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In case you're confused, this is the TV Fodder archive

TV Fodder was overhauled in late 2010. You can see the results of that effort at the main site.

The material you see here is the 2005-2010 archive of TV Fodder.

Maura Tierney Will Face Cancer on 'Rescue Me'

The former "ER" actress will reprise her guest role, in an all-too-familiar scenario. Read more »

New 'Dancing with the Stars' Cast Announced

We now have the official roster for the 11th season of ABC's hit competition. Read more »

True Blood - Fresh Blood - Review

The game's afoot in Bon Temps. Only one episode left, and we have to wait two weeks to see it. Lousy stinkin' holidays. Read more »

Are You Still Watching 'Pitchmen'?

Discovery is still running the docudrama, with Billy Mays III filling in his father's shoes. Read more »

'Futurama' Welcomes Matt Groening and David X. Cohen

The show's creators are getting animated for a special appearance at Comic-Con 3010! Read more »

Meet the Cast for 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8

Fox has lined up another 16 victims willing to take Gordon Ramsay's abuse and his employment. Read more »

Jimmy Fallon Digital Experience Scores Emmy

The late-night host has already snagged an award for his web work. Read more »

Jennifer Aniston to Visit 'Cougar Town'

This fall, another former "Friend" will stop by Courteney Cox's ABC sitcom. Read more »

Paquin & Moyer Wed, Get Naked for Rolling Stone

Those crazy kids are at it again... Read more »

True Blood: I Smell A Rat - Review

You know how you gotta slow down to take a sharp curve in a high-performance car? Fasten your seat belts...only two episodes left. Read more »