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The Office: The Banker - Review

Man, it's been more than a month since the last new Office episode! The last time we checked in, they had just completed their Christmas party, including a Santa Phyllis. Let's look at Thursday's episode:

Investment bankers who are buying Dunder Mifflin are stopping by to check out the Scranton branch. Michael is worried, so he tries to show off (rents a Corvette) just like "Lady Gaga, or any number of drag queens."
Hey, the banker is played by managing editor of the newspaper on The Wire! Another Wire connection (Idris Elba, Amy Ryan).
Oh, this is going to get absurd quickly. Michael, now the company's highest-ranking employee since everyone got fired in New York, is going overboard to impress the banker. Pam's pretending to be an international saleswoman, Michael is riding a Segway, and Dwight is voicing a computer that reminds me of KITT on Knight Rider. There's even a fake Stanley.

... and a fake Toby, played by Dwight. Saw that coming. Toby downplays the fact there are tons of lawsuit liabilities, mostly by Michael (who hit Meredith with his car) and Dwight (who used smoking to "save lives"). Oh, and let's not forget Andy's ill-fated parkour attempt to jump off a shipping container.

Is this a best of clip show I didn't know about? What's with the montage?

... and now another one (violence- Andy punches a wall!)...

... and another one (harassment- that's what she said)

... oh, how about one more? (wasting time, including the Office Olympics)

... and an office romance package (Michael and his vasectomies)

And what appears to be a clip package you'd run at the end of a series, not a midseason episode, let's look at all the things that make Dunder Mifflin great.


If you like highlight shows, you would have loved this episode. They showed the tender Jim/Pam moments, the crazy Dwight moments, the dumb Michael moments and everything in between.

If you're like me, you'd rather watch a full episode involving the clip, not the clip itself. And when the show hasn't had a new episode since early December, it's especially confusing and disappointing they'd waste an episode on what amounted to a "best of" show.

There was so much promise with what Michael could have done to impress the banker. Instead of clips, they could have combined the best, quirkiest attributes of it all and developed a few subplots to show how the company operates. Let us see it through the banker's point of view, not remind us what we already know.

It was a rare chance to use an outsider's view to convey how dysfunctional and yet fun the office is- and they blew it.

This gets a Toby Terrible rating. I love the moments from the past episodes, but not like this.

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Posted by Andy Shaw on January 21, 2010 10:19 PM
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