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The Office: Employee Transfer

Employee-Transfer.jpgSorry this week's write-up is a little late. I am slowly digesting Halloween candy...

Speaking of digesting: It wasn't very hard to follow this week's episode. It sort of took a departure from the usual "Office" format, where we have one main story and one secondary story. Instead, there were three plotlines, which all got equal time.

First, Holly had to go away. After last week's corporate discovery that she and Michael were an item, she was transferred to New Hampshire. Long-distance relationships certainly are tough; this one didn't make it past the ride up there. Very few people could make that drive every other weekend, but there were two things I found puzzling:

1) Why couldn't Holly quit? Sure, the relationship is still in its infancy, but is HR that great? She had wondered why Michael wouldn't quit Dunder-Mifflin. Well, aside from being unable to quit those he considers to be family, he is a branch manager. Big difference.

2) Also, why does corporate pooh-pooh inter-office dating so much? Of course, things can always end poorly, but they don't seem to mind Pam and Jim. Or Jim and Karen. Or Pam and Roy. Or Ryan and Kelly. Maybe it's because Michael is a bossman. Have the two sign some paperwork, but don't deny this obvious kismet.

Of course, all of this was blinded by the many rounds of "Life is a Highway," and Michael's goodbye to Holly. Is this really goodbye? If so, it deserved a much longer segment.

Next, we had Jim and Pam get together for more than two seconds this week. Jim went to New York for a lunch with Pam and the Halpert brothers. Instead, it turned into a "Punk'd" segment gone horribly wrong, with the brothers making Pam come very close to tears over her career decision.

With Jim and Michael out, the office hijinx were left to Dwight, who was slowly torturing Andy with a newly found Cornell obsession. Of course, Cornell is Andy's alma mater, as well as his life (aside from Angela and his a capella buddies). How torturing Andy gets back at Angela is a mystery. Sure, he is trying to exposure Andy's weaknesses, but Angela doesn't seem all that impressed by those types of shenanigans.

Speaking of which: What's up with Ryan trying to get back with Kelly? Is she the most eligible bachelorette that Scranton has to offer?

It was a decent episode, but not as stellar as past weeks. I would have much rather seen them expand on the opening segment, with a Scranton-sized Halloween episode. Still, I am guessing things will pick up next week, with an episode titled, "Frame Toby." See you then. -- Rachel

Posted by Rachel Cericola on November 1, 2008 1:41 PM
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