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'The Office' Episode Preview: Two for 1, plus 1

Idris-Elba.jpgTwo new episodes of "The Office" tonight, plus the premiere of its spin-off, "Parks and Recreation":

In the first episode, we get to see the fallout of a post-Michael Dunder Mifflin. Jim gets caught up playing in a sandlot soccer game against Charles Miner. This sounds similar to Jim trying to prove himself at the basketball game in the warehouse. I hope Dwight plays in the game, too. And maybe Oscar can show off those famous Hispanic soccer skills, as Michael would say.

Speaking of Michael, he'll spend the episode afraid of a jobless life, as he is too scared to even leave his house. But he'll try to assemble his dream team anyway for the Michael Scott Paper Company.

In the second new episode, Dwight and Andy go on a hunting trip together for some reason (maybe they'll fight over a doe); Charles demands Jim do a "rundown," except Jim has no idea what that means (nor do I); and Michael holds a pancake luncheon. They are really pushing this "Jim looks like an idiot in front of Charles all the time" thing, which would lead me to believe Jim might get himself fired.

Sandwiched in between is the premiere of the new "Parks and Recreation" show with Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones. This "Office" spin-off has received a lot of hype. But so did the last five Tom Cruise movies... and nobody rushed to see "Valkyrie."

In the pilot, Poehler's Leslie Knope is trying to convert an abandoned construction site into a community park, but she realizes it's not easy getting through local government bureaucracy. Sounds like a boring plot, but, if you think about it, so do most Office episodes, and they are golden.

Are you excited to see the premiere? Do you think it'll have a similar "Office"-level success?

I'll be posting my full episode reviews of "The Office" after the airing, but in the meantime talk amongst yourselves.

Posted by Andy Shaw on April 9, 2009 11:59 AM
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