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The Office: Goodbye, Toby

toby.jpgWow. What a season finale. This was the type of episode that one-hour extravaganzas were made for.

It was nice to have a one-hour episode not because it was a good one, but because everyone in the Dunder-Mifflin offices got their say -- well, not Stanley.

It was Toby's moment to shine, sort of. It was his last day. Needless to say, Michael was doing a lot of toe tapping, literally. Michael was so excited, he broke into his shoe fund, to donate money to the going away party. I wonder if that shoe also had a phone in it; another plug for "Get Smart," perhaps?

Anyway, Angela wanted no part of Michael's foot money. Maybe it's because he's been robbing his grandma blind -- or at least what's left of her eyesight -- for years. It could be the foot thing. I think that would be it for me. Didn't Michael see that episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm?"

Phyllis, however, had no fear of foot-related monies, so she agreed to take on the party tasks, which included finding an anti-gravity machine and getting fireworks (Jim's money contribution).

With the exception of partying down, Toby's last day included two other tasks: He needed to find a camera to get a picture with Pam and he had to train his replacement, Holly. Why he went and spent hundreds of dollars on a camera instead of getting a throw-away at CVS is a mystery. An even bigger head-scratcher is that Holly seems to have taken a liking to Michael.

Holly seems nice enough, but to me, she's no Toby. Michael needs that pain in his life -- or at least the part that I get to see. The pain could be coming, though. Because instead of shacking up with a new, potentially nice woman (that he is already in love with), he is getting back together with Jan! A pregnant Jan.

That's right -- Jan is pregnant. Only, it's not Michael's. It's not even Hunter's (which is what I was expecting). The daddy, so she says, is some random guy from a sperm bank. Michael is upset, but is so desperate for a family, he decides to become the baby daddy anyway. We'll see how that pans out next season.

Not to get off track, but the whole Kevin storyline must be acknowledged. As part of the "hazing" process for Holly, Dwight informs her that Kevin is "slow" and part of some special program. Does any office really do that and wouldn't Holly know about it? It didn't matter because Kevin's personality lent to the whole story. It was also hilarious.

However, it wasn't as hilarious as Ryan getting busted on YouTube. This moment wasn't so much ha-ha funny, as it was in-your-face funny. That guy had it coming for so long. It was surprising that the whole thing wasn't drug-related, but an arrest is an arrest.

Also, we finally got a proposal tonight. It wasn't Jim and Pam or even Michael and Jan. It was Andy and Angela. Wow wee. I didn't see that one coming. I guess Pam didn't either. How could she possibly have been upset? Did she really expect Jim to follow Andy? What did she want him to say â€" "ditto?" Angela seemed surprised too. The bride-to-be wasn't exactly blushing -- well, until Phyllis caught her having sex with Dwight in the office. Did anyone catch who's desk that was? -- Rachel Cericola


Best Line: "The real crime, I think, was the beard." -- Oscar, on Ryan's arrest.

Best Moment: Ryan getting busted, Jim reaming out Ryan on his cell phone, or Michael's song (tie).

Best Revelation: Kevin thinks he is "so going to bang" Holly.

Posted by Rachel Cericola on May 16, 2008 10:25 AM
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