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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Map 1213

The Recap
Dominic PurcellWe open on The Brothers just outside of Salt Lake City, making their way toward the money. On the radio, they hear that Abruzzi has been gunned down by the FBI. Their reaction? Stunned, but not concerned. The news report also tells them that their ruse with the car crash didn't buy them as much time as they had hoped. Linc suggests that rather than go after the money, they find LJ and head down to Panama. At this point Scofield loses his cool and goes on a tirade about how they can't go anywhere without the money. Linc voices his concern that there are some other guys also looking for the money.

C-Note is traveling by train. But not in a boxcar this time. He's in the cabin and talks with the lady next to him. They talk about family and share pictures. The attendant comes by and asks for tickets. C-Note produces a torn stub. He tells a story about tearing it and how the counter agent at the last stop said it would be okay and the bar code should scan fine. The attendant is skeptical, but tells C-Note to get a new one when they reach the next stop.

Back in the sleazy motel, Tweener shares a tender moment with Debra Jean. They ponder a future together. Well, at least a trip to Hawaii. At that point a policeman knocks on the door. Tweener tries to keep Debra Jean from answering, but she goes anyway. He hides in the bathroom. The cop shows her a picture of Tweener and tells her that he's an escapee from Fox River and he's been spotted in the area. She is distraught, but doesn't give up Tweener. After dismissing the officer and closing the door she faces Tweener. He tries to explain that all he did was steal a baseball card and he's not like the others. She doesn't care and decides to get away from him. She tells him that she's going for a walk and he should "steal" her car and get a few hours head-start.

The Brothers finally make it to Tooele, Utah. Micheal likes the small town, figuring they can get in and out without too much notice. As they drive through town, they are passed by T-Bag.

William FichtnerMahone gets updates on the faked crash and T-Bag, but he only wants to know about Scofield. In fact, he yells at the team, letting them know that fact. The tech working on Scofield's recovered hard drive starts to explain the process when Mahone cuts him off and says just to print out everything they can recover.

Back in bustling Tooele, Scofield is unable to locate any listing for the "Double K Ranch". Linc stops an old-timer on the sidewalk and asks him about the ranch. The guy says he's never heard of it, and he was "born and raised" in Tooele. The Brothers then decide they have to enter city hall in order to check out the property records.

Tweener, still reeling from his lost love, pulls Debra Jean's 2007 Product Placement over to the side of the road. In the background we hear her call to the police. He wipes down the car to get rid of his prints. Just before leaving he scrawls "Aloha" in the dust on the back window.

Sarah Wayne CalliesKellerman's car is approached by a government issue car. "Mr. Kim" address him and asks if keeping tabs on Sara is the best idea. Kellerman retorts that he was there when Scofield called her the other day. And she'll lead them to Scofield and then on to Burrows. Kellerman says he'll give the Prez and update, but Mr. Kim objects; he will give her the update. Meanwhile, Sara receives a letter from Scofield. It contains one of his trademark swans, this time with a phone number. She files it away for later. She and Lance are at another meeting, she's fingering the swan and listening to the group leader talk about making amends. When the talk ends the groups disperses. Lance stays behind to talk to Sara. He offers to bake her a pie. She takes it as a come on and declines. Lance plays gay in order to keep the ruse going. Sara relents and allows Lance to come over to her place later to bake the pie.

William FichtnerThe ever calm Mahone looks freaked out when the tech guy comes in with more print outs. He goes for his pill-pen to find it empty. Something is very wrong with Mahone. The tech weenie asks if Scofield is a genius or just insane. Mahone snaps and sends the tech on his way.

As The Brothers are planning to enter City Hall, T-Bag absconds with a bag of snacks outside a quick mart. He loses a bunch on the ground as he tries to open it with just his one good hand and teeth. At that moment he spots Tweener coming the other way. T-Bag hides and then grabs Tweener as he comes around the corner. A quick confrontation ensues and an uneasy alliance is formed. They both just want the money.

Amaury NolascoOn the crazy trail, Sucre is nearing Vegas. He stops at a pay phone, one that conveniently lists many wedding chapels in Sin City. He starts making calls and eventually finds the place where Maricruz is getting married. He speeds off to save the day.

Wentworth MillerThe Brothers enter City Hall, but not before a tense moment at the metal detector. Scofield has to hand over his watch and hide his tattoo. They make it through and go up to the tax assessor's office. Once there they have to sort through the plat books to find the record they are looking for. Karl Kokosing (Double K) is on map 1213. Jackpot. Only that page is missing from the book. Linc, however, notices that the clerk has been looking at them funny since the arrived. He implores Scofield to hurry up and that they have to leave. Scofield, having another plan fall apart, is not happy and barely hears Linc. They exit the tax office and get to an outside vantage point. At which point they see T-Bag making his way across the square. They are amazed that he's still alive. They high-tail it down stairs and grab the scumbag. Linc gets physical with T-Bag, who says he doesn't have the map. T-Bag offers that Tweener has the map and that he knows where to find him.

In Chicago, soon-to-be Vice President Tancredi is advised on what is going on with the confirmation process. His cell rings and it is Sara. He chooses not to answer. The advisers tell him that he needs to distance himself from her. He insists that he couldn't get much more distance if he tried. Sara, meanwhile is seen leaving a message of apology on dad's voice mail. When the call is over, her doorbell rings. Lance has arrived with more than pie fixin'. He's going to make dinner for them both.

On the train, C-Note asks his seat-mate if he can use her computer to check his email. Nervously, he instead logs into an Army website that, it would seem, tells him the same info The Brothers are looking for. He asks for a paper and pen to write down the information. Just then the train attendant comes over and tells him that there is no "Sherry" at the last station and his ticket is not valid. He is going to be arrested at the next stop and train security will sit with him until then. C-Note makes a run for it and jumps out into a river.

Amaury NolascoSucre barrels into the chapel and storms into the Bride's room. Only he finds Maricruz's sister instead. She tells him that the wedding is almost ready to start, and Maricruz is taking pictures. Sucre pleads with her to go get his lost love. She says she will.

William FichtnerOur man Mahone is nearly off his rocker now. He's shaking and trying to work on the map. His phone rings and he tells the caller he'll be right down. Mahone meets up with a shady dude, a drug dealer. The guy gives Mahone some pills and tells him it might be easier to get the stuff from a doctor. Turns out this guy was an informant when Mahone was tracking Oscar Shales. They bicker for a moment. Mahone tells him that all he needs from him are the pills, every thirty days. He pays the creep and heads back up to the command center.

Just outside Tooele, The Brothers interrogate T-Bag a little more. They find out that Tweener was in town getting a shovel. The put T-Bag in the trunk and go back to town to find the kid. Tweener goes into a hardware store and starts looking around. He waits for the other customer to leave before approaching the counter with a shovel. The owner starts asking questions and Tweener says he just wants to buy the shovel and get going. The owner says that Tweener looks real familiar. He pulls out a baseball bat and knocks Tweener to the floor. A few more blows and kicks subdue the kid. The owner, drags Tweener into the back room and ties him up. Just then Scofield comes through the front door. Owner tells him they are closed. Micheal's not buying it and ventures further into the shop. Owner comes out and also recognizes Micheal. Scofield tries to punch the guy out, but a scuffle ensues, and Owner has the upper hand. That is until Linc comes in to save the day at gunpoint. Meanwhile, T-Bag is trying to escape from the trunk of the car.

Amaury NolascoSucre nervously awaits Maricruz. The door opens and it is Hector. They argue over the girl. Sirens are heard in the distance. Scure lands a punch and scurries out of the chapel. But before he leaves, he gives his cross to Maricruz's sister.

Sarah Wayne CalliesLance and Sara finish up dinner in her apartment. She asks him if she knows who she is. He shyly says yes, and tells her she doesn't have to talk about it. But he does probe about the relationship between her and Scofield. She deflects the questions, and there is a knock at the door. It's Vice President Daddy. Kellerman is nervous when he hears who it is. Sara and Daddy VP go into the kitchen to talk. Kellerman rifles through Sara's mail and finds the swan. He records the phone number and places everything back the way he found it. In the kitchen, Sara and Daddy VP share a tender moment. He promises her they will get through these troubles together. Away from Sara, Kellerman receives a call. The caller tells him they've tracked down the phone number. It's been disconnected for seventeen years.

Mahone is informed that C-Note has been spotted in Idaho jumping from a train. He notices the westward direction of the cons and starts to wonder why they're going that way, instead of south to Mexico.

The Brothers tie up the Owner and disconnect his phone. Linc questions Tweener and demands the map. Tweener tells him that T-Bag has the map. Quick cut over to the trunk where T-Bag has memorized the map and is eating the paper. When the trio of cons get back to the car, T-Bag has finished all but the last corner of the map. T-Bag tells them he has it memorized and that he would have had it tattooed to his body, but "didn't have the time". They are at an impasse. Though an uneasy alliance is formed. But Linc tells Tweener that he's not worth 1.5 million and puts him in the trunk.

Amaury NolascoSucre stops to gas up the bike and stew in his melancholy. C-Note stops in a yard and cools off under the hose. The woman of the house asks if she can help him. He asks about the RV for sale. The price is $40,000. C-Note says he'll be back with cash.

William FichtnerMahone, pharmaceuticaly enhanced, starts to draw lines on the map based on the various sightings of the cons. He finds that they're all converging on Utah. He then puts it together with the DB Cooper legend. No one on the team believes it to be true. But Mahone is convinced. The Brothers and T-Bag find the road they are looking for. They get out of the car and hoof it the rest of the way.

Daddy VP is reading a file when his adviser comes into the conference room. The adviser tells him that they might have to wait out the Burrows "thing", especially with Savrin dead, LJ on trial, and Veronica missing. Daddy VP asks if Veronica is truly missing or dead also. The adviser tells him that it's probably best that he doesn't ask those kind of questions. He tosses the file, marked "Burrows" onto the table.

Wentworth MillerWhile making their way over hill and dale to the ranch, The Brothers talk about the things they'll buy with the money (a nice hotel room, cold beer, etc). T-Bag stumbles and puts a foot into a mud puddle. The ripples change and we see Mahone's face. He's back in front of the bird bath from a few episodes ago. He's contemplative. A black government SUV pulls up and whisks him away to the airport.

When our heroes crest the final hill before reaching the ranch they are aghast. The camera pans around and we see a sprawling suburban housing development where the ranch should be.

The Review
The trend of Scofield's plans falling apart and him getting more agitated continues. On the flip-side, it would seem that Mahone (when properly medicated) is staying calm and collected and right on their tails. But off his meds, Mahone is irrational and prone to miss important details. I wonder if that's something that's always plagued him, came on as a result of not finding Shales, or maybe was the reason he could never get Shales?

Sucre, despite having the dumbest plan of the entire crew, managed to evade capture. I really can't imagine the cops weren't watching that wedding. But he's an important character and it's probably best he continues to be on the run. I just don't buy it though.

Another thing I'm concerned about is how they will find the money. If Westmoreland buried it only a few feet (for easy access later) then it would have been dug up during the construction of the houses. But if he buried it deeper, then how in the heck are the cons going to get to it? If it's under a foundation of a house, they're pretty much screwed. And it shows when Scofield starts to lose it a bit after seeing the houses.

And do you think that Daddy VP is going to start looking into the Burrows situation further? Or will he just do as he's told and not ask too many questions?

*Sorry this took a little longer to post that normal. My usual method for watching the show a second time for recap and review purposes failed today. So I had to go from memory, but I had a little help from the recap at for the details.

Posted by Jeff on September 19, 2006 7:01 AM
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I was indifferent about this show...I thought the following episode of Vanished dwarfed it all, and I feel I was thinking more about not forgetting to change the channel to NBC at 10:00 to really get into it. I wasn't big on the housing development drawback (maybe the Bluths of the Sitwells built over it? Or I'm just nostalgic for what once was...); but I am interested in whether they'll be able to avoid having the cash in an all-too-convenient place. A bit disappointed that T-Bag didn't seem as repulsive as he did in last week's episode...he actually seemed likable in this episode which is actually pretty disturbing!

Just keep William Fichtner on the show, and I'll keep watching.

-- Posted by: Phil at September 19, 2006 11:35 AM

The only reason T-Bag doesn't seem so repulsive is because the other characters are so deadly serious. If Prison Break wants to survive, it better lighten up, because, otherwise, these ridiculous plot lines seem too, well, ridiculous.

-- Posted by: Matt at September 19, 2006 12:09 PM

"If Prison Break wants to survive, it better lighten up, because, otherwise, these ridiculous plot lines seem too, well, ridiculous."

It works out pretty good for "24"...


-- Posted by: Jeff at September 19, 2006 4:37 PM

"It works out pretty good for "24"..."

So true...its so unbelievable, imo, that this one guy (jack?) can have one day of so much happening. Now that is ridiculous. And its not just once, but 5-6 times already.
Although 24 'is' ridicuous in its plots its still fun to watch.
24 is just more ridiculous than prison break, that's all.

-- Posted by: MilZ at September 21, 2006 3:03 AM

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