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The Office: Body Language - Review

Michael is practicing Spanish for his upcoming trip to Cancun. Dwight wonders why not learn German, the language of the future.

"Or a Chinese-German hybrid" - Dwight

To help with Michael's Spanish gender differences, Michael puts Post-it notes around his office to signify male (testicles) or female (boobs). I couldn't imagine it any other way.


The Halperts are teaming up for a sales pitch for the first time, although evidently Pam acts like a bad stand-up comic when she's selling printers.

They are meeting in the office with Donna Newton (Amy Pietz), who you may recall from the Happy Hour episode. Michael had turned her on by standing up to her. He interrupts the sales pitch to give a slide show of alternating Michael photos/sexy images of Tom Selleck's mustache.

It seems to be working, as Donna's practically flashing her boobs ... Jim tells Michael not to mix business with pleasure, but Michael points out Jim did exactly that with Pam. Can't say he's wrong. Even Pam wants Michael to find someone (remember, she's tried to set him up a few times now), so she tells him to go for it.

The entire office watches Michael try to work his magic. Pam points out Donna may be crossing her arms to make her boobs look bigger, so of course Kevin tries to do the same. Your boobs aren't nearly as nice, Kevin. Sorry, Cookie Monster.

But nothing is working for Michael, not even his (patented?) sucking a mint off of Donna's fingers. Pam points out Donna could have run away if she disliked him.

And, after running out to the parking lot to chase her down (despite everyone's advice), Michael discovers Donna never left. She actually does like him, and was just holding back to be professional.

Too bad nobody in the office believes him.

Sabre corporate drone Gabe is trying to sign up people for the company's minority management training. Darryl, the "Cinderella of the office," is interested, and that makes Dwight nervous. So he makes the mistake of getting Kelly interested, although she's busy yelling at a clothing salesgirl on the phone.

"White people, right?" - Dwight
"I don't know if she was white" - Kelly
"Well, you can kind of tell by the voice." - Dwight
".... Yeah." - Kelly

Kelly can't think of any Indian CEOs (what about her?), let alone a CEO at all not named Julia Roberts, but she's in.

Surprisingly, Ryan actually gives Kelly good advice on the interview, telling her to flip every question around ... except they also promise to clean house. Dwight has screwed up again, and can't convince Stanley or Oscar to sign up.

"I'll slap you in the face with a rainbow." - Stanley, who I believe would do just that.

It's even worse when Darryl pulls out of consideration to keep in his softball league. That only leaves Kelly and the Asian warehouse guy Dwight grabbed. Kelly gets the spot, and promises to never forget what Dwight tried to pull against her. So does this mean Kelly is the new Ryan?

World's Best Episode: I loved almost everything about this episode, even if I can't quite put my finger on exactly why. Maybe it was Pam and Jim being funny again. Maybe it was Kelly finally having a good storyline. Maybe it was Kevin freaking out about M&M's, or Michael finally getting a woman.

The only part I didn't like was some of Dwight's actions. The lines that they gave him were too often so far out there that I can't even think Dwight would say them - the line about skinning a face off someone, for instance. It's like they're trying to continue to make his actions shock us, but we're well past that point.

Side note: Amy Pietz really had great chemistry with Steve Carell, so I'm glad it looks like they'll get a chance at a relationship. Although he's still weird, he's charming enough around her that you get what she sees in him.

Nice touches:

  • Angela insinuating the Halpert baby looks like a product of inbreeding

  • Phyllis saying she gets hit on by the Vance Refrigeration guys, and sometimes she lets it happen (and then John Krasinski giving a classic Jim face)

  • Kelly trying to instant message a girl into an eating disorder

  • Best quotes:

    "I don't even know who you are anymore" - Jim

    "Why don't you move the M&M's?" - Andy
    "Why don't you SHUT UP!?" - Kevin

    And of course...
    "Did you ever notice you can only ooze two things? Sexuality and puss. Man, I tell ya ..." - Creed

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    Posted by Andy Shaw on April 29, 2010 10:55 PM
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