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Prison Break: Unearthed

The Recap
Wentworth MillerWe open at "Blanding Botanical Gardens". This is the place that Scofield said that he had to stop at before heading South. We see Micheal looking around. He glances at his tat and sees a flower on his arm. He sneaks into the back and takes a hat and uniform of the volunteers who tend to the gardens. Another volunteer slightly challenges him, but nothing comes of it. Micheal gets dressed and heads out onto the grounds. After consulting the tourist map of the gardens he finds what he is looking for, the Apache Desert Ghost. Scofield makes his way through the gardens to the flower. Once there though he spots trouble. Two men are waiting, trying to blend in. But Scofield makes them and bolts. The two men, with radios in their ears, spot him also. A chase ensues through the gardens. Scofield escapes.

Dominic PurcellOn the road to New Mexico Linc and LJ have another heart-to-heart. Linc tells LJ that Scofield's plan is dangerous. And since the charges against LJ have been dropped he might want to consider getting out and starting a new life. But LJ isn't having any of that. And Linc doesn't really want him to leave either. They continue on.

Wentworth MillerScofield is in a diner when he hears the TV and a mention of the death of Tweener. He spins around in his chair to see Mahone on the screen giving a press conference. Mahone is shaken when he has to answer the question. Another reporter asks Mahone to comment on a rumor that the FBI has recovered Scofield's hard drive and some of its data. Mahone says "no comment", and is now pissed off. The reporter presses the issue, Mahone continues with the "no comment" routine. Scofield is now thinking back to all the times Mahone was just a step behind him.

William FichtnerBack at FBI HQ, something has come back from the lab. A box containing 3200 nitro-glycerin ampules. For some reason said box is on a desk in the office. The FBI agents figure out that they had to be stored somewhere cool and moist, and a botanical garden is a good place in the Utah desert. And the ampules contain stable medical grade stuff. The total of the nitro, according to a very mad Mahone, could take out a building. Mahone then goes on a tirade about press leaks. He knows that if Scofield saw the report that all the hard drive data is now useless. On the TV, a replay of Mahone's conference shows him mis-quoting Sun Tzu.

Wentworth MillerIn Moab, Scofield has found the local Internet access point. He begins looking up information about Mahone. He finds out about Shales. He also copies a picture of himself to the desktop. Some more digging and he has Mahone's old addresses. He also finds out that Mahone is divorced, and the address of his ex. Lucky for Scofield she lives in Colorado. And even luckier for Scofield, it's just a three hour drive. In the background we hear more of Mahone's press conference. The key part is when Mahone talks about how if you know your enemy you can then go after them with everything you've got. Scofield is smiling. He then makes his way to the local thrift store to pick up some new threads. After a few minutes of searching he finds "exactly what I need". We only see a blurred bit of dark fabric.

William FichtnerAt the FBIHQ Mahone is putting more tacks into the map. C-Note's file is visible on a desk. Mahone has his staff enlarge the printouts that Kellerman gave him last week. Mahone instructs the staff that the "code" relates to a rendezvous that Scofield has set up. He switches gears, this is the day when C-Note and his wife are to meet. C-Note is back in Chicago under a bridge. A feet away some gang types are closing a deal. Just before they can leave, C-Note emerges from his hiding spot. These are the guys he was running with when he was popped. They have a reunion. Then down to business. The thugs advise C-Note that he should probably just get out of town and forget about Wifey. C-Note reminds them that they are free men because he was a good soldier. The thugs then admit they owe him. C-Note decides it's time to collect on that marker. They devise a plan to get Wifey and C-Note's daughter. Wifey straps the little girl into her car. Just then agent Lang shows up. She tells Kacee that the phones are tapped and they know about the rainbow room. But since they aren't booked on any flights to New York, something else is afoot. Lang threatens arrest. Kacee tries to brush her off. Lang then threatens that Dede will be put in foster care after the arrest. Kacee is distraught over the choice.

Somewhere, Bellick is on the phone. Geary approaches with coffee. Bellick is speaking with someone at Fox River, trying to figure out where T-Bag is going. The person on the other ends informs Bellick of something in T-Bag's file that occurred 52 times. Phone call? Letter? Who knows. But Bellick writes something on his hand and tells Geary that they have a lot of road to cover.

Dominic PurcellLinc waits across the street while LJ fetches drinks and food. A waitress from the cafe comes over because LJ left his change. She looks at Linc but heads back to the cafe. As she's walking Linc is suspicious. He implores her to just keep walking. But she stops and turns. They've been made. The waitress runs back to the cafe. The Burrows boys try to figure out how to get to Micheal in New Mexico without the car. LJ feels like Linc blames him for being recognized. They fight and LJ attempts to leave. They reconcile and get back on the road.

Wentworth MillerScofield appears at the front door of Pamela Mahone. He's posing as an FBI agent on a fact finding mission. He tells her that Mahone is up for a promotion and a higher security clearance, hence the check. Over Pam's protests Scofield gets her to answer his questions. He appeals to her sense of being neglected by Alex. She confides that Mahone scares her.

Back in Illinois, Sara is still trying to figure out the rest of the message from Scofield. She has "sundownhot" written on some paper. Just then she serendipitously places the paper on top of her bag of fast food. The last letters in the restaurant's name are "EL" and they fall in just the right place for her to figure it out. A quick call to information finds three Sundown Hotels in the United States. She deduces that the one in Gila, NM is the right one since it's closest to Mexico.

Robert KnepperT-Bag drops off his booty in a locker at the local bus station in Tribune, Kansas. On his way out of the bus station he purchases some flowers, while also absconding with the flower lady's scissors. The flower vendor makes conversation about T-Bag not being from Kansas. He informs her that he hails from the Yellowhammer State (Alabama). The next question is "what brings you to Tribune". T-Bag is lost in thought, but answers "Romance".

C-Note and his thug pals argue about going into the rescue armed. C-Note does not want them to have guns. The thugs relent and the guns are discarded. Kellerman is chased down by an adviser. He's been tracking a name that Kellerman found, "Kelly Foster" (the woman killed in Sara's place last week). She booked a flight to New Mexico and it has just landed. Kellerman dials his phone. At FBIHQ the waitress who spotted Linc has called in from Arizona. Mahone's phone is ringing. It's Kellerman. He tells Mahone that Sara is in New Mexico. They then talk about the code, New Mexico helps. Mahone circles some entries. Then he tells an aide to check the lines for NM and anything that might be a location in New Mexico.

Wentworth MillerScofield is still with Pam. She tells him that Mahone wasn't always such a driven man. That he used to be romantic even. Then something changed. Seems that Mahone wanted everyone out of his life. But that he turned to gardening toward the end of their marriage. Something that was out of character for him. And that he ripped up brand new sod in order to plant a flower bed. This new garden was off-limits to everyone but him. "Sometimes things happen that are just out of your control" was all he would tell her after things changed for him. Pam leaves the room as her emotions start to show. Scofield spots her cell phone, a quick check shows that she still has Mahone's number.

Just outside an amusement park we see a standard issue unmarked FBI van. Inside the agents are prepping Kacee for the meet. She is concerned that C-Note will be hurt. All she has to do is meet him by the merry-go-round. Lang promises that once this is all over Kacee and Dede will be left alone. Kacee exits the van and makes her way to the merry-go-round. Near-by C-Note is informed that she's where she's supposed to be. A thug approaches and tells her that a black Jeep will pull up, she is to run to it. He tells her that Dede is safe and to just go. Kacee runs with the Feebs in hot pursuit. A well timed truck ends the chase. Kacee talks to C-Note, who tells her that Dede is safe, he's picking her up right now. The Feebs had already called for Dede to be pulled out of class.

Scofield asks Pam about Oscar Shales. She tells him that Mahone was obsessed with Shales. She says that Mahone changed after the trail had gone cold. That Mahone one day just told her to be out of the house immediately, the date was June 15. Which corresponds to when Shales was last spotted. Scofield is convinced he has all the info he needs. After a slip by Micheal regarding the organization of the FBI Pam becomes suspicious. Micheal recovers and smooths everything over with a flip comment about bureaucracies. Scofield departs with a smile on his face.

C-Note talks to his boy at the school. He sees the Feds enter the building and bolts for the classroom. He enters and grabs his girl. They run to the car. Back in Kansas, T-Bag approaches his target. He's taken aback at the For Sale sign. He enters anyway. Only to find and empty house. Empty except for some mail and some scattered furniture.

Linc and LJ are now on foot. Another father-son heart-to-heart ensues. This time it's about the girls LJ was ogling at the diner.

T-Bag is fuming over the empty house. He's flashing back to the woman and her kids. He steps through a door into the kitchen, he destroys the flowers. He steps back out of the kitchen and is whacked with the For Sale sign by Bellick.

William FichtnerMahone pours over the filtered results from the code pages. He's frustrated and tosses some papers. His eyes fall on one sheet and one line on that sheet; "elgilanm63". He separates the EL, GILA, and NM. Leaving just the 63. A quick look at his calendar shows it to be June 2nd. The rendezvous will occur tomorrow. His cell rings, the caller ID shows it to be Pam calling. Mahone steels himself for the conversation. He picks up and says that he can't talk right now. But it's not Pam. It's Scofield. Scofield promises Mahone that his family is fine. Scofield is more interested in needling Mahone about the fate of Oscar Shales. Scofield lays it out for Mahone; how he killed Shales and buried him in the backyard. Mahone doesn't bite. We're shown Mahone staring at the birdbath from previous episodes. Scofield keeps digging; pointing out that DNA leeches into the soil. Scofield demands that Mahone back off and let him and Linc and LJ to disappear. In exchange Scofield will keep quiet. Mahone still doesn't give in. However, he is shaken. His only solace is that he thinks he'll have Scofield in his sights very soon.

Robert KnepperT-Bag wakes up and sees Geary and Bellick. T-Bag's tied up to a chair. The former CO's start in on T-Bag. T-Bag gives a little back to Bellick. Bellick tells T-Bag that he found out about the 52 letters T-Bag sent to his lady friend. And that all of the letters were sent back to Fox River "return to sender". He then comments on T-Bag's reconstructed hand. Geary hands over the scissors as Bellick informs T-Bag that he's going to tell them where the money is hidden. T-Bag tells Bellick that he spent "a bunch of it on your momma". Bellick cuts a stitch. T-Bag cries in pain.

Dominic PurcellKacee is waiting anxiously. Another SUV pulls up, it's C-Note and Dede. The three have a joyous reunion. Linc and LJ try to lay low at a train station. They duck into a hall way. One other person is there. He gets up and walks away. Linc is suspicious. Mahone's bird bath is knocked over. We hear the sounds of shoveling. Mahone is deep in a hole. He hits something. A decayed hand. Scofield is on the road to New Mexico, just 73 miles to Gila. The man from before brings a local cop to see Linc and LJ. They try to casually leave the area. The cop gives chase and the Burrows boys run. A radio call goes out. The boys head over a bridge. LJ is hit by a cop car. Linc stops to help. The cops surround them. They are taken into custody. Linc apologies to LJ.

The Review
First off, the Sun Tzu quote that Mahone is looking for goes something like this; "If you know yourself and your enemy you need not fear the outcome of one hundred battles." Is the omission of the first part intentional by the writers? Does Mahone know himself? On the one hand you could make the argument that he is an honorable man. But that he's put himself in such a bad spot that he has to become distant and unfeeling. That he pushed his family away to protect them from what he had done. On the other hand one could posit that Mahone was once a good man, but snapped. And now he's a loose cannon who can't be trusted to do the right thing. I'd like to think that it is the former rather than the latter. But the writers are doing a good job of keeping Mahone's true nature a secret.

Linc really is lost without Micheal. He goes on and on about being made by the waitress then he decides to take them to a train station where there are dozens of people waiting? That bothers me. It is way out of character for Linc. Sure he's feeling that he has to do right by LJ, but getting them arrested isn't going to help. And Scofield isn't anywhere near them. He's almost to Gila and they are stuck 150 miles away in Arizona. The only thing in their favor is that Kellerman and Mahone are further away.

This was one of the better episodes of the season. Scofield is now on the offensive with Mahone. Which has to have Mahone going even more crazy that he was before. Now he's got pressure from his regular bosses, from Kellerman and that crew, and Scofield. I have a feeling that we're in for some Very Bad Things over the next few episodes.

Posted by Jeff on October 31, 2006 6:41 AM
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From last week, it looks like that Kellerman controls Mahoney but Mahoney is still in the dark about the conspiracy. Is it totally crazy to expect Mahoney to become aware of all this and to begin to question his pursuit of Scofield? just a though.

-- Posted by: Steve at October 31, 2006 1:05 PM

Kellerman - I always think of the character Mike Kellerman from Homicide: Life on the Streets.

I can't wait until next week - Scofield and Sara finally reunite!

-- Posted by: Connie at October 31, 2006 1:28 PM

I just can't believe that T-Bag expected that woman to still live in her house. Even more unbelievable was that she had JUST moved. I think I would have packed up the day she visited him in jail.

Even MORE surprising was that he actually wanted to get back with her.

Did not expect Linc to get caught... not this early. He is definitely lost without Michael.

And I am lost without Sucre. I wonder where he was this week!

-- Posted by: Rachel at November 1, 2006 11:23 PM

I hope Mahone finds out about the conspiracy and backs off michael! Plus, Linc better find a way to get out the cops hold before its too late! How could this happen after all that Mike's done for him! And t-bag, i don't even want to get started! he just has to go - but not with that money! Plus it would be nice to see surce in the next episode...

Michael is so hott! how could anyone call him gay - in his other films, he was acting! hello whoever made up that rumor seriously is just jealous that he's mine!

keep up the great show! - and wentworth miller don't leave - your show keeps me going through the week!and don't go to europe for 3 weeks without me lol - but seriously.iloveu

-- Posted by: I LOVE Wentworth Miller!!!!!! at November 2, 2006 12:07 PM

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