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The Office's Pam, Jim Not Tweeting

You're mistaken if you think Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) are Tweeting

According to Jenna's MySpace page, there are fake Jenna and John Twitter accounts set up that are not run by The Office actors. Sounds like one of Jim's classic pranks, one that could only be topped by inserted Twitter in Jell-o.

But there's good news for those who love the immediate gratification of Twitter. Rainn Wilson does have a Twitter account (I just started following him's my TVFodder Twitter account). Nothing beets Dwight's Twitters.
Update: Kelly Kapoor just started using Twitter. You can follow her (and tell her "It Is Your Birthday") here.
--Andy Shaw

Posted by Andy Shaw on February 20, 2009 11:11 AM
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if you don't have tv like me watch the office online at hulu:

-- Posted by: Cotton at February 20, 2009 2:52 PM

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