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The Office: Sabre - Review

An electronic company, Sabre, bought Dunder-Mifflin and saved it from closing. A package of electronic arrives in Scranton, and Michael hands out all the stuff before realizing it's meant for some guy named Gabe.

The whole office has to figure out how to get all the electronics back in the package to make it look like they haven't touched it, which answers the question, "How many Dunder-Mifflin employees does it take to repack a box?"

(By the way, check out Sabre's official company Web site)

Gabe Lewis announces he is there to coordinate the merger. The poor guy has no idea what he's stepping into. Andy and Erin have a fun welcome song for him, "Dunder-Mifflin Is a Part of Sabre," in the style of Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A." (which is a terrible song). The problem is, Sabre is pronounced "Sab-er" like the sword, not "Sab-rey," which would rhyme with U.S.A.

"Are you sure it's not pronounced Sab-rey?" Andy asks after the song fails.

It's alright, Andy. "Dunder-Mifflin Is a Part of Sabre" doesn't roll off the tongue, regardless.

Holy cow, Christian Slater is the host of Sabre's corporate video! That has to be the best corporate video ever. Michael is impressed. And there's Kathy Bates, except she's playing Jo Bennett, Sabre CEO. Sabre sounds sucky, though. Only two weeks of vacation are offered, and a tech guy is blocking all the good Web sites. Michael won't be able to download "You're Beautiful" anymore. Actually, wait - he just wanted to listen to a snippet.

Michael says the emotional/breathing/baby-making part of him thinks "These changes suck balls." Or, actually, "suck b..." as it cut to commercial break. Well played. I laughed out loud on that one, which is becoming a rarity on this show as of late.

Jo, on a video conference call, points out Dunder-Mifflin was the worst run company this side of her grandson's snowball company. This is the most we see of Kathy Bates all episode, which seems like a waste. They couldn't have her stop by to insult Michael in person?

She tells him to think hard about demanding changes, basically saying she'll fire him. For once, Michael doesn't do the stupid thing and quit, which he's done in the past. Instead, he does the stupid thing and seeks the sage advice of one David "Worst CEO Ever" Wallace.

Rather predictably, Wallace has been loafing around his house. It's a bit hackneyed- the fallen business exec becomes a bum. With Wallace always playing the straight man to Michael's antics, it's hard to accept the role reversal. I didn't think it was funny, except for Wallace halfheartedly saying maybe he and Michael will go outside just for something to do, as if that's a big deal.

Wallace offers no good advice, and instead tries to get Michael in on his toy-sucker-upper, the Suck It. Even Michael knows that's the worst idea since the time he spontaneously promised a bunch of little kids to pay for their college tuition one day.

In the subplot:
Jim and Pam are trying to find a daycare, but they need to ace an interview. The daycare looks awesome, too, with a slide, fingerpainting and more. I wish I was there.

But Jim accidentally walks in on the interviewer as he's doing No. 2 in the kiddie bathroom (the interviewer is the guy who was in Twister and The Single Guy). This spooks Jim so much he acts all awkward. Why would Jim, at this point in life, get so easily rattled like that? This isn't season 1 Jim. This is co-manager Jim.

Pam figures out the interview is going poorly because of the bathroom incident, but is soon corrected.

"Did you ever consider you aren't as charming as you think you are?" the interviewer says in a "Hallelujah!" kind of moment as a viewer. It's about time someone said it, because Jam have been a little too smug lately.

In the other subplot, Erin and Andy keep playing games in the "Will they or won't they" that we enjoyed so much with Jim and Pam. These two would be great together, if only they wouldn't wait for the other person to make a move. Not sure why Erin thinks Andy should or will get an even bigger surprise going to formally ask her out. He already did the marching band thing. And, after all of that, why can't Andy just man up and ask her? It's not like she doesn't know he likes her.

Look for a resolution on that storyline in the Valentine's Day episode next week.

Dunder Middle: Much better than last week's clip show, but the episode has continued a string of middle-of-the-road episodes. Some laughs, some questionable decisions and a lot of "eh."
Nice touches:

  • Michael catching the scissors with flair

  • Christian Slater on the video

  • Kathy Bates in any capacity

Best quotes:
"Have you tried making everything smaller?" - Creed

"Have you ever tasted a rainbow? At Sabre, you will" - Christian Slater

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Posted by Andy Shaw on February 5, 2010 9:03 AM
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