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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Otis

The Recap
Mahone is on the phone with Mr. Ives who gives him an update on the case. Ives asks if he should update Pope and the rest at Fox River. Mahone tells him that those folks are no longer in the loop. However, Mahone is not on the trail, at least it doesn't appear that way. He is sitting in a yard, staring at a birdbath. This yard and this birdbath, undoubtedly, are related to what ever event that occurred that made our man Mahone so brooding and mysterious.

Wentworth MillerCut to Scofield in a park. He's reading, or at least pretending to read, about the escape. All the while he is watching as a family unpacks for a picnic. At just the right moment, he strikes! Shift over to the make-shift hideout where C-Note and Linc continue to spar while Sucre still doesn't understand what's going on. He calls out for Micheal, who shows up in just the nick of time. Turns out Scofield got the guys some lunch. Abruzzi laughs at Sucre and C-Note, "here's to armature hour" he toasts. After the fine meal, Scofield distributes some cash to Abruzzi, Sucre, and C-Note. But before they can part, Abruzzi and Scofield go around one more time about Fibonacci. The three guys ruminate on the fate of Haywire, Tweener, and T-Bag. The latter they surmise has passed on.

Of course, we know that T-Bag has asked a local animal doctor to reattach his severed hand. The doc finishes up the work (save for cleaning the wound) when we rejoin that plot line. T-Bag examines the vet's handy work (har har) and promptly loses his lunch.

Among the stupidest things that The Brothers have attempted so far begins. Linc convinces Micheal that they need to go to the courthouse where his son LJ is having a hearing. This hearing will determine if LJ is to be tried as an adult. Scofield and his, what do you call it, low latent inhibition kicks in and he asks Linc to tell him everything he knows about the courthouse. But before they can embark on this foolhardy mission, the rest of the crew bids farewell. Even C-Note and Linc share a moment. Of course, we are likely to see these three again real soon.

Back to Fox River. And as a side note, if you have HD these beauty shots of the prison are beautiful. Bellick is in a fine mood as he returns, giving another CO an ear full about how women don't belong in prisons, the military, or on police forces. Pope tells Bellick that they're off the case, but they have to appear before the DOC management.

Tweener, in full Eminem mode, strides through a bus station in St. Louis. A quick pocket picking later and he's in possession of ID and money.

Dominic PurcellThe Brothers pick up the car from a local garage. Scofield warns Linc not to touch the radio. Of course, Scofield has everything they need to get the car going; including a portable jump starter. We are also treated to the first (of many I'm sure) stare downs between one of the cons and a citizen. A few bleach wipes later and the fake paint job is removed. Meanwhile, Linc has tracked down the time and location of the hearing. They decide to pose as Nick Savrinn in order to contact LJ.

Back at the DOC, Pope and Bellick are being grilled. The DOC chair accuses Bellick of selling the right to run PI. As Pope tries to get the committee on task (the escape) a surprise witness enters the room. Disgraced CO Geary appears, a smug look upon his face. Geary then rolls Bellick for selling PI's management to Abruzzi. Bellick, faced with the truth, admits to his malfeasance. The committee dismisses the men while they deliberate. Pope is disgusted, though we don't know if it's with Bellick or the committee.

T-Bag's doctor is happy with his work and gives the psycho some meds to help him with the pain and infection. Dr. Gudat thinks that this is all about to be over. T-Bag, regrettably it almost seems, tells Gudat that these are his last minutes. He does offer to take the doc down quickly and "humanely" if he co-operates.

Mahone visits with LJ before the hearing. He asks the boy to help him try and apprehend The Brothers by going on TV. LJ, of course, doesn't want to help. He is wary of the government and tells Mahone as much.

Meanwhile, Tweener is fidgety in line for a bus ticket. The guy behind him mistakes him for a college kid. Upon reaching the counter, Tweener finds out that the next bus to Utah doesn't leave until tomorrow. All the while, a guy with a paper is giving him the "I know you" stare (#2). He then asks the attendant where he can go for $45. Before she can tell him, he bolts for the door.

Back in Chicago, Linc (posing and Nick) calls in to speak with LJ. Knowing the call is being recorded the two speak in code. LJ let's him know that he's going to Arizona after the hearing. At the end of the call, Linc tells LJ "on the third, look out for Otis Right". There's also an emotional moment when LJ asks about Veronica. And then later when the father and son declare their love for each other.

T-Bag has stripped the good doctor and the two compare death philosophies. T-Bag injects the vet with, we would presume, the same drug he would use to put down a dog. T-Bag cleans up and changes his hair. He also liberates the vet's clothes and car keys.

The Brothers stop at a hardware store. Scofield goes inside and Linc stays outside. An attractive woman walks by with her dog and gives Linc a look. At first is appears flirty, then she seems to recognize him. Thus, Stare Down #4 occurs (#3 was during Linc's call to LJ). The overly happy salesman at the store doesn't give Scofield a second look. The woman flags down a police car. Linc heads inside to get Micheal. They head out the back door and then make their way to the court house. Scofield has a conniption about losing the car because it has "everything".

Tweener is next seen walking the grounds of St. Louis Tech. He checks the ride board and lo and behold someone (Debra Jean) is headed to Utah. He takes the sheet.

The DOC committee decides to punish Pope by putting him on probation for three months (with a 2 week pay dock), and shows Bellick the door. Bellick nearly breaks down as he tells the paper pushers that he's worked at Fox River since he was 18. Pope tries on last time to plead their case. Eventually quitting himself.

Scofield and Burrows arrive at the courthouse and make their way to the roof. Somehow the dozens of law enforcement officers in and around the courthouse never see them. Mahone meets with LJ again and let's him know that Nick was actually killed an hour before the call from Linc. Mahone plays a recording of the "otis" message and asks LJ what it is all about. LJ plays tough and denies knowing anything about Otis Right. The Brothers get on the roof and then down the elevator shaft. Scofield spray paints a water gun in order to threaten the bailiff. Inside, the officer, LJ and Mahone approach the elevators. Mahone is on the phone asking for a meeting with LJ's prosecutor. He is of course threatening LJ with this move. LJ looks around, sees the "3" and the "Otis Manufacturing" near the elevators and figures it out. When the left doors open he feigns a loose shoelace to delay their departure. The left doors close and the right opens when he re-ties his shoe. Just as the doors are about the close, Mahone figures it out too.

When Linc busts the ceiling open Scofield is visibly shaken to see Mahone in the car instead of the bailiff. LJ takes Mahone's gun. But when the water gun drops, things change and Mahone fights back. LJ implores his dad to let him go and to escape. Upon reaching the bottom, Mahone mobilizes the authorities to try and apprehend The Brothers. They make their way to a delivery truck as bullets whiz by.

Back at home, a disgraced Bellick is in a sour mood. He lies to his mother about having to take a day off being the reason he's home so early. He gives his mom a kiss and tells her "I'm okay". He then unpacks a shotgun and loads a single shell. Over at Fox River, Pope is cleaning up his office. He looks upon the Taj Mahal model and remembers back to his interactions with Scofield. A near-by lamp proves to be an ample device for smashing the model before finally dumping it on the floor.

T-Bag commandeers Dr. Gudat's SUV. He calls upon the "On Star"-a-like service and asks for directions to Utah. Tweener waits not so patiently for Debra Jean. When she arrives they talk, Tweener says he's on his way out to Utah to collect an inheritance. He fumbles through a story about how he mailed his luggage when she asks why he doesn't have any "stuff".

At home, Bellick prepares to go Lewinksy on his shotgun. But before he can finish his mom yells in that the reward for the cons has been announced. $300,000 for Linc and $100,000 each for the other seven. This gives the former CO pause.

William FichtnerThe van The Brothers escaped in is found. Linc and Micheal are on the run. But Linc's been shot in the leg. The cops are close by. Micheal tries to patch up Linc enough for them to get moving again. Though Linc is morose and feels he failed LJ. Meanwhile, the kid is put in a van and sent on his way to Arizona. Mahone finds the blood stain in the van and puts the hospitals on alert. And cut to the previews for next week.

The Review
First, a little trivia. Robert Knepper's (T-Bag) father is a veterinarian.

As dumb as it was to try and enter the courthouse to extract LJ, it was understandable. If the "powers that be" were unable to nail Linc they would very likely settle for LJ. The Brothers knew full well that LJ was doomed if they could not get him out of the hands of the government. But again Mahone is able to stay in step with Scofield's plans and foiled the attempt. I expect that they will try again while LJ is on the road to Arizona. Scofield had shown great confidence through season one. However, as Mahone figures him out, you can see that he is becoming more agitated with that development.

When melancholy Bellick arrives at mom's house I figured he was either going to blow his head off or go vigilante. Good to see that I was pretty much right on both counts. Bellick has had a thing for Scofield since he arrived as a "fish". And now that he's lost his career and been made a fool of by Scofield, his rage should drive him. This should be good. Conversely, Pope is broken. He's tried to be firm but fair as a prison warden, and that attitude has backfired completely. I can't see him hitting the road with Bellick on a mission of revenge. But I would not be surprised to see Pope again sometime.

The Abruzzi/Fibonacci/Scofield thing is not over. Not by a long shot. Wiseguys will be on the trail of The Brothers soon enough. And at some pivotal moment, Abruzzi will step forward once again and demand to know the location of Fibonacci.

As for the rest of the cons. I think that C-Note will be the first to slip up and get caught. Where the hell is Haywire? Poor little Debra Jean. She's probably relatively safe though. Tweener's not a killer, just a petty thief. But I wouldn't put it past him to threaten her if needed. I have one question about T-Bag. Is he more interested in the money or the revenge? I think it's the revenge. What do you think?

Posted by Jeff on August 29, 2006 6:22 AM
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Hey everyone,
I have just made a quiz for this week's episode of Prison Break 'Otis'. It is now up on my website.
Do the quiz and see if you were paying attention :D
Post your scores here if you like :D

-- Posted by: Sophie at August 30, 2006 11:49 PM

floor lamp

-- Posted by: floor lamp at September 15, 2006 11:48 PM

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