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The Office: Niagara - Review

Since this is an hour-long episode, I'll try to be briefer than normal on the plot rundown, so feel free to point out any awesome jokes I missed.

Pam and Jim ask workers to be considerate of Pam's pregnancy nausea, as Pam is throwing up more times than a model.

"A three-and-a-half-inch fetus is calling the shots. That's so badass." - Dwight.

Dwight refuses to change, so he eats a hardboiled egg in front of Pam, who throws up, which causes Andy to throw up. That causes what can only be described as a comedy of vomit-- everyone in the office starts throwing up like they are auditioning for The Exorcist. (Everyone except Creed- he keeps eating at his desk. Ah, Creed).
Michael puts the traditional wedding cans-on-strings on the back of his car, noting "it's a very big day for me." Pam decides not to mention the cans are supposed to go on her car.

The couple give a "do's and don'ts" lecture prior to the wedding. Kevin can't bring firecrackers, for instance. And, like Fight Club, no one is supposed to tell Pam's family she's pregnant, especially her old-fashioned grandma. Angela, always the prude, says she's offended by the out-of-wedlock pregnancy. I think Angela just needs to get some.

Michael and Dwight think the wedding will be a good place to pick up chicks. Dwight even Googles the names of all the ladies on the guest list, such as Joselyn, who sold a mountain bike on Craigslist a few years ago. At least she wasn't in the erotic connections section.

Oh man, Kevin is going to wear a toupee!

Andy, meanwhile, is stuck chauffeuring Erin and Kelly, but he does mention he thinks Erin is sweet, cute, "and smells like my mom." Go for it, Oedipus!

Funniest moment so far: Dwight made Michael a mixed CD to play when Michael has a woman back in his hotel room. Except the intro is Dwight talking.

"If you are listening to this, you are a lucky woman Michael has seduced... Don't be scared of your night in heaven." - Dwight, in a creepy phone sex operator voice that would scare small children.

Andy booked the honeymoon suite the night before the wedding. He promises to *pelvic thrust* break it in for the Halperts. Pam dies a little on the inside.

Fun fact: Dwight brushes his teeth with butter and clay, according to Michael. Not fun fact for Michael: He didn't make a reservation, there are no rooms left, and Dwight won't let him stay in his room. Michael thinks this makes him Jesus-like.

He asks others to stay with them- Stanley says no, Kelly says she'll blow her brains out, and Erin is repulsed. Toby offers, but you know how that turns out.

Did anyone notice the rehearsal dinner sign misspelled "Halpert" as "Halpret"? Anyway, it's already getting interesting with the family stuff. Pam's grandma is impossible to please, her dad brings a date half his age, and Dwight is at the kids' table telling them how he should have been named co-manager.

Hey, a familiar face. Anna Newlin, the pastor's wife from True Blood, is playing Pam's sister, Penny. She mistakes Kevin for Gil, Oscar's boyfriend. Oscar is flabbergasted anyone would think he's dating Kevin.

"I'd be proud to date you."- Kevin

Rehearsal dinner
This is a massive rehearsal dinner for people on a tight budget. While Jim's brothers give a toast, Michael, predictably, gets jealous, and stands up to give his own toast, which isn't a toast as much as rehearsed stand-up comedy he delivers with his eyes closed.

Now on to the sweet stuff. Jim says four years ago, he was just a guy who had a crush on a girl who had a boyfriend (fiance, technically, Jim, but who's counting). In a hidden cute moment, as Jim confesses he's been flirting with Pam for years, Pam pretends to snap a mental photo-- earlier, she had said she wanted to take a mental photos of all the best moments of their wedding. Adorable.

Then Jim screws up. He mentions how everyone should toast, except Pam, "for obvious reasons." Old grandma wonders why. Jim tries to talk his way out of it by joking Pam is an alcoholic. It's like watching a train wreck. Jim finally confesses, "Pam is pregnant." Michael tries to make it all better-- want to guess how that works out?

Meema (the grandma) is so offended, she's not going to attend the wedding. Michael takes another stab at it.

"In your day, (Pam) would be considered a whore. But now, women go out and have sex and go wild and take their tops off and we take photos of them and we need to encourage that."- Michael

Dwight's wearing the epic three wolves howling at the moon shirt that became legendary on

Kind of like Cafe Disco, there's an office party, this time in Andy's honeymoon suite. Andy, trying to impress, does a split and basically breaks his twig and berries in the process. Since everyone else is drunk, Andy asks Pam to take him to the hospital.

Jim would do it, but he's drinking with... um, Michael and Dwight? Andy spends the night in Pam's room, which you could tell he's proud of.

The day of the wedding:
Kevin left his shoes out to be cleaned, but they smelled so bad, the hotel burned them. And HOLY COW DWIGHT HOOKED UP! He banged Isabelle, one of the bridesmaids. Even though she's way out of Dwight's league, he doesn't want to date her, saying she's a dental hygienist from Carbondale, "and she makes love like one." Like, what, squeaky clean?

Kevin has his toupee on-- it doesn't look half-bad, and I'm so glad they are giving him tons of screen time this episode. But, sans shoes, he wears empty tissue boxes.

Andy says he's OK following Torn Scrotum-gate.

"Crotch injuries are the worst. I would know." - Meredith

Erin offers her wrap for Andy to sit on. Kind of a cute moment for the non-couple. If they get together, I so called it. Like, last season called it.

Wedding gifts- Michael painted a portrait of Jim and Pam that resembles a fourth-grader's work, and Dwight got them tools to cook turtles.

Pam snags her veil running after Isabelle after she says she wants to talk to Dwight. (Isabelle soon learns Dwight is a one-night stand prick.) Pam gets Jim to come see her, as she is in tears about her veil. Jim, always the romantic, cuts his tie in half so she doesn't have to feel alone. If you didn't know these two were meant for each other...

Pam is still upset, though. This is supposed to be their wedding day, and "I know way too much about Andy's scrotum," among other problems, she says. So they take the next logical step and sneak out.

One thing that's not working this episode, humor-wise: Angela. All her lines seem forced, because they have pigeonholed her now as the Christian prude. She says Erin will still get a chance at Jim, because Pam and Jim act like swingers.

Eventually, Pam and Jim come back and the ceremony is back on. And, as predicted, it's a wreck. Dwight plays Chris Brown's "Forever" for people to dance to down the aisle (Ed. note- It's a takeoff , as they note, on this YouTube video). Nothing like celebritydomestic abuse reminders during a wedding! Pam is cool with it, though, and she and Jim can't help but smile.

Why? Because they snuck out and got married already on a boat by Niagara Falls (perfect way to do it). So Ryan and Kelly dancing down the aisle is no big deal. Stanley dancing, by the way, is magical. Creed grabs his crotch like Michael Jackson. Oscar and Kevin danced together like they really are a gay couple. Dwight kicks Isabelle in the face.

Pam and Jim go through the vows, etc., again, and Michael gets a little tear in his eye watching his two little office lovebirds, the people he has worked with for years and looked after like a father, finally get together. A nice moment all around for the show and for the actors, like a full-circle that now gets to move on to another chapter.

You can only wonder what will happen with the baby's birth.

Jim says he actually planned on the Niagara Falls thing, a very Jim thing to do. In a way, I think we all felt like Michael- so proud of Jim for finally getting his dream girl. I just wished I could have danced with them- that was hilarious watching the whole cast come together for it.

Considering the hype this wedding episode got, I was impressed. The jokes were good, the romance was there and it felt like, "That's how I would have imagined it." Do you agree? Did you like Dwight hooking up, or Andy breaking his manhood? How about Michael hitting on Pam's mom, or Meredith asking if she could take an armful of wedding gifts?

Posted by Andy Shaw on October 8, 2009 10:44 PM
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