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Kelly leaving 'The Office'?

Mindy-Kaling.jpgThe office gossip on The Office may be leaving the office.

Mindy Kaling, the flighty, bubbly Kelly Kapoor on the NBC comedy, is in talks to develop her own show, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Considering Mindy writes on The Office, I can definitely see her succeeding. But on the other hand, I'd miss her one-liners and her flirtatious mannerisms. That is, if she left the show as an actress. But who says she can't have her Office and another show, too?

The announcement says she'd stay on The Office as a writer. If someone was going to stay on The Office as a writer but not as an actor, I wish it would be B.J. Novak/Ryan- not because I dislike Novak, but because Ryan has become annoying.

The deal is with NBC and says she'll develop and star in her own comedy, according to EW. Do you think she could succeed in her own show? What kind of comedy should it be?

Posted by Andy Shaw on May 6, 2009 3:32 PM
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