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The Office: The Meeting - Review

Opener: Oscar and Michael discuss Michael's upcoming medical procedure, a colonoscopy. At first, it seems really random Michael would discuss this with OscarohnowIgetit. Yeah, Oscar's gay, colonoscopy, things up your butt. I never grow tired of Oscar/Michael interaction, so it's nice they slipped this one in*. (*That's what she said). The conversation leads to this:

"Is there anything I can do to make it more pleasurable for me or Dr. Schondry... should I have a safe word?" Michael.
So David from corporate is in town and wants to talk to Jim-- alone. Michael doesn't like it, as he hates being out of the loop. See premiere, season 6. He immediately starts grilling Pam, and warns her against lying, as it will make her baby a liar.

"They inherit things through the breastmilk"-- Michael
"Please don't talk about my breastmilk"-- Pam

Darryl files a workers' comp claim, saying he broke his ankle when a ladder fell on top of him in the warehouse. Dwight doubts Darryl's story, and gets Toby interested in doing investigative work.

Pam says she and Jim put the wedding in Niagara Falls so people from the office wouldn't come, but that backfired because Michael offered to give people a four-day weekend to go. Kelly still doesn't want to go unless Ryan goes (is he magical in the sack or something?), otherwise going to the wedding "is a waste of time. Oh wait, that came out wrong."

Another fun Kelly quote:

"Ugh. So jealous of your boobs" Kelly to Pam. Lots of Pam boob jokes in the past two weeks. It's kind of weird, though, how the staff always seem to sexualize Pam, but Erin, who's just as cute, has so far mostly adverted any awkward, sexual comments from the staff. Actually, Erin hasn't had to do too much overall, and yet when Pam was secretary, it was like it was the most important position in the office. So let's get Erin involved a little more.

Michael is so bent on getting into the conference room, he has Andy wheel him in inside a rolling cheese tray. And who hasn't done that lately? Nice that Andy gets to help Michael, as you know Andy likes to partner on capers. Michael misses the whole Jim-David conversation, though, and has to sneak out of the car.

Dwight and Toby, amid a conversation about steam engine trains-- Dwight's evidently building a steam engine in his slaughterhouse. The detective duo notice "Darryl" carrying a big bag of dog food, sans crutches, and Toby goes ballistic, shouting expletives about how he "Darryl" probably eats that dog food.

Yeah, then the Real Darryl of Lackawanna County pops out the door, on crutches- the other person was Darryl's sister, Gwyneth. Toby and Dwight freak out, and Dwight crashes his car into garbage cans. Every time Dwight goes on a secret mission, it goes poorly. He helps Michael steal Karen's copier, and they break it. He spies on Oscar during his "sick day," and doesn't notice Oscar is gay.

Back in the office, it turns out the conversation Jim and David were having was about Jim moving into a manager position. Michael, scared to lose his job, says Jim would be terrible ... and then David reveals Jim's plan was for Michael to move to director of Northeastern sales, and Jim would take Michael's spot.

Michael is flabbergasted. David even says Jim has another job offer, so it's either this or probably lose him-- it has been a while since an Office character quit, so why not? Anyway, Michael feels terrible for throwing Jim under the bus.

Dwight and Toby feel terrible, too, as Darryl is angry his look-a-like sister got called an a-hole by Toby. Darryl doesn't know why his sister, who I think plays linebacker for the Steelers, would be mistaken for him.

"Are you serious? Because you look exactly alike. Am I the only one?" an incredulous Dwight asks.

Jim is really upset with Michael, the most upset I've seen him with his boss since Michael spilled Jim's crush on Pam secret. That's good, actually, because Jim lets Michael get away with wayyyyy too much and it was about time he showed some emotion. A guilty Michael decides to make things right. He calls David, except Michael doesn't fully commit to backing Jim and just confuses David more.

But, eventually, David calls back with an offer: Make two branch co-managers at Scranton- Jim for day-to-day stuff, Michael for clients.

It's up to Michael to say if he wants it-- he could say no, and keep the manager spot to himself, but probably lose Jim to another job. Or say yes, and lose some power. Very King Solomon, or something biblical to that effect.

Meanwhile, Dwight cracks the case- Darryl was using the scissor lift as an elevator (against company rules) and fell, so he lied. Let's recast Sherlock Holmes as Rainn Wilson-- I've had enough Robert Downey Jr.

Darryl and Dwight decide to file complaints against each other as a way to settle things, and Toby gets left with a pile of paperwork and a lot more screentime than he's had in a while.

Dwight then bursts into the office. Michael bursts from his office. "I have an announcement to make!" they say at the same time. If this was Jim and Pam, Jim would be under "jinx" rules and rendered mute until he bought Pam a Coke.

Michael announces he and Jim are co-managers. Smart move by the writers to do that, as it would have been very un-Michael like to do anything that selfish. He's narcissistic, but not selfish. Now Jim has a promotion right before his wedding and baby-- nice timing. And nice possibility for strife and stress in upcoming episodes.

Thoughts: In terms of laugh-out-loud moments, sure, this wasn't up there with a Cafe Disco or Basketball, but it got the plot moving on season 6: Jim is moving up the ranks, Dwight's going to get jealous, Jim and Pam will be dealing with the office's reaction to their wedding, Michael is... well, I'm not sure what Michael's doing.

But there were still some gems, like Creed and Michael discussing what's going on in the conference room, Andy saying he has a thing for his cousin, and Toby screaming at what turned out not to be Darryl. Nice to get Darryl, Toby and Dwight screentime together, too.

Jenna Fischer is really doing a sweet job with the one-liners they give her, too, and doesn't overplay it. Considering her rising stardom, she hasn't changed her approach to Pam, a welcome relief.

"You and Jim are close, right?" -- Michael
"Yeah, the pregnancy really brought us together"-- Pam

Favorite line:
"Then you explain this e-mail: Hey Andy, let's go visit grandma and then get drunk together, haha." -- Andy

Posted by Andy Shaw on September 24, 2009 7:59 PM
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