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The Office: The Cover-Up - Review

Awesome Jim (and Pam) prank: They learned morse code so they can click pens/punch keys and communicate with each other in front of Dwight. Brilliant.

I have no idea what Pam wink-coded to Dwight, but I'm sure it was a yo momma joke.


Donna Newton (Amy Pietz) and Michael are still together. Plausible? Hey, he kept Holly around for a bit. Now he wants weekend activity ideas. I like Meredith's Poconos idea.

"They have heart-shaped hot tubs ... with room enough for three." - Meredith

But then Kelly and Ryan fill Michael's head with the idea Donna must be cheating on him; Ryan, after all, is the master at this so he would know.

Michael is reduced to eating comfort food - mayonnaise and black olives? - and waiting to hear back from his private investigator, Dwight. Why Michael would trust Dwight, I have no idea. Dwight's plan is to sleep with Donna and then tell Michael she's cheating.

Pam points out Michael self-destructs his relationships, but Dwight is too deep into his operation to pull back. Actually, Dwight is using a head harness weight, so he has more problems than just that.

Donna doesn't fall for Dwight's ... um... charms or his kegal exercises. The whole thing should have been hilarious, but it felt so forced and obvious. And for Michael to be that dumb to send Dwight after the woman he loves, well, by now he should have known something bad would happen. We're too many seasons in at this point.

At least the writers didn't let Donna get away over this. She gives Michael a pass this time. But Pam starts to think maybe Donna really is cheating on Michael, and does what anybody would do ... she Facebook stalks her. Turns out, Donna has some incriminating photos. Michael confronts her, and Pam was right.

Actually, Donna's married. Dang it. I liked Donna and Michael.

Andy's client had their Sabre printer catch on fire.

"My doctor told me to cut back on hot dogs. We all have problems." - Stanley

Darryl takes the opportunity to get revenge on Andy for screwing him over a few years ago. He convinces Andy he's getting fired because of the customer complaint. He even pays Creed $3 to give a throat slash to Andy.

"I've done a lot more for a lot less."- Creed, saying "Darnell" is a chump

Gabe gives Andy a gift card for bringing the issue up. Darryl gets Andy to do a witness tape.

"If you see this, I'm a state's witness because I know too much." - Andy

Turns out, the printers do catch on fire. We don't need no fire, let the mothe... ah, never mind.

Dunder Middle: Just a weird episode, ruining some good momentum the show's had. It was redeeming to see Michael's paranoia actually pay off, but it made no sense for him to risk ruining the relationship of a woman he loves off of a whim. You'd think he wouldn't believe it and would have to see it for himself, if anything.

The entire subplot didn't work for me, other than Andy talking high during the video and Creed's brief line. Darryl upstairs isn't jiving. You'd think it'd be comedic gold, but the thing about Darryl was that he represented a different part of the office environment, and now he's just one of them.

I did like Dwight running the spin class on the tag, although I've seen a funnier take on zealous outsiders overtaking a fitness class on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," when Sweet Dee and Dennis don't even let the guy get going because they are too concerned about what song will be played.

Nice touches:

  • Creed getting involved in a scene for once

  • Facebook stalking

  • Pam diving from the window and Jim lauding her effort

  • Best quotes:

    "That seems quick. Even for lesbians." - Oscar

    "If they catch us, they will rape us." - Dwight

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    Posted by Andy Shaw on May 6, 2010 10:46 PM
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