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"Office" Wedding Coming Soon

Like Ross and Rachel, we've been waiting for the Jim and Pam wedding forever, although we hope Pam won't accidentally say "Roy" during her wedding vows.

The wait appears almost over, according to Entertainment Weekly, which has a big spread on "The Office" stars Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski in this week's issue. Jenna Fischer looks gorgeous in the photo shoot/video, doesn't she?

The wedding is on Oct. 8. As Pam mentioned previously, it's supposed to be in Niagara Falls, ostensibly to prevent some office workers from making the trek and therefore save some money-- that plan backfired.

We should all assume Michael will find a way to screw things up, just like he did for the Phyllis/Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration wedding. What do you think he'll do? Try to say his own vows? Sing? Ask to be Jim's best man?

If you recall, Jim proposed to Pam at the highway rest stop, and then those two naughty kids hooked up and Pam got preggers. The wedding episode will be an hour long, time for plenty of other unexpected events to happen.

Do you think the marriage will ruin some of The Office chemistry? There hasn't been much Pam/Jim tension as of late, but it was at least a possibility. Getting marriage takes some of that away, although I don't see it being a problem. Plus, I think it'll give Andy a chance to hook up with Erin. Cause it's going to happen.

Posted by Andy Shaw on September 30, 2009 9:27 AM
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