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Could The Office Survive Without The World's Best Boss?

News outlets all over the place, including, are reporting that Steve Carell, who plays Michael Scott on "The Office," might not return after the end of next season.

That's when his contract runs out.

"I think that will probably be my last year," Carell told BBC Radio.

I'm not sure why everyone is surprised by this announcement, as you'd think it was inevitable: Carell is a major movie star now (Date Night, by the way, was hilarious), and The Office has been on for six seasons now, meaning it could only be expected to last for so much longer.

That's not to mention the future of John Krasinski (Jim), who has also become a movie star (Jenna Fischer/Pam, and Ed Helms/Andy, to an extent as well).

This could all just be a way of Carell trying to set himself up for a bigger paycheck come renewal time. Or he really could think this is his last hurrah on his trademark character.

Although I love Michael Scott, it isn't beyond belief the show could continue without him. In a sense, it already has in some episodes in which he's barely used. And as they develop new characters in recent seasons (Andy, Erin, etc.), there will be a way to fill the void of those who leave. It would be a different type of show without Steve, but with such a good ensemble cast, it could continue, if that's what NBC wants. "Spin City" would be a good example (Michael J Fox to Charlie Sheen).

Whose to say a new boss couldn't come in?

Posted by Andy Shaw on April 30, 2010 10:50 PM
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