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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Buried

The Recap
Dominic PurcellWe open where we left off, T-Bag is holding the Desperate Housewife and the police officer is approaching the house. She opens the front door and comes inside, asking if mom is home. She checks the mail and then sees evidence of a struggle. Her hand goes for her gun and she heads upstairs. The rest of the crew (Linc, Sucre, C-Note) are hiding out around the corner. At the top of the stairs she finds T-Bag and Micheal holding her mother. A stand-off ensues, and T-Bag threatens mommy. Sucre tries to get the gun, but is stopped by the cop with an elbow to the nose. But Linc is there to get her under control.

Across town and police headquarters Mahone and the local agent discuss where the boys might be. Mahone believes they are still in town. The local guy thinks they're 300 miles away. Mahone is confident that Tweener will lead them to the cons.

Back in Chicago, "Lance" tries to keep up the relationship with Sara. She tries to get away, but he's persistent. She slips away

In the house, Scofield is starting to lose it again. Sucre is pacing nervously. C-Note is less than enthusiastic. But T-Bag brings some modicum of sense to the argument with his "the hat's over the wall now" speech. Scofield is determined to get the money no matter what. He agrees with T-Bag. Then he tries to reassure the hostages that they will be okay. Sucre is put on guard duty and tasked with ensuring that nothing happens to them.

Sarah Wayne CalliesKellerman is talking to Lee, he notes that Sara is now suspicious. Lee confirms that both Sara's and Daddy VP's phones are tapped. Kellerman's cover has been blown it would seem. They then decide to use LJ as the new leverage to get to Burrows. Sara arrives at Daddy VP's office downtown. A high level staffer informs Sara that the VP nomination has been withdrawn in the last few minutes. The two of them talk about how rare it would be to have such a sure thing nomination rescinded.

Wentworth MillerAt the house The Brothers talk about becoming kidnappers and what will happen once they get away with the money. T-Bag continues to antagonize C-Note, who then again demands T-Bag should dig. They stop digging to listen to a Fox News report about other prisons and new measures being taken to prevent another Fox River. Linc notes that it has taken a long time for Tweener to return with the car. The Local Feeb tells Mahone that Tweener isn't talking. Mahone goes into the interrogation room and closes the blinds. He asks Tweener if he's Catholic. Tweener remains silent. Mahone extols the virtue of Catholic confession. He then tells Tweener the story of Oscar Shales, an escaped con he was tracking. Shales was "smart as hell" and kept one step ahead of Mahone. Though Shales was "killing people all along the way". Mahone felt guilty for the deaths. So he had a breakdown. He opens his magic pen and shows Tweener his pills. Tweener looks over at Mahone, and keeps his mouth shut. Mahone switches gears and shows Tweener pictures of Dr. Gudat, dead on his own exam table. Tweener is visibly shaken by seeing that T-Bag killed while he was out.

Over in Arizona, LJ is shown to a meeting room to see his lawyer. He protests that his public defender from Illinois would travel all the way to Arizona. Kellerman keeps watch on Sara. He gets a phone call informing him that "the kid's as good as gone". LJ keeps telling the CO that he doesn't want to meet with the "lawyer". Upon being placed in the room a menacing man approaches. He looks at LJ and tells him that he's an ADA in the local area. He's serving LJ with his release papers. Sara arrives at the governor's mansion to speak with her father. She finds him hanging by his neck. She calls for help, but it's too late. A key slides out from his pocket as she tries to rescue him.

Amaury NolascoSucre, on guard, helps the lady copy with her pills. Pills that she claims are to help her not mis-carry her baby. Sucre obliges her. She asks Scure "why are you doing this?" He replies that he's not a good guy. Watching TV, T-Bag is unhappy with the picture being used. C-Note again demands that T-Bag do some digging. Linc is more concerned that Tweener has been away for an hour and a half to fill the tank. The news report switches to a story about LJ being released due to a loss of evidence in the case. The report says LJ will be released tomorrow morning. Linc is leaving. Scofield tries to convince Linc to stay and finish the job. Through a little back and forth about motivation, The Brothers come to an impasse. Linc is leaving to get LJ, Scofield is staying for the money.

Tweener is having a crisis. He's looking at the pictures of Gudat and is obviously troubled. Mahone waits, knowing something will happen. Back at the Chicago office, they've tracked down Haywire and his oil painting. We see Haywire stealing from an auto parts store. He dumps beef jerky and some other items into a bag. The store's dog barks. The owner uses a cane. Haywire deduces that this means he can make a pretty good getaway, which he does; with the barking dog in tow.

Dominic PurcellLinc gets near the car and he and Micheal share a moment. Scofield is determined to get the job done. They agree to meet at Bolshoi Booze on Thursday night at six o'clock; three days hence. 43Q AUD is the license plate of the DH's car, the camera lingers on this, so it must be important.

Daddy VP is wheeled out of his study in a body bag. Sara is told by the investigating officer that there are no signs of foul play. She says that he is no suicidal. But all the evidence does not point at anything sinister. Though the duty guard looks suspicious. Sara looks around and finds the key from Daddy's pocket. It is oddly shaped and has a crown logo on it.

Mahone tells Tweener that he's getting a good deal. Seems he's going to roll on our boys. Mahone promises no extra time on his sentence and that he'll do the rest of his time at Club Fed, "playing racquetball with stock brokers and lawyers." Tweener informs Mahone that there's a woman being held in the house and if the Feebs go in heavy she' be in danger. And that T-Bag isn't going down without a fight, and he'll probably kill her if Mahone shows up. Tweener says that only he can go in and get things done.

Haywire has finally outrun the dog. But a near-by sailboat has grabbed his attention. He climbs aboard and dons the life jacket. After some strange flag pointing the dog reappears. Haywire threatens him with an anchor and some jerky falls out of his bag. Turns out the dog just wanted the jerky.

Amaury NolascoSucre gives the ladies a drink. The cop asks what he was in for. He doesn't give up any info. She tries to guess; going through a list of heinous crimes. He relents and tells her that he's in for aggravated robbery for five years; with 18 months to go. She asks why he broke out with so little time left. Without answering, she figures out that it was a woman. She tells him he should have let her go. He tells her that Maricurz is pregnant with his baby. She then tries to talk to him about babies. Just then her walkie comes to life, with a message that Tweener is being transferred to FBI custody. In the garage, C-Note has had it, and throws T-Bag in the hole. But before their fight can get too bloody Sucre gives them the news about Tweener. Sucre and T-Bag make to leave when the crew finds the money. Scofield is actually happy for once.

Mahone and the Feds approach with Tweener being wired up. They go over the conditions in the house. No guns, only T-Bag's screwdriver is a threat. Haywire, on the beach (in Wisconsin?), tells the dog that he's going to build a raft to get to Holland and live in a windmill. The boys dig up the rest of the money. T-Bag informs them that he's going to Thailand to get a new hand. They hear a car pull up. Tweener approaches, the Feds are near-by. Tweener thinks about all the times he's ratted out Scofield and the rest, then when Scofield told him to hit the bricks. He rings the bell, but there's no answer at first. Turns out he's at Debra Jean's place. He tells her that he's grateful that she helped him escape. And that he wanted her to know his real name, and he'd be writing her. The two kids smile at each other.

Sarah Wayne CalliesScofield intercepts the visitor, a man who is supposed to take the DH to the club. Scofield tells him that she's left for the club already. The boys work furiously to get the money ready to move. Tweener tells Mahone that he was right about getting things off your chest. Mahone turns off the road. He tells Tweener to get out and stretch his legs for the long drive. Kellerman gets a call from Lee, asking why LJ was released. Kellerman tells him that he is looking more for who comes to get LJ than for anything they can get from the kid. Then he tells him that the Governor was not part of the plan. He's not happy that the Gov is dead. Lee tells Kellerman that the Gov was a liability and needed to go, and that Sara is also a liability. Kellerman is likewise not happy about that news either. Sara receives another Scofield letter, but she doesn't open it. Her place has been ransacked and drug paraphernalia has been left behind. A shadow approaches from her kitchen.

The lady cop tries to reason with Sucre, but he's not hearing any of it. She tries to use his baby against him. He points the gun at her. Scofield calls out that it's time to go. The boys get their money ready when Sucre comes in with the gun drawn.

William FichtnerOut in the desert, Mahone is looking around pensively. Tweener tells him that he's not rolling over. Mahone turns and tells Tweener that he lied about Oscar Shales. Turns out that when he snapped, he killed Shales. A bullet in the back of the head. But the forensics would tell that he was executed by Mahone. He steps back and points the gun at Tweener. Several shots are fired and Tweener goes down. Mahone plants a gun on Tweener. He then stumbles to the front of the car, grabbing for his pen and pills.

The Review
Whoa. Didn't see that one coming. Like most other "Prison Break" fans I figured that Mahone was the way he was because he could never catch Shales. But to find out that he murdered him? Sheds a whole new light on the character. The question, in my mind at least, now becomes; is Mahone so determined to find Scofield because he's seeking redemption, or is it because he's a psychopath?

And Sucre, what the heck? We know that he's taking the Maricruz thing very hard. But to rob the rest of the guys seems very out of character for him. I expect that he'll be talked down my Scofield, probably with some kind of promise to help him get Maricruz back.

Kellerman has grown attached to the good doctor it would appear. This should get good, especially once he springs her from the trap that Lee has set. And then most especially once they (as I expect, but could be wrong) meet-up with Scofield. After his last conversation with Lee, Kellerman must know that he's also a loose end that could be tied up at any moment.

And Haywire IS just that crazy. The guy is a certified nut job.

Main character body count so far:
Veronica - head shot from shadowy government types
Abruzzi - automatic gunfire from surrounding FBI agents
Tweener - murdered by Mahone

I, for one, am pleasantly surprised that the producers would go this route. That they'd actually kill off this many characters who are (or were) important to the main storyline.

Programming Note:
Fox is making way for the baseball playoffs and World Series as they do this time of year. Which means "Prison Break" will not be on again until October 23.

What should you expect from Prison Break Fodder during the hiatus?
There are a set of "mobisodes" sponsored by Toyota. All together they make up about one full TV episode worth. They were meant to be sent to mobile phones and tell the story of young people trying to help LJ. I'll take a look at these and put up a review.

Also, I'll work my 'round the innartubes looking for Prison Break news.

Posted by Jeff on October 3, 2006 6:16 AM
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yeah, wow. Pretty much a decent ep. Did NOT expect what happened to Tweener...and I just started to like the guy too! He refused to rat out Scofield and co., instead he had Mahone take him to his girl's house to tell her how he felt, then he's dead!

I'm not sure the right route was taken with Mahone's character...although it is interesting that he's a homicidal FBI agent addicted to perscription meds, it would've been a lot more interesting for his character to be more straight laced, together and on the right track of getting Scofield and co. Instead it seems the show is romanticising the escapees.

And yeah, what the hell is with Sucre? Did the cop really get to him that easily? Honestly, didn't believe that whole deal but whatever. Unbelievable, but interesting nonetheless.

I'm interested to see how Linc saves the day.

-- Posted by: Phil at October 3, 2006 11:42 AM

Why did they have to kill Tweener? What was Mahone's reasoning for doing that? Other than he was pissed at him for playing him?

I had thought Kellerman (loved him on CUPID) would fall for Sara and save her, which he'll probably do in the next ep, but my friend made a good point. Sara is going to believe Kellerman's a good guy and Michael's not, but then she's going to realize Kellerman's the bad guy she can't trust and Michael's the one she should have trusted all along...

The whole Sucre thing was lame, IMO.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 3, 2006 3:41 PM

What is Sara doing with the next number in the letter from Michael..Is she going to link them with the other numbers? She didn't open it. I hope see reach him soon.
And what about the license plate of the DH's car?

Greetz from Holland

-- Posted by: Danny at October 4, 2006 6:06 AM

Should the whole Haywire storyline be taken any seriously? I just laugh my butt off whenever I see that guy do retarded things. Wonder if he ever gets involved with the other guys?

So in the end the hunter ends up being more corrupt than any of the guys (except T-bag of course)... wonder how this backfires?

-- Posted by: Nepponov at October 5, 2006 9:16 PM

Whatever happens with the show, whether it be to my liking or not, I always enjoy it. I liked Abruzzi and now he's dead... But that just paves the way to new twists and turns that no one can control except the writers.

There's something in every character that I like, and I definitely enjoy watching Mahone do his thing.

Who are your favorite characters?

Mine are in this order-


-- Posted by: Amy at October 13, 2006 4:48 PM

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