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The Office: New Leads - Review

Michael thinks he saw Johnny Depp at his condo complex and has photographic evidence.

"Yeah, I read in People magazine that he was looking for a two-bedroom condo in Scranton" - Jim, with a trademark half-grin.


Sabre is really pushing the sales staff, which is making them feel more important than the rest of the Scranton crew. That rubs Michael the wrong way.

"Make friends first. Make sales second. Make love third. In no particular order" - Michael

The sales staff is going crazy trying to be the King of Sales. They are wearing douchey earpieces for their phones like they are on Wall Street. Andy even got so agitated about getting a pencil from Darryl that he wrestled him. It was amazing to watch, but not great to experience, I'm sure. Darryl doesn't play around.

Michael finally gets the big sales leads Sabre promised, but he won't hand them out. Sabre orders him to hand them out ... so he does, to all the non-sales crew. And he hides the rest, scavenger-hunt style. Brilliant.

Jim reads off a clue: "When arrogant salesman are mean to my face, a certain manager will go to his moppy place." Actually, it's "mopey place," Pam tells Jim on the phone (she's still on maternity leave). And another clue is in a can of Chef Boyardee. More scavenger hunts, please!

Kevin hid Dwight's leads in the trash, which Dwight thinks is code for Meredith. Meredith proceeds to start taking off her dress. What is this, the Christmas party? Turns out the leads are in the real trash, which ended up in the dumpster, and it's trash pick-up day (and "Ghost Whisperer" day, Kevin points out).

Out at the green screen Scranton dump, Michael tells Dwight he's mad Dwight isn't the Dwight of yesteryear (so are viewers, I should point out), the kind that would have supported Michael. And Dwight says he regrets following Michael. The whole scene is awkward because it feels so fake. And I'm not even talking about the backdrop. Why don't they have Sabre just mail them a new copy of the leads? Surely Sabre didn't spend all that money to track down leads and only have one copy. But at least Michael and Dwight make up in the end. Bean bags have that effect on people.

Jim, meanwhile, can't even use his cute baby in a onesie photo to make Kelly and Oscar (non-sales staff) like him, although it was great how Oscar wanted to look at the photo and Kelly stopped him. Jim gathers the sales staff to find a solution to the tension. Andy gets advice from Erin:

"People love shells from faraway beaches" - Erin

Truer words have never been spoken. But they settle on giving 2 percent of their collective commis... oops, they mean just eclairs and donuts. Stanley is adorable: "Nice, all of us back together." More Stanley. More often.

Oh, and we finally got our Erin/Andy kiss ... at the dump!

"Rid-dit-dit-dit-do..." - Andy

Dunder Middle: I was with this episode until the dump stuff. Up to that point, it felt like a good old fashion season 2 or 3 episode. I liked seeing all of the cast involved, and all the little eccentricities showing (Angela being snide, Phyllis being glib) ... and then we got to the dumpster stuff, which was A) poorly executed and B) felt like it could have been cut out entirely. I would have preferred following more of the scavenger hunt stuff. Why couldn't they get the warehouse involved? Or Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration?

Nice touches:

  • Creed looking guilty for the lost "Lost and Found"

  • Andy thinking Erin hid her leads in her ladyparts

  • Erin offering Andy her coat

  • Dwight still has a car phone
  • Best quotes:

    "You say Jesus is King of King. Oh, well what does that say to you about what I think of myself" - Dwight

    "Tonight is Ghost Whisperer. So, Friday" - Kevin

    "It's coming off either way" - Meredith

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    Posted by Andy Shaw on March 18, 2010 11:35 PM
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