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The Office: Business Trip

Business-Trip.jpgOK -- I am late again with this week's write-up. This time, I have an excuse in the fact that the dog (well, the computer) ate my homework. Let's just hit the highlights...

Apparently, David Wallace's peace offering for sending away the only woman Michael has ever loved -- or at least one of them? He sent Michael on a business trip. This wacky adventure included Andy and Oscar, who both needed some screen time. The three work amigos headed to Winnipeg, where Michael took "full" (ahem) advantage of the concierge services, while Oscar and Andy bonded over drinks, trying to pick up men, and drunk-dialing Angela to demand some nookie time.

Yes -- big surprise that Andy and Angela have not had sex. With Dwight, why would she need any more? Kind of sad that Andy didn't remember the full drunken details the next day. Maybe he would have remembered hearing Dwight's voice in the background. However, the call was definitely an episode highlight. That and Andy's shout-out to "Harry and the Hendersons."

The whole Jim/Pam reunion is barely worth mentioning, except for the fact that Pam is now back. Hooray? I am not so sure. Was this whole school thing to show that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Was Jenna Fischer filming a movie? Or did the writers just realize that having Pam go away wasn't really working out for the rest of us? After all, they can only have one episode revolve around the Bluetooth headset and it was just getting a little played out. Either way, we are happy to have the two reunited and are ready for some wedding/office-related hijinks.

Speaking of hijinks: Kelly and Ryan are back together. The fact that Darryl was so "cool" with it was hilarious, but why Ryan was so adamant with his push-ups and whatnot is puzzling. Apparently, she is the best that he can do.

And sorry -- that's the best that I can do as well. At least for this episode. See you later this week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on November 17, 2008 12:49 AM
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