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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Dead Fall

The Recap
Amaury NolascoWe open where we left off. Sucre has Micheal, T-Bag, and C-Note at gunpoint. He is demanding that they give him the money. A heated discussion ensues (along with a gunshot), and Sucre leaves with the big backpack. Scofield gives our desperate housewife a butter knife and lets her know that she can cut herself free. Scofield then grabs the police radio and some rope. He vows to not let T-Bag go free again. But T-Bag has since high-tailed it out of the house. With sirens approaching, everyone leaves.

Sarah Wayne CalliesSara is still in her apartment, looking at the drugs arranged on her table. The mysterious man approaches, but it's not Kellerman. Instead it is some other shady government goon. She puts it all together and starts to throw things at the man. She's making sure that the evidence looks like a struggle. She cuts herself with one of the shards of vase. The goon then pulls his gun and threatens to make her disappear. She then pleads and backs into the kitchen. Just as he's about to shoot, RAIIIIID! She sprays bug spray in his face, and runs down the fire escape. Our good friend recovers a few minutes later, but Sara is out of sight.

Wentworth MillerBack in Tooelle, Micheal is making his way through the forest when he hears the sound of a motorcycle engine. He approaches Sucre who is crouched down looking at something on the bike's engine. There's a tense moment when Sucre hears him and whips around, gun drawn. But it's all good. Turns out that Scofield and Sucre were playing the other cons. They talk about splitting the money four ways; Scofield, Linc, Sucre, and Westmooreland's daughter. They also decide to send C-Note's family some cash once they get to Panama. But there's a problem. They've been had. The pack is full of magazines. The drawl of country music can be heard, and we are taken to a view of a pickup truck tooling down the highway.

Robert KnepperT-Bag has triple-crossed them. All the while during the digging he was putting the magazines into another backpack. After Sucre left and Scofield and C-Note bolted he took off with the bag of money. From there he purchased a truck with cash. He's quite proud of himself.

Dominic PurcellOver in Kingman, Arizona little LJ is being dropped off by the feds. A local officer offers him some cash and a list of employers willing to hire ex-cons. He then offers to take LJ wherever he wants to go. LJ declines. The man makes a call to Kellerman informing him that LJ did not take the offer, thus making it that much harder for them to get to Linc. But Linc is in town, watching from afar. He takes in the entire scene; LJ and the fed, the government issue sedan watching LJ, and a meth-head pan-handling near-by.

Scofield is having another break-down. He and Sucre try to figure out a way to escape. They can hear that the police have discovered the house and that they are in town. The gunshot brought the police faster than they had anticipated.

Mahone is back in Chicago. He's not happy about it. An agent named Sullens has arrived. Mahone isn't happy about that either. Sullens is creepy. Turns out he's with internal affairs. And he's grilling Mahone on what happened with the Fox River cons.

Wade WilliamsGeary and Bellick enter a dive bar and ask what they can get for a buck and a quarter. Plus a phone call. Bellick lies and tells the bar-keep that it's a local call. They commiserate over water about being close to the money. Bellick calls home, asking for a ride. But the TV news interrupts his pleas. The report is coming from the DH's house. Bellick goes back to the phone and asks for money instead.

Sara finds a pay phone and calls her dad's chief adviser, Bruce. She tells him that Daddy was killed because he was looking into the Burrows case. Bruce offers to pick her up, he just needs to know where she is. She tells him.

Dominic PurcellLinc meanwhile, finds some golf clubs in the back of the stolen car. The local pawn broker offers him $80 for the obviously stolen goods. Linc agrees, but wants a cooler as part of the deal. His brother and Sucre have to leave the motorcycle by the bank of the river. They start crossing a log when Scure falls and his leg is trapped. Micheal tries to free him, but it's no use, the log won't budge.

Sara cleans up her self-inflicted wound around the corner from the pay-phone. Another woman walks by and picks up the receiver. She looks an awful lot like Sara. A black SUV arrives. Out comes an automatic rifle and the woman is gunned down. Sara rushes to offer medical assistance. She finds the woman's wallet and tells Kelly that she'll be okay and she's a doctor. Kelly, however, decides to go into the light. Sara eyes the wallet again.

Wentworth MillerScofield is looking for ways to get Sucre's "Puerto Rican ass" unstuck from the logs. He tries a near-by branch as a lever, but it breaks. In the distance they hear bells and a horn. Micheal knows the sound. It's the warning that a dam upriver is opening the locks to let some water through. He theorizes that the rising water will lift the log and they'll be on their way soon enough. The cops have found the pile of magazines. Scofield is confident that the cops won't make it to the river until after they are long gone.

Mahone explains to the IA weenie that Abruzzi was armed and drew his weapon. And that the twenty cops will corroborate the story. Mahone insults Sullens. Who in turn tells Mahone that he has two dead bodies and no captured cons. Mahone protests that the kills were by the book. Sullens challenges the Tweener shooting, not believing Mahone's story. And proving his point.

Sarah Wayne CalliesSara is holed up under the expressway, crying. She's trying to figure out what to do when she finds the swans from Micheal. She unfolds them and starts to see that there is a message. Kellerman and Lee are meeting, and Kellerman has the upper hand this time. He tells Lee that they need to investigate the deeper meaning of the "phone number" on the swan. Kellerman tells him that they need to use LJ to get to Burrows and Sara to get to Scofield.

The feds are still watching over LJ. They call Kellerman and tell him that LJ is still in town, but Burrows hasn't shown. They decide to draw him out. But before they can do anything the local meth-head assaults LJ over spare change. Sucre and Micheal have a heart-to-heart as the water rises. Sucre laments losing Maricruz. Micheal offers to let him come with him and Linc. The radio tells them that the cops are closing fast. Sucre tells Scofield to keep going. Scofield of course can't just leave him there.

Sara is starting to figure out that there's a message when her cell rings. Bruce is calling. He says that he's still worried about her. Then it hits her. He asks again where she is, but she hangs up. She then pulls the battery from her phone and tosses it aside. Then the other thing hits her as she looks at the phone keypad, letters and numbers.

The fed from Arizona tries to see LJ in the hospital after the attack. The nurse tells him it will be a while. Just then the local PD is taking the meth-head away. But he's running his mouth and tells them that some guy paid him to start a fight with LJ. The fed puts it together and calls for backup. Linc and LJ have their long awaited reunion. They bolt for the car before the feds can close in.

Wade WilliamsGeary and Bellick approach the DH and ask her about the cons. They pose as investigators. She tells them that the cons weren't happy that "the Spaniard" screwed them over. And that they ended up splitting up after Sucre left. But that T-Bag, the dirty Southerner, was slowed down by a back-pack of his own. T-Bag slipped a hundred into her bra. The COs take it as "evidence" and leave.

Sara starts to decode the message. At the same time Kellerman has a tech guy do the same. The combinations of letters comes up on his screen. Sara works through them on paper.

Amaury NolascoSucre tries to get Scofield to leave. But he's staying until they can get free. Micheal spots a rope on the shore, he has a plan. The rope is tied to the log and looped around another tree. The cops are closing in fast. Scofield tells Sucre to hold is breath and he'll be back. The rope is tied to the motorcycle. Scofield watches for Sucre's arm to wave, indicating he's low on air. He starts the bike and drives it off the bank. Sucre waves his arm and slips under. The force is enough to jar the log loose and free Sucre's leg. The two cons make it across the river just in time.

Kellerman's tech finds only one word in the combination of numbers; "rendezvous". The tech's computer spits out all the combinations. But Sara figures out that between the phone number and the dot code from earlier how to read the message. And she gets the same word.

Amaury NolascoScofield and Sucre still have $5,000 from when they first dug up the money. So Scofield buys a cheap car from a local used car establishment. Scure calls his buddy who owns the bike to tell him the bad news. But instead the guy thinks that Sucre is calling about the wedding. Turns out that Maricruz said No to Hector. Sucre is, as expected, excited to say the least. He then neglects to tell his friend about the bike. Scofield tells Sucre that they need to make a stop at a place called Blanding. But Sucre needs to go get Maricruz, Scofield buys him a car. But before that, he gives him something, just in case.

Bellick and Geary are on the trail of T-Bag. The figure out where he's going. T-Bag pulls down his visor to reveal an address. Then we see flashback to the woman who he lived with, and the threat to come see her when he gets out. Linc and LJ share a moment over the staged fight. Linc offers ice for the cut.

Sara runs the next set of numbers and gets "sundown/hot". She then remembers that there's another swan that she didn't open in her apartment. Kellerman and his team are already there, to clean up the mess. He finds the envelope and the last bird. It's turned over to the tech guy.

William FichtnerMeanwhile Sullens goes back into Mahone's history. Finds he came from a broken home, joined the military, and then was recruited for special forces. Once he left the service he caught on with the FBI. Sullens is amazed that Mahone, with less than top marks throughout his career has been placed in charge of "the largest manhunt this country has ever seen". He then shows Mahone the file; much of it has been redacted. Sullens can't understand what is going on. Just then his own aide tells him he has a phone call that he has to take right now. After the call Sullens leaves with his tail between his legs. Mahone is not surprised at this turn of events.

Moments later he approaches a car. He gets in on the passenger side. Kellerman is in the driver's seat. He passes over the last swan. Mahone is informed that the numbers match letters on a phone. But that the current output doesn't make any sense, and hands over the print-out. Mahone then tells Kellerman that it would have been nice to call off the IA weenie sooner. But Kellerman tells him that they have to keep up appearances. They then debate "the directive of this manhunt". Mahone protests about the fate of the other cons aside from Scofield and Burrows. Kellerman strongly tells him that as long as Mahone stops asking questions about "us" that they'll try to keep people from asking questions about him. Mahone confirms that "they all die", and gets out of the car.

The Review
Okay. So Mahone is an unwilling participant in the conspiracy then. I would guess that he's on the hook to them due to the Shales incident. If he doesn't play ball then they'll let loose with all the evidence of what he did to Oscar Shales. It would an understatement to say that Mahone is conflicted. On the other hand, is Mahone such a psychopath that he's been killing at will for so long that he needs protection?

If you pause on the print-out given to Mahone, the first two letters are "el". Which would seem to indicate that the next sequence is "Sundown Hotel". The rest is gibberish as far as I can tell. Though one word, "Gila" did stand out. There's a city named Gila in New Mexico. Gila, NM is about an 8.5 hour drive from Kingman, AZ. And if you're into spoilers, you can click here to confirm if it's true or not.

Scofield seems to get more angry each time one of his plans fails. I don't remember him getting this mad when he had to adjust his plans while in Fox River. Maybe he overestimated how easy things would be on the outside.

What's strange to me about this episode is that for all the revelations, it was just "meh". Sucre and Micheal had a plan. The conspiracy was willing to murder Sara in broad daylight. Mahone is involved with Kellerman. Hopefully this was just a bridge to get us to the next big turning point. We've had these before, episodes where not much happens, but the last bits get us what we need to know to make the next few move forward.

Posted by Jeff on October 24, 2006 6:15 AM
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I have to agree that the episode was a bit of a disappointment, but only because I have been waiting so many weeks!

I am curious to see what happens with T-Bag though. I am guessing if his hand doesn't get gangrene and kill him, then he has a serious beat-down coming very soon.

-- Posted by: Rachel at October 24, 2006 9:00 PM

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