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The Office: Happy Hour - Review


Michael does his feats of strength (Is it Festivus?) by doing 25 pushups (and 1 girl pushup), and challenges the rest of the office to beat him.

Stanley looks like he's going to die ... maybe because he didn't even take off his suit jacket. The things that man will do to get out of work.


It's a little strange the opening credits still has Pam as a receptionist, and doesn't include Erin (Ellie Kemper) at all, even though she's now a featured character. Just noticed that.

Anyway, Oscar wants to hook up with gay Matt from the warehouse. Hot Tub Time Machine Darryl sees through Oscar's scheme of "Let's do an office happy hour," but he's up for it. Jim, not so much.

"This baby is amazing. She gets me out of anything ... and I, er, love her. I love her very much." - Jim

Pam, however, is pumped to get out of the house (and, you know, back on the show, eh, Jenna?), so they are in.

Wait, what's that? Sorry, I got distracted by the awesome Kevin doing perverted things during Andy and Erin's first couple interview. His laugh is hilarious. Sounds like a mischievous schoolboy.

.... Annnndddd then it gets a little weird when Kevin sees Pam and tries to emulate a baby's cry (instead, he just sounds like a banshee), saying he thinks it'll make the new mom lactate. Kevin, do you spend all night Googling this stuff? Eventually, he gets his wish. Congratulations?

At least things are progressing with Michael, who finally gets his dream of the office staff hanging out after work, and he even gets to play pool with Jim, Pam and Pam's cute friend, Julie. When Michael finds out it's a date, he turns into "Date Mike." He even busts out the newsboy hat he had in his trunk (that's where I keep mine). You'd think after this many seasons, Michael would have become more comfortable around women - Holly being a prime example - and not tried to overcompensate.

Michael embarrasses himself to the point that the best friend from "Caroline in the City" wants him out of the bar. He calls her out for being rude, and that turns her on a little bit. That's what happens when you own a Chrysler, I never always say. At least he wasn't so clueless as to not appreciate the fact the bar manager lady is asking him out.

Erin and Andy are outwardly worried about people seeing them together at the bar, when you know internally they are just deflecting the uncertainty of a new relationship. Yeah, I just busted that out on ya. Clearly, Erin isn't happy with this secretiveness, and then when Andy flirts with a girl, she starts groping a guy, which causes Andy to do a nice spit take.

"What movie did you learn that from? Black Snake Moan?" - Andy

He does the right thing though and announces their relationship. Arin is official. Or Erndy.

Dwight's sexual dream, Pam's bridesmaid Isabel (Kelen Coleman), is back. She's Dwight's sexual napalm. She's got birthing hips and that sweet, sweet O- blood. But Dwight signed a binding contract to father Angela's child, so it's very Maury Povich.

Ha! Love it. Isabelle whacked-an-Angela. Looks like we're going to have a love triangle and the return of Dwight to a more meaningful plot device.

Dwight Good: I always like it when the show gets out of the office and out into a different environment. It shows just how strange and peculiar the people are. When Pam and Jim say, "What's going on?" upon seeing all the oddities around them, that kind of sums it up: This is a special crew.

Bringing them all out for happy hour was a smart plot, if only to see things like Creed being awesome, Andy and Erin try to handle their new relationship, and Michael having an unfamiliar territory to conquer. I'm glad they didn't make Michael entirely oblivious, which would have been painful to watch. He's not that dense, just kinda clueless. Good to see Pam back, even if she didn't add anything particular to this episode other than a complement to Jim.

I could've done without most of the Oscar stuff, though, which mostly seemed like a "We need to have a story about that whole "Oscar's gay" thing," instead of having a funny idea to run with.

Nice touches:

  • Phyllis wearing a low-cut dress to bars to lure men for Bob Vance to beat up

  • Dwight being good at whacking moles because he has whacked real moles

  • Creed drawing a crowd at Dance, Dance Revolution

  • Oscar whipping balls at the hoop

  • Best quotes:

    "Essentially what we have here is one of those stories where a mother lifts her car to save her baby" - Oscar

    "$@#^!" - Dwight, when Angela is stalking him.

    "Whack!" - Isabel

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    Posted by Andy Shaw on March 25, 2010 9:12 PM
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