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Office Fodder

'Office' Clue: Dwight, in the break room, with a stapler

I haven't played Clue since I was a kid. And I wasn't planning on playing it ever again it got ruined with an updated version (no, seriously. There's a Hollywood starlet character a la Paris Hilton).

But I'd play this game, and I bet you would, too. According to an NBC release, Clue: "The Office" edition, will hit store shelves this fall. Just like the classic whodunit game, people will guess which Dunder Mifflin employee committed a crime- this time, someone murdered Toby (although, really, how could it not be Michael?)

Weapons are awesome, including a rabid bat, a bicycle chain and a World's Best Boss mug. Wish there was a Chrysler Sebring in there, too (remember Michael hitting Meredith?)

Posted by Andy Shaw on September 18, 2009 4:04 PM
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'Office' Clue: Dwight, in the break room, with a stapler
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