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Office Fodder

The Office: Blood Drive

Brian-Baumgartner.jpg It's Valentine's Day in the office. Four months ago, that would have been great for Michael Scott, but, sans Holly, he now is against the holiday. He commiserates with Kevin (whose fiance, Stacy, dumped him) on the elevator ride up to the office.

Michael:"It's been four months since I was with Holly, and she was way hotter than Stacy, so if you think you're hurting..."
Kevin: "I can't even imagine."

Even the sight of the flowers Jim got Pam is a sore spot for Michael. When Pam won't hide the flowers like they're a floral hickie, Michael declares it's unfair Jim and Pam are flaunting their "sexy looks" to each other. He decides he wants a private Valentine's party only for singles, an idea millions of women already use on Valentine's Day, except they usually call it "Girl's Night Out" and it involves ice cream and "The Notebook."

Outside, a traveling blood bank is taking donations from workers. Dwight reveals he can tell his blood vessels to retract on command. He adds he can also tell his, um, organ to retract on command, although that has to be the first guy who has ever wanted to make things shorter.

Michael once again just happens to meet a pretty woman who is into him. As he donates blood, the unidentified brunette giving blood nearby makes small talk and they find a spark (in conversation, not in her blood stream). Michael, who hasn't eaten, passes out. When he wakes up, the brunette is gone. She left behind a single glove, perhaps to avoid a cliche with a slipper.

Meanwhile, Phyllis invites Jim and Pam on a double date lunch with her and Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. The two pairs get along great. That is, until Phyllis and Bob disappear for a long period for a little hanky panky, heavy on the panky. Jim and Pam, starving but trying to be polite and wait, decide to investigate where the two went, only to hear moaning in the bathroom. That basically ruins Jim and Pam's appetite, as it does mine.

In the office, Michael has the single people talk about their failed relationships. Michael reminds Kelly that Ryan is off in Thailand now, "having random sex." Angela said she had two men who had a dual to fight for her love... except it wasn't Dwight and Andy. It was another pair, years ago, Angela says, realizing she's had two sets of men dual over her. Andy, Oscar adds, is off going on honeymoons alone right now because he put down nonrefundable deposits. I wonder if that includes a visit to the Schrute Beet Farm.

Michael decides to hold an old-fashion mixer, and, for some reason, people outside the office show up. Dwight scares off a cute blond by demanding she buy paper from him. Kevin initially scares off a woman by talking about how Stacy dumped him.

Kevin afterward: "I think I blew it. It all happened so fast. So. Fast."

But he redeems himself later by going up to the woman again, apologizing and getting her e-mail address. He gives the camera one of those goofy, trademark Kevin smiles.

Michael waits and waits for the mystery woman to show up, but she never does. He walks out to the parking lot with all the other singles, as he says this was the first time since he and Holly broke up that he considered liking another woman. I have to think he'll find the Woman with the Glove sometime soon. It might help if he enlists the help of a Fairy Godmother. Or at least Phyllis.

Line of the night: Kevin, talking about how Stacy broke off their engagement.
"We were reading the paper. I said, Oh my God. I think the Eagles could clinch the NFC East. And she said that... we're done."

What was your favorite moment?-- Andy Shaw

Posted by Andy Shaw on March 6, 2009 12:16 AM
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so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 7:52 PM

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