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The Office: Weight Loss

weight.jpgWhat was up with no intro? Hopefully this is not a regualr thing. The one-hour episode? Well, we could certainly put up with that.

"The Office" experimented with multiple "supersized" episodes last season. Maybe we missed the Dunder-Mifflin gang or maybe this episode was just super-funny, but it worked -- very well.

Of course, the most monumental moment of tonight's episode was not that Kevin's "special" cover was blown, Stanley's secret weight loss, or Holly's rap. It was the fact that we will have another wedding on our hands - well, if the Andy/Andrea one ever happens, anyway. Yes! Jim proposed to Pam. We didn't have to wait for a cliffhanger or even a midseason break. It wasn't all that special, but was totally special at the same time. Thankfully, they are engaged, because for a split second in that episode, I thought her new art buddy was a bit sweet on her. Maybe he still is. Who wouldn't be? She's Pam.

She's no Ronnie; that's for sure. In case you blinked, Ronnie was Pam's brief replacement. She barely made an ass groove in the receptionist chair before a goateed/non-goateed Ryan took over. Couldn't the guy just let Michael have fun with the facial hair? After all, not too many companies would give a con a break -- at least a con that was busted on company property... on YouTube. It's sort of puzzling that corporate would even let Michael hire Ryan back in the first place. Maybe for the jokes?

All that excitement aside, this week's main Dunder-Mifflin storyline was a company-wide weight loss contest. After weeks of work and one hospitalization (Kelly's going to hot in that bikini!), the branch still had lost no weight. Not that any other branch was doing well...

We obviously will also have to wait longer to see something between Holly and Michael. Just when you thought (and Holly seemed to think) something was going to happen, Michael went and tore up those Counting Crows tickets. Still, it's kind of cute about the notes he had taken on her. In case you missing the Holly list:

  • She broke her left foot twice in one year.

  • She's allergic to sesame seeds.

  • She has read "Lonesome Dove" three times.

  • She has a butt that refuses to quit.

  • She is a major dork (Jim wasn't the only one to figure that out).

Pam heading off to school was sort of anti-climatic. However, it was sort of funny when she sat in the wrong class. I think I've done that at least a handful of times, although no professor ever called me out on it. In true Pam fashion (and not the one that walked on the hot coals), she sat through the class. I wonder what other witty retorts that professor shared?

Poor Andy. No really. Angela cheating on him is only half of his woes. Apparently her dream wedding includes:

  • A 1,000-year-old church in the continental U.S.

  • A rainbow.

  • A 24-hour vet on-call.

Although it wasn't on the list, we're guessing that invitations with babies dressed as a bride and groom are probably somewhere on her list.

Other tidbits we learned:

  • Stanley was a slim Black Panther.

  • Ryan's list was Creed-like creepy.

  • Kelly's diet was the Master Cleanse.

  • Phyllis is now head of the party-planning committee.

  • If you think about renting a Sumo suit, it's probably a better idea to buy.

  • Michael lost his virginity at 28 -- and then again 7 years later.

So when will the whole Angela/Andy thing come to blows? Will Andy break it off over his buddies? Also, will Michael get Holly's hints or become Jan's baby daddy? Will Ryan win back Kelly? And, will Toby ever see the beach? It was good to see Toby. Apparently, he was psyched to have the company. So are we. Welcome back, Dunder-Mifflin. See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on September 25, 2008 11:30 PM
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