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The Office: St. Patrick's Day - Review

From Ultra Feast last week to Mega Desk this week, it's another new episode of The Office...

It's St. Patrick's Day, which evidently is a big thing in Scranton. You'd think Groundhog's Day would be bigger, considering the proximity to Punxsutawney, but whatever. Everyone is decked out in green, and, as Meredith points out, nothing can ruin the holiday, not even her kids.

"Not today!" - Meredith

Jim's back after the birth of his daughter, but Dwight's not ready for it yet. He has Mega Desk set up with surveillance, gaming and business, using Pam's and Jim's desks. I like it. And it's totally Dwight, just like when he tried to use the conference room as his office when choosing health care packages.

Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates) is back for one last day (guest appearance) at the branch (show). Michael gives her a lump of coal (a Scranton treasure) as a gift.

Jo holds a town hall-style meeting to get ideas. Kevin's idea of suntan lotion soap is brilliant, but rejected. Darryl gets Jim's old office just for a good idea about shipping (which he probably stole from that UPS guy who draws the bizarrely straight lines on the white board).

Michael, in typical fashion, is overzealous when Jo gives general platitudes about "come down to see me anytime," and books a ticket. Jo shuts him down, and later guilts Michael into making everyone stay late. On the blessed day of St. Paddy's! What about the green beer! No worries, our old friend Todd Packer is partying hard.

Darryl is also finding out life on the office floor isn't so bippity boppity. He can't leave early. Fortunately, Michael mans up and tells Jo he and his staff are leaving. It actually gets him some respect.

Oh, and Jim started to succumb to Dwight's scheme to send Jim back to his baby so Dwight can reclaim Mega Desk. That's what "Cats in the Cradle" does to a man, I guess. But eventually, Jim gets back to doing what he does best - outsmarting Dwight - and finagles a way home before Dwight does.

In the subplot:
Andy is rocking his sister's old field hockey skirt (!) as a kilt for St. Patrick's, in advance of the big date with Erin.

But Erin gets sick and is sent home; Andy fakes being sick to join her, another sweet move ... that is broken up by Erin's random foster brother, who totally manblocks him. By the way, Erin looks totally cute in her "jammy jams," but really, Ellie Kempner is just cute overall. She gives Andy a nice kiss on the cheek. It's adorable. These two are really, finally, getting together. And that, kids, is How I Met ... er...

Dwight Good: There was a lot to like in this episode in the character development side of things. It had a very season three or four feel to it, with Jim/Dwight going at it, Michael misinterpreting someone's feelings, and the rest of the staff doing what they can to goof off.

Kathy Bates has been good, in small doses, although I think it's better that she's leaving for now. It'll be nice to have the office just back to normal, with no corporate drones around.

The Erin/Andy stuff was nicely done, although I could have done without the foster brother thing. They've had enough roadblocks already. With the cold and the foster brother, that's two more. I think the writers are trying to Jim and Pam us again, but with no Roy, it doesn't quite work.

Oh, and please give us more Kevin in a giant green suit.

Nice touches:

  • Dwight saying he confused his wet nurse for his mother

  • Darryl singing The Jeffersons theme song

  • Jo's dogs being in a commercial next week with the Orlando Magic player Dwight Howard

  • Meredith humping Todd Packer
  • Best quotes:
    "That's the date that your kids have been patiently been waiting to hear about, and you'd better have a good story for them" - Andy, thinking his life is like "How I Met Your Mother."

    "It is the closest that the Irish will ever get to Christmas" - Michael

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    Posted by Andy Shaw on March 12, 2010 12:20 AM
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