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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Subdivision

The Recap
When last we saw our intrepid band of cons The Brothers, T-Bag, and Tweener found that the farm under which DB Cooper's money is buried has been sold and turned into a middle class housing development.

However, we'll start with the tale of Haywire. Remember him? We see him still riding that girl's bike and wearing the football helmet. He appears hungry and tired. So he breaks into a near-by fast food establishment (to the tunes of accordion music). Once inside he partakes of the soft serve, some soda, ketchup, and maybe some other food from the back. Just then, a teen couple enters the place. The guy it would seem is an employee and is responsible for opening the store. His lady friend wants to make out. But before they can get "jiggy with it" she spots Haywire.

Wentworth MillerBack in Tooele, our boys navigate the cul-de-sacs of the subdivision. They stop beside an open lot and discuss how to proceed. T-Bag offers thought provoking insight as he asks if Scofield has a "divining rod tattooed on his ass". At that point, the always calm Micheal loses it. Scofield lays it out to T-Bag, if he can't figure out the location of the silo then he's useless. T-Bag gets the message and starts to try and remember.

Meanwhile, Mahone arrives at the Salt Lake City FBI office. He asks for the DB Cooper files. The SLC agent questions why Mahone wants the Cooper files. Mahone explains that the Fox River Boys are here for the money.

T-Bag and Scofield figure out that the silo must have been between two shorter trees, and under the garage of an decent two-story tract home. Scofield figures the development was "slapped up overnight". He proposes they make their way into the home and dig under the garage. If they hit the silo foundation they keep going, if not they get a move on. All the while we can hear Tweener from the trunk. A monkey in the wrench though, a desperate housewife emerges from the house in question to retrieve the morning paper. T-Bag proposes a solution that involves a screwdriver to her temple. Scofield doesn't like that plan. But Linc has an idea which involves "supplies". They un-trunk Tweener and send him into town for said supplies and to gas up the ride.

In "Northern Utah" we see Sucre and his brooding ride toward the most unlikely meeting. C-Note is hitch hiking along the same route. C-Note proposes that they go into Tooele together. Sucre is unsure at first. But C-Note produces the drawing of the site he gathered from the secure Army website. Sucre relents.

The Chicago office calls Mahone to tell them that they have a lead on Haywire. Mahone orders the matter handed off to local police and to focus on the Utah/DB Cooper connection. Mahone looks over the Cooper files and finds a witness to Cooper/Westmoreland's escape 30 years ago.

Sarah Wayne CalliesSara opens another letter from Scofield and finds another phone number (786-639-6468 which would be in Miami). She dials and finds the number disconnected. She then opens her AA manual to examine the previous phone number he sent (736-339-8687, non-existent US area code as far as I can tell.). Kellerman reports to Mr. Kim in Washington about what he has found during his time with Sara. He is troubled that he isn't being allowed to talk directly to the President. He's quite perturbed in fact. Kim advises him that he should keep on the Tancredi route to find Burrows and tie up that loose end.

Daddy VP is also in DC being briefed about his confirmation hearings. Some political mumbo jumbo leads to Daddy VP seeing Kellerman/Lance emerging from an office in the same building.

Tweener goes back to the hardware store where they tied up the owner. He asks the owner to keep cool, they'll let someone know he's there once they're out of town. He starts to gather the supplies when another local man enters the store. The new guy sees the bat on the floor and senses trouble. He places a call to the sheriff's office, but is put on hold. Tweener bashes him with a shovel. Linc disconnects the power to the target house. T-Bag is spying on the Desperate Housewife. Scofield admonishes him to keep it in his pants. Tweener rushes back and is nervous as hell. Linc senses the trouble. He explains about the guy coming into the store and the phone call. He tells the guys that he's not sure if the call went through. Our heroes decide to go forward. Scofield, posing as some kind of utility worker rings the bell.

William FichtnerMahone interviews the then gas station attendant who witnessed DB Cooper filling up his car. He tells Mahone that Cooper filled up at 7 AM and 7 PM that day. Scofield spouts some techno-babble to the DH about some kind of electrical problem and that he's not with the local electrical concern. He's been directed by his "boss" to fix the problem "double quick". Mahone gets some info from Chicago and then figures out that Cooper hid the money somewhere within a 64 mile radius of American Fork. To the horror of the SLC field office, he draws a circle on their nice flat screen monitor. Mahone then orders "if there's so much as a cat missing in any of those towns I want to know about it."

Wentworth MillerScofield explains further to DH that the defective electrical line runs under the garage. He says that she might want to head out to her tennis match since they'll be making a lot of noise. She slyly flirts with each and every con and says that she'll stay. Tweener has some news; Sucre and C-Note are back in the picture. Micheal tries to get them to leave as they're running an operation. Scofield tries to appeal to Sucre, but in his current mood he's not having it. After further bickering the rest of the Super Friends are cut into the operation. When DH comes back and finds the new arrivals Scofield explains that the boss wanted the job done quickly and had to send out more workers. She buys the ruse. T-Bag offers, due to his hand issues, to keep the DH occupied during the digging.

Over in Wisconsin, Haywire is spooked by a police car and ducks into a house. He finds the lone resident, a blind old lady, and plays to be "Billy", her son.

Amaury NolascoOur DH brings out some lemonade and Jack Daniels to entertain T-Bag. He explains that he's the supervisor and doesn't have to swing a sledge. She pours herself some booze, but figures T-Bag can't partake. He informs her otherwise. Flirtations go into full swing. Her perfume seems to remind T-Bag of a past conquest. Tweener steps out for a drink. Scofield then tells Sucre that if he's in trouble "down the road" to go on-line to and post a note on the message board. The boys hit the silo foundation. Scofield gets ahead of himself and lays out the escape. Tweener informs him that he didn't gas up the car due to the fracas at the garden center. Scofield tasks Tweener with going to gas up the car right now. Scofield sticks his head in the house to make sure that T-Bag is behaving. So far so good.

Haywire has had a shower and change of clothes. He partakes of a PB&J from his "mother". He is intrigued by a painting of Holland. She touches his hand, and finds it not to be that of her son. Haywire figures out that the jig is up and walks out. She calls for the police. Haywire grabs an knife from the kitchen and heads to see mommy. Mahone is in front of the garden center in Tooele talking with the sheriff. The local constable is unconcerned with the recent activity in and around his town. He tells Mahone that the shop owner and his buddy are known to drop everything and go hunting with out telling anyone, so their "disappearance" is not that unusual. Mahone peeks into the shop and sees the bat and some blood on the floor. Using a chair, he breaks in and heads to the back of the shop where he finds the two men. The owner tells Mahone what he already knows, the cons are in town.

Back in Wisconsin, the police enter the home and find the old lady on the couch unmoving. She then stirs and asks who's there. The cops identify themselves. They look around and see the painting missing and the knife stuck in the frame.

T-Bag and DH reminisce about old times. T-Bag fondly remembers an old lady friend. While DH has nothing but disdain for her ex-husband and his "abilities". DH begins further flirtation with T-Bag and leans forward to whisper in his ear. She asks him to ask Linc to have a drink with her after they are done. T-Bag is not happy with these turn of events. He eyes the ice pick on the table.

Sarah Wayne CalliesAt the grocery store in Chicago Sara gets a concerned call from Daddy VP. He tells her he's coming home on the next flight. He wants her to stay away from Lance and that he's not who he says he is. On cue, Lance shows up. Sara hangs up. Meanwhile, Tweener arrives at the gas station, but something in amiss. He tries to pay for the gas, the attendant tries to delay him. Tweener senses that something is wrong. Then he sees the Most Wanted poster with the Fox River Eight on it. He breaks for it with Mahone in hot pursuit. After getting away from the cars Mahone runs him down and asks, "Where are they?". Tweener tries to play dumb.

Back in the burbs C-Note insists that T-Bag should be digging too. Scofield goes inside to find him. He is troubled to find the ice pick and what appears to be the evidence of a struggle. He races upstairs to find DH alone in her room. T-Bag emerges from the bathroom. DH tells them that they need to leave, now. The noise of a car catches the attention of the boys in the garage. Sucre investigates and finds a lone police cruiser. The female officer approaches the house. T-Bag takes DH into "custody".

The Review
I have this sneaking suspicion that we'll be seeing Haywire again very soon. And that his appearance will be a bad thing for the cons. We know that most, if not all, of the cons will escape from the house in Tooele (we're on episode six of what should be a 22 episode season). The question that remains is if they are able to unearth the cash before they make their escape. And just how will Tweener figure into all of this? Is he going to take the easy way out and rat out the crew? Or will he stay strong and keep Mahone at bay?

Does Kellerman know that Daddy VP saw him? I would say no based on the looks given by each men in Washington. But maybe Kellerman, and his keen senses, saw Daddy out of the corner of his eye. If that's the case, then we're probably in for some harsh interrogation of Sara by Kellerman.

And what about the phone numbers? Are they really phone numbers at all? With Scofield involved, I'm not so sure it's as obvious as that.

I felt that this episode was more expository in nature that the rest. They needed to do some things in order to move the story along, but to try and squeeze those things in between other things in other episodes would have been difficult. The result is that they used this hour to get the boys to the silo, get Mahone to Tooele, put Kellerman in a bad spot, and reintroduce Haywire. So, all of these otherwise "B" plot-lines were crammed together to make an episode.

Which means for me that I'm looking forward to next week with high anticipation. "You paid for your whole couch, but you'll only need the EDGE!!!!" I would suspect.

Posted by Jeff on September 26, 2006 4:37 AM
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If you go to the Goldfinch website and look at the second post, their is a msg from FISH 40. It has two words, bolshoi booze, and bastimentos with a 6/4 and a 7/4 next to them.

Bolshoi Booze was mentioned in an earlier season I beleive, and Bastimentos is an island off of Costa Rica. Interesting devlopments.

The phone numbers have to be a code or something to get the real number.

-- Posted by: Josh at September 26, 2006 9:29 AM

Finally, a strong episode after the previous two floundered!

I still don't like what they're doing with T-bag's character. It seems like the writers forgot that he tried to molest a 14 year old girl, and they're writing dialogue that's supposed to make people sympathetic toward his character? Maybe it's just me and, yeah, it's just a TV show but that's faux pas. Extremely sloppy writing and a bit reprehensible.

I now realize it's not the acting that provoked my disdain for T-bag, but how the character is written.

Also, that kid that thinks he's black- sadly hilarious. He's got some of the most absurd and humorous dialogue. I think we all know someone like that.

-- Posted by: Phil at September 26, 2006 11:45 AM

I don't get why they're all after the money? How smart is is to all hang out in a group after you've escaped from prison? Forget the money, just make a bee-line to Mexico and worry about getting rich later.

-- Posted by: Matt at September 26, 2006 4:23 PM

I thought this ep was one of the cheesiest ever. I mean, I know this show was never strong on plausibility, but how many times can they evade the law?

I found my attention waning several times during the show. As smart as Scofield is, he didn't think to set up some off-shore account and put the money there where he could access it? Come on.

-- Posted by: Connie at September 26, 2006 7:11 PM

I've only started watching this season but I think the money was actually buried by an old guy who died in prison. He clued Scofield in on where he buried it, hence why the money wasn't laundered like a smart criminal would do.

-- Posted by: Phil at September 26, 2006 9:22 PM

Good day,
I´m from Holland and following the episodes of the second season of prison break on the internet. It´s great to see these shows, while we´re in Holland still in season one.
Witch day is prison break sending his TV/show in US ? On monday right ?
I hope someone will responds this message.
Greetz from Holland

-- Posted by: Danny at September 27, 2006 5:50 AM

I think they're right on with T-Bag's character. He's still slimy and creepy. I don't know what dialog was in there to make him seem sympathetic. The only thing I can think is his story about his "ex". But I thought he was sanitizing that for the benefit of the housewife. Or maybe he just made it all up to try and get in her pants.

I got the impression that while Micheal was a successful engineer/architect he was by no means wealthy. Or at least not to such a degree as to be able to support anywhere from 2 to 4 people (if LJ and Veronica were to join them) in Panama for an extended period of time.

Yes. Monday nights at 8 PM Eastern Time.

-- Posted by: Jeff at September 27, 2006 6:27 AM

I cannot believe that the money is still there!
I feel so bad for Tweener, he didn't deserve to be the first to go down. He better tell Mahone that the others have already left, if he squeals again that'll suck.
I hope Haywire makes it Holland :D

I made a quiz for this episode, its pretty tricky but fans of the show will find it fun.
Enjoy :-)

-- Posted by: Sophie at October 1, 2006 4:01 AM

Does anybody know when the second season comes out on dvd?

-- Posted by: Kaila at March 6, 2007 11:46 AM

Wanna know about this stuff?


-- Posted by: louise at July 12, 2007 11:05 AM

Wanna know about this stuff?


-- Posted by: louise at July 12, 2007 11:06 AM

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