. She tells Bellick about her first murder case. A woman was attacked by her boyfriend and left for dead. But she had enough left in her to dial her boyfriend's number in her cell phone. This relates to Bellick in so much as the receipt was found in Geary's hand; his finger pointing at Bellick's name. He then tries to tell her the real story; about the $5million and the torture of T-Bag. But since he's been lying all along, Slattery isn't buying it this time.

Now very nervous, Bellick paces the same office as before. Slattery re-enters the room. Bellick demands to know what is going on. He says he's leaving since they would have arrested him by now if they could. She produces a tape recorder. She plays Bellick's message to Geary. She tells him that he'll be better off if he admits to the crime. He becomes agitated and tells her that he didn't murder Geary, and that Bagwell set him up. Two other cops come into the room and put Bellick in cuffs. Slattery Mirandizes him.

The Review
Remember what I said about Kellerman turning into a good guy? Yeah, forget that. It's become obvious to me that he's more concerned with how the President perceives him than anything else. And that he also doesn't agree with Mr. Kim's management of the situation. Sure Kellerman will kill when needed. But he appreciates that you can't just kill everyone. He alluded to that a few episodes back when he made the comment about how many bodies can they sweep under the rug. So, now I think that he'll focus on dealing with Mr. Kim and working his way back into President Reynold's good graces.

I also think I was wrong about Mahone. I can't imagine he'd have shot to kill, and then gone on to ram their car if he was trying to "join up" with them and help out. I'm now back to square one with trying to figure out his motivation. His actions don't seem to jibe with what we would expect given the phone conversation he had with his ex-wife last week.

The only thing that might still point to a turn by Mahone is the current situation with Scofield and Linc. He puts a bullet in both of them and he's home free. He'll be a hero at the FBI. The Shales information will be buried. And he'll be able to get some of his life back. But not all of it since he's once again had to murder suspects. Plus, the boys have to escape. The show can't go on without them. And the only way out of this that I can see is through negotiation of some kind.

As expected, Bellick was framed by T-Bag for the murder of Geary. Bellick is an odd character. Sometimes he's pretty smart, like how he found out about T-Bag's lady friend in Tribune. Then he turns dumb. At some point he should have just told Slattery that he doesn't know anything else and got his ass out of town. But instead he got himself in deeper and deeper with lies, until it became too late for him to save himself.

Next week is the so-called "Fall Finale". I still have not seen anything on a return date so far. But if I had to guess I think it would go something like this. The end of May Sweeps is May 23, which makes the last Monday the 21st. But that will probably be the last two hours of "24". So the season two finale for "Prison Break" should air on 5/14/07. If they are going to run the final nine installments without repeats that would put the start date on Monday March 19, 2007. Which is pretty much how they did it last season. That's a fifteen week break. I'll figure out something to do to fill this space during that hiatus.

Posted by Jeff on November 21, 2006 7:28 AM
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FYI--it's spelled MICHAEL not Micheal.

-- Posted by: Maurine at November 21, 2006 10:03 AM

Odd. Spell check didn't catch that. I'll go back and fix it.

-- Posted by: Jeff at November 21, 2006 10:45 AM

It was nice to see Bellick get his comeuppance -- especially since he thought he was outwitting that detective, but didn't realize he'd run headlong into Marge Gunderson's doppleganger ;)

-- Posted by: mac at November 21, 2006 1:12 PM

Oh... my poor Sucre. Judging by next week's previews, I am assuming that he lives. Maybe that is just wishful thinking.

Eager to see how Michael and Linc get out of this one. What a psycho Mahone is. Maybe he'll "bring out the gimp..." (remember him in "Pulp Fiction?")

I almost felt bad for Bellick. Sure, he is a total weasel, but he didn't do it... and I sort of felt bad for him. Is that going to be the end of the line for him?

I think there is still a chance that Kellerman could turn into a nice guy. I mean, does he have a choice at this point? Either he switches teams or gets buried...

And is it just me, or does anyone else want to see Mr. Kim share a cell with Bellick?

-- Posted by: Rachel at November 22, 2006 1:06 AM

Well, since we're talking about next week's preview...
I think that Kellerman's sniper rifle is aimed squarely at Mr. Kim's melon.

Bellick is in for some hard times in jail. He can't let it get out that he's a former CO. The other cons would probably be all over him if they found out. But to me that's a bit of "what goes around, comes around".

After thinking about it some more, I think that Mahone has had some kind of mental break-down. He's beset on all sides by the tyranny of evil men [grin], and it has gotten to him. What he does next is a mystery, even to him I'd think.

-- Posted by: Jeff at November 22, 2006 4:54 AM

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-- Posted by: louise at July 12, 2007 12:12 PM

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-- Posted by: louise at July 12, 2007 12:12 PM

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-- Posted by: louise at July 12, 2007 12:12 PM

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